Ballerina (2018)

Genre : Animation

Runtime : 5M

Director : Steven Subotnick


Short animated film by Steven Subotnick based on choldhood drawings of Hannah and Naomi Subotnick



Steven Subotnick
Steven Subotnick

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This delightful story is simply about a boy wanting to go outside and play in the snow. After getting all bundled up by his mother, the boy has found that he is unable to move!
De l’Autre Côté
Short film by govo.
Repetitive still standing movement, an exploration of the visual image for its own sake. A projection of mental images, which are formed while listening to music. From the simple act of drawing a line, to the intricate movement and complex structure of animation that is able to self-generate.
Palm Springs
This short is about a purple dinosaur named Sigmund, who likes to bounce on top of trees.
Animation. The theme is Weightlessness. Objects and characters are cut loose from habitual meanings, also from tensions and gravitational limitations. A lyric Eric Satie track accompanies the film. Such a portrait seems necessary from time to time to remind us that equilibrium and harmony are possible, and that we will not dissolve into a jelly if we allow ourselves to relax into them: A horseman rides through the landscape, through the town, but never arrives anywhere in particular. An acrobat swings on a rope above a canal in Venice, and is content just to swing there. Nothing threatens to disturb them. This film is a total contrast to the Kafka-like oddities of Eastern European animation. —Canyon Cinema
Hamfat Asar
"The strangeness of this film is laced with carefully moulded apocalypses as the filmmaker explores a vision of life beyond death – the Elysian fields of Homer, Dante’s Purgatorio, de Chirico’s stitched plain. A moving single picture. Evolving the structure or script for the film involved a process of controlled hallucination, whereby I sat quietly without moving, looking at the background until the pieces began to move without my inventing things for them to do. I found that, given the chance, they really did have important business to attend to, and my job was to furnish them with the power of motion. I never deviated from this plan." —Canyon Cinema
Out of a Forest
A family of rabbits are having a birthday party under a big tree, unaware that a mischievous wolf is approaching.
Glens Falls Sequence
Starting in the late 1930s, illustrator and experimental animator Douglass Crockwell created a series of short abstract animated films at his home in Glen Falls, New York. The films offered Crockwell a chance to experiment with various unorthodox animation techniques such as adding and removing non-drying paint on glass frame-by-frame, squeezing paint between two sheets of glass, and finger painting. The individual films created over a nine-year period were then stitched together for presentation, forming a nonsensical relationship that only highlights the abstract qualities of the images. —Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance
Robert Breer animation from 1969. 16mm, color, silent, using spray paint & stencils.
William Shakespeare, without saying a word, gives a quick run through of all his plays in a very special audition.
Carrot Crazy
Love Bites
When Jett stumbles into the world of vampire pop culture, he finds it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. As his school crush Maddy falls for an Edward Cullen wanna-be, Jett tries to gain the knowledge (and the hair) to make himself a vampire fangirl’s dream. But an unexpected encounter with a real creature of the night forces him to learn the true meaning of “vampire” the hard way.
A Piper
Short animation by Reiko Yokosuka.
A delicate stroll through the Russian wilderness at different times of the year.
Le Toy Shop
In this follow-up to NO STRINGS ATTACHED, a female blow-up doll rampages through the toy store.
No Strings Attached
While her husband's away, the toys will play.
A bear, who wishes to see the winter, fights his instincts of hibernation.
Two Different Kinds of Love
A little girl is excited to discover more about her adoption story.
The Tower
As years and years go by, a tiny civilization makes its way upwards.