Twilight (2021)

One day, I will arrive.

Genre : Animation, Documentary

Runtime : 24M

Director : Luke Neher


Feeling lost, a holidayer takes a vacation, only to discover a world that is as banal as it is hyper-real. A found-footage essay film. A home-movie. A music video. An experimental documentary about the fantasy of air travel. Taking a tour of the global centres of accumulation - New York, Dubai, Burning Man - Twilight documents the unreal, the mundane and the spectre of ecological collapse.


Hannah Camilleri
Hannah Camilleri
Holidayer (voice)


Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Sam Gill
Sam Gill
Luke Neher
Luke Neher

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For five years, Stephen McCoy documented street life in Boston. This is what he captured.
Kubrick: One-Point Perspective
Kogonada's visual essay about the formalistice choices of master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick
Time Being
Chris Gallagher’s feature-length film essay Time Being is an elegant and thought-provoking investigation of the nature and experience of time, and its filmic representation. 88 one-minute shots or shot-sequences counterpoint a spoken commentary that probes and questions the subject from many different angles – psychological, philosophical, mechanical, cosmological, artistic. Equally, Gallagher combines aspects of different cinemas – documentary, structural, poetic, narrative, and personal – skillfully interweaving all the elements into a complex yet coherent and surprisingly moving statement on the human condition. The most brilliant film on its subject I’ve ever seen, Time Being is cool and non-academic yet deeply engaged, and beautifully shot. An educational film in the best sense. —Tony Reif
Záviš, kníže pornofolku pod vlivem Griffithovy Intolerance a Tatiho Prázdnin pana Hulota aneb Vznik a zánik Československa (1918 - 1992)
A dog's funeral becomes part of a chain of absurd events including a tomato ketchup battle, a reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz and a motorbike show. Its common denominator is the commercial interest of sponsors and big business, the ambivalent winners of privatization and participants of numerous corruption affairs. Vachek debates corruption and environmental disaster, but insists that there is an alternative. Against the mass of "pseudoevents" is the independent techno-party CzechTekk, raided by the police despite the fact that it was entirely law-abiding, whose participants are Vachek believes to be the new "unionists".
"CIVIL WAR SURVEILLANCE POEMS (Part 1)" is the first installment in a five-part project of experimental and hybrid-form short films contemplating a second American civil war via lyrical nonfiction, mixing call-in radio, twenty years of verité footage from the filmmaker's archive, and robots. Conceptually speculating from sixteen years in the future (and a protracted civil war), the project is partly nostalgic political travelogue, partly a quest to mine the archive for what went wrong, and part prewar surveillance records, the project deconstructs and builds to a clashing ideology, culminating in an installation of sound sculpture, four-walled video and artifacts.
Do You Hear Me?
A meditative essay.
The Blair Witch Rejects
Chronicles the misadventures of an inept Beverly Hills producer who believes she can ride the coattails of the original movie's success by filming a follow-up. Bankrolled by her father, she hires a documentary director, his production crew and four actors in an attempt to track down evidence related to the "West Woods Witch." Events start to unravel as the motley group encounters other film crews in the woods and end up getting lost themselves. Is the curse of the "West Woods Witch" for real... or something else entirely?
Les Documents Interdits
Clear Skies, Light Breeze
Clear Skies, Light Breeze, is a 2013 visual essay by Tati expert Stéphane Goudet about the debut of Monsieur Hulot
Rock and Cliff: The Geological Surface of Horn Town
Video essay ‘Rock and Cliff' investigates the creation of Horn Town, a new model village and centre of large scale tourist development, and the experiences of rural residents moved there through government-led displacement. Horn Town is located in Wulong, a rural district near the Three Gorges Dam administered by the Chongqing municipality (a city of 30 million people). Narrated in the style of a science documentary but using local Chongqing dialect, the video brings a geological and topographical perspective to types of 'rocks' found in the area,from mythological stones from a mountain cliff, to ruins of the original settlement, to a stone sculpture from a dubious 'Land Art Biennial', in order to address issues of land acquisition, top-down development and spatial politic.
When the Century Took Shape (War and Revolution)
In 1978, just after Le fond de l'Air Est Rouge, which mercilessly analyzed the previous ten years of the revolutionary left's momentum until its collapse, Chris Marker made this complementary piece entitled Quand le Siècle a Pris Forme (Guerre et Révolution).
Hotel Camarillo
Hotel Camarillo' is a documentary focusing on paranormal investigations over the past 10 years at former Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Using a decade of archival footage, EVP, ITC, and photos along with new interviews with the investigators, 'Hotel Camarillo' is the complete history of paranormal activity in the old abandoned buildings, some that no longer exist on the campus.
A witty, forthright dive into the wonderful world of boobs by singer and filmmaker Elizabeth Sankey - from enhanced boobs to 'free the nipple', bras, Baywatch, and the stars of reality TV.
Displaced Person
Daniel Eisenberg's film (or "memory essay," as theorist Nora Alter referred to DISPLACED PERSON) is a challenge to a conventional view of history, a provocation using traditional documentary forms: found footage, newsreels, a radio lecture of French anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss and Ludwig van Beethoven's "Razumovsky" quartets.
Beslan: Three Days in September
In September 2004, Chechen rebels occupied a school in the small Russian city of Beslan, taking some 1,200 people-most of them children-hostage. At the end of three days, over 330 were dead.
Louis-Ferdinand Céline described the period he spent in Sigmaringen in his delirious and infernal novel, Castle to Castle, published in 1957. The last months before the German “moment of truth”, as they’ve never been portrayed before: Documented in delirious reality. A documentary film based on Céline’s texts. A screen adaption with documentary material.
EMPATHY (a digital love letter)
EMPATHY (a digital love letter) is a short essay documentary, a heartbreaking comedy about a break-up, an attempt to concretize emotion and evoke empathy from a writer’s approach. After getting her heart crushed in a relationship, a woman writes a letter to the man she loves for a simple reason—to evoke his empathy towards her. Knowing the premise of human emotions, the woman starts her letter with her own life stories, follows with a blunt confession of affection, and ends with a cursing when she can’t handle the emotions anymore.
A Way
"If there is a relationship between production and destruction, between the development of productive and destructive forces, then the atom bomb is the ultimate weapon of the post-industrial age. Greatest tonnage, highest mortality, maximum devastation. But what comes next, what are the weapons of the post-industrial age?" - Harun Farocki
The Vatican Exorcisms
The Vatican Exorcisms was shot by Joe Marino, an American film-maker who went to Italy to shed light on the phenomenon of exorcisms. Accompanied by Padre Luigi, a true exorcist, Joe travels to the south of Italy, a place where the sacred and profane have always lived together, where Christian rituals are inextricably linked to the pagan ones.
Mermaids: The New Evidence
This follow-up broadcast brings to light new evidence that's surfaced since the release of The Body Found; videos of possible mermaids in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Great Britain and in the deep ocean. One piece of evidence alludes that P.T. Barnum had acquired an authentic living mermaid (different from his Fiji mermaid) but was unable to showcase it to the world. The last video is that of Danish marine geologists who videoed the creatures off the Greenland sea in March 2013. In response to this video Greenland halts all oil drilling in their territories.