Pétur Einarsson


The Grandad
Sound Designer
Gudjón has led a safe life. Suddenly faced with retirement and growing older, he is forced to take a good, hard look at his marriage. A dramatic but often lighthearted story about life at a crossroads and the meaning of it all.
Estamos en 1970. Black Sabbath acaba de grabar su primer disco, lo que marca el nacimiento del Heavy Metal. Al mismo tiempo nace Hera Karlsdottir, en el suelo de la granja en la que viven sus padres. Hera Karlsdottir es una chica que sufre por su propia incapacidad para dirigir su vida. Encuentra consuelo en el Heavy Metal y sueña con convertirse en una estrella de rock.
Gente educada
Un ingeniero de la ciudad se instala en una pequeña comunidad rural y convence a sus miembros de que es capaz de refinanciar con éxito el matadero
Ravens, Buttercups and Myrrh
After Lára, 13, loses both her father and brother in an accident, she discovers that her father used to be a member of a theatre group at a local theatre. In order to keep his memory alive, she joins the company. The company consists of eccentric and playful elders who introduce Lára to the magic of theatre and the importance of play. While Lára struggles to piece together the fractured life she now shares with her mother, she decides to help the company in their attempt to save the theatre with a big hit play. But evil and corrupt forces want it gone forever.
The Messanger
Páll thinks he is just like everyone else, that is until he begins to have vivid visions about life after death. At first he has a open mind about them, but discovers through them an evil plot. The visions show him a spree of killing of important people within society. A panic ensues, and Páll gets tangled in a plot with powerful people and a cult that could destroy society.
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
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The Nail
Robert is an important man with big responsibilities. One day he has an accident that blurs the border between the man and the beast within. Robert acts out and suffers the consequences.
The Box of Chocolates
Ragnar, straight out of hospital, orders a taxi-driver around Reykjavik in order to find a three layered chocolate box. He wants to repay a nurse for her good service at the hospital. After each unsuccessful stop at various grocery stores, his daughter, Hrönn, gets increasingly agitated in the back seat of the cab. Tension between father and daughter build to a peak, and it becomes crucial for Hrönn to confront her father for the first time in her life.
Sound Re-Recording Assistant
A young boy wakes up to almost a dreamlike reality. He cannot find his parents. Then suddenly everything seems very wrong.
Some people have to live their lives on a constant look out for snakes. Some even have to wear boots all the time. But people in Iceland have the privilege of just wearing whatever shoes they want – without any worries.
Úti í mýri
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Eleven men out (Fuera del vestuario)
Ottar Thor es el futbolista estrella del equipo de fútbol de Reikiavik KR. Al hacerse pública su homosexualidad en la prensa, su entorno comienza a mostrarse hostil. Pronto se ve relegado a ocupar el banquillo durante los partidos. La situación le hace desistir de sus antiguos compañeros, abandona el equipo y comienza a jugar con un equipo amateur de jugadores gays.
Wine of the House
A short film about how everything that can go wrong goes so bad that going wrong takes on a new meaning.
Noi the Albino
17 year old Nói drifts through life on a remote fjord in Iceland. In winter, the fjord is cut off from the outside world, surrounded by ominous mountains and buried under a shroud of snow. Nói dreams of escaping from this white-walled prison with Íris, a city girl who works in a local gas station. But his clumsy attempts at escape spiral out of control.
Full House
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Ljós heimsins
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Bailar en la oscuridad
Dialogue Editor
La película se desarrolla en Estados Unidos en el año 1964. Selma (Björk) es una inmigrante checa que se muda a aquel país con su hijo Gene. Además padece una enfermedad hereditaria degenerativa que le está ocasionando una rápida ceguera progresiva. Por este motivo Selma ahorra centavo a centavo en una lata que guarda en su cocina para pagar una operación que evite que su hijo sufra el mismo destino.
101 Reykjavik
Pabbi Magga
Hlynur tiene 28 años y vive con su madre. Cuando ésta se enamora de una profesora de flamenco lesbiana, su vida cambiará.
Set in present-day Reykjavík, Fiasco draws a narrative circle of interconnecting stories in which three members of the Bardal household deal with the secret loves in their lives. Karl, an old age pensioner, is busy chasing after an amnesic old screen legend. Julia, Karl's granddaughter, is torn between a mediocre bank manager and a wild sailor, and tells them both she is pregnant. But is she really? Steingerdur, Julia's mother, has a wild crush on a preacher who has a serious drinking problem, and ends up with a dead stripper in his Jacuzzi. The characters cross each other as the film progresses, until the three interwoven strands of the story finally come together in an explosive and hilarious crescendo full of surprises.
Out of the ash and into the fire
A streetsweeper finds a unconscious woman while cleaning the streets and decides to help her out by bringing her to his home, but little does he know that the woman is lives a life of crime.
The Beatle
Gunnar owns a car sale where he works everyday, and even lives there along with his two sons, and his ex-girlfriend.
In the middle ages a small Greenlandic boy comes drifting with an Iceberg to a remote and superstitious settlement in Iceland and is believed to be an evil spirit by his looks. He saves a young boy from an avalanche and they become friends. The young Icelandic boy has to fight for his friends existence against the ignorant villagers, who want him imprisoned or even killed
Angels of the Universe
The story of an Icelandic man and his slow descent into madness. Along his journey he meets Dagný, the initial cause of his breakdown. Other people he meets in the asylum have been committed for various reasons, such as signing cheques for Adolf Hitler and, believing themselves to be writing songs for the Beatles and telepathically transmitting to the band.
Old Spice
Sound Editor
There is an old barbershop in the center of town. This is where Einar has cut hair for half a century or so. He has seen good times and bad times but independent from contemporary tendencies, he has always maintained his own style, but in recent years he has had to deal with the inevitable, his customers grow older, and one by one they slowly disappear. One day they simply don’t show up for their scheduled haircut. But what happens when one of his customers keeps coming after he is dead.
Leap Year
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Fyrsti íslenski blúsarinn
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Pretty Angels
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SSL-25 (Special Squad Laugarnesvegur 25)
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Nóttin, já nóttin
12 hours in the life of a young man who has just received bad news which change everything.
Broken Glass
Maria is somewhat of a rebel and problem child. Her mother died and her father remarried some awful lady, and Maria isn't happy at all. She takes a drug overdose and winds up in a home for other girls with problems, but the two women who run the place turn out to be not quite the ladies they seemed. Maria knows she can't stay there very long, and starts planning her escape.
Cuando los cuervos vuelan
Slaver with heavy knife
Los noruegos arrasan un poblado de Islandia pero uno de ellos se apiada de un niño. Transcurrido el tiempo el niño se hace hombre y busca venganza. Primera entrega de la "Trilogía de los Vikingos" dirigida por Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, inspirada en el western y el cine de samuráis; de hecho es un remake libre de "Por un puñado de dólares", quien a su vez era una versión del clásico "Yojimbo", de Akira Kurosawa.
The Fishing Trip
On a sunny summer day a Range Rover stumbles across the lava and moss down to lake Þingvallavatn. A husband and wife step out of the vehicle along with their children, fishing partner and his daughter. While the men fish and the wife enjoys the sun the children notice a man that seems to have something to hide.
God bless this house
A couple are going through a divorce, but once one of their children gets injured they start taking care of it, and maybe each other also.
Story of a Murder
Herra B
Middle aged bourgeoisie couple lives a loveless life along with their beautiful eighteen year old daughter. The man has a passionate desire for the girl who in fact is not his real daughter but the fruit of an affair of the woman early in the marriage. This leads to tragic events.