Ballerina (2018)

Genre : Animation

Runtime : 5M

Director : Steven Subotnick


Short animated film by Steven Subotnick based on choldhood drawings of Hannah and Naomi Subotnick



Steven Subotnick
Steven Subotnick

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Ancient Fistory
It's the middle ages (sort of); Popeye is working in Bluto's Beanery. Bluto is going to the ball where Princess Olive will choose her mate. Popeye's fairy godpappy appears and it's a reverse Cinderella story, with a car created from a can of spinach.
Foxy by Proxy
Bugs is provoked by a pack of foxhounds and their hunters stampeding over his hole, so he gets out his Halloween costume from last year (a fox suit) and sets out to lead the dogs on a merry chase. The stupidest of the dogs, whose objective is to cut a fox's tail off, becomes his main victim; Bugs tricks him into chasing a train instead. He eventually tricks the dog pack into running off a cliff, but the stupid dog ends up with Bugs' tail.
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore
Winnie the Pooh and friends decide to throw a birthday celebration for gloomy, old Eeyore.
Shuteye Popeye
Popeye's snoring is keeping his resident mouse awake. The mouse fights back. Popeye makes a mistake: he traps the mouse in a spinach can that isn't completely empty.
We Can Do It
An anti-war film about the ability of individuals to prevent war.
Eight-year old Bibi is chosen to represent her clan in a tournament for Viking warriors. When she eats a lollipop she is able to see the world as candy and she uses her power to make it through the challenges. But will she be able to defeat the terrible Arfur, chief of the Bear clan?
An Irresponsible Use of Frogs
If you follow a double yellow line far enough you will reach the traffic control HQ, a hellish place where all yellow lines are created. Greta, a not-so-wicked witch, gets a job as a traffic warden to try and uphold her old fashioned evil values. “These days it seems turning milk sour is just not enough for a witch to make a living!”
Abstract video art by John Sanborn and Dean Winkler. Dedicated to Ed Emshwiller.
The Red Book
An elliptical, pictographic animated film that uses flat, painted figures and collage elements in both two and three dimensional settings to explore the realms of memory, language and identity from the point of view of a woman amnesiac.
The House Spirit
A greedy fox snaffles presents from Father Frost’s sledge, but the Dwarf and two toys enliven by him bring the presents to the children. The fox is forgiven and the Christmas-peace is restored.
Dziadowski's Blues Non Camera, ie Legs Forward
An animated film made without the use of a camera using the technique of drawing and painting directly on a film strip, illustrating a grandfather's ballad, the protagonist of which seeks an explanation for the cruel phenomena of the world around him. Rockets thrown to the ground and bombs exploding, a car falling off a cliff, a driver driving a man on the street or a policeman firing a gun at an opponent - images of this type of catastrophic behavior are intertwined with the recurring image of a man running somewhere.
Bird of Prey
In a desolate desert, two desperados prepare for a duel in classic western style under the blazing sun. The stake is a bag with valuable contents. Eyes leer, foreheads are beaded with sweat. Who will be the fastest shooter?
Prologue depicts Spartan and Athenian warriors locked in a gory battle to the death.
The heroes of futuropolis are Captain Garth, Spud, Liutenant Luna and Cosmo. These four space cadets are sent to investigate series of mutations and destructions of peaceful worlds. The brain behind this chaos is Lord Egghead, the inventor of the "mutation ray".
Le monde moderne
The Wolf and the Dog
In this short, base on the fable by Jean De La Fontaine, we join a Samurai and a Ronin as they settle their dispute like gentlemen in a dramatic duel of swords.
Two Japanese monkeys, Nobu and Hako, have to put aside their differences to survive in their hostile environment.
National Gymnastics
Welcome to my Hometown! This film is not meant to be interpreted but rather experienced visually and audibly, as if you were in a slow car ride back to your childhood home. Take a journey through the nostalgic, yet bizarre visual landscape of my memories and imagination.
What's This?
An animated short film by James Gaunt