Twilight (2021)

One day, I will arrive.

Genre : Animation, Documentary

Runtime : 24M

Director : Luke Neher


Feeling lost, a holidayer takes a vacation, only to discover a world that is as banal as it is hyper-real. A found-footage essay film. A home-movie. A music video. An experimental documentary about the fantasy of air travel. Taking a tour of the global centres of accumulation - New York, Dubai, Burning Man - Twilight documents the unreal, the mundane and the spectre of ecological collapse.


Hannah Camilleri
Hannah Camilleri
Holidayer (voice)


Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Luke Neher
Sam Gill
Sam Gill
Luke Neher
Luke Neher

Posters and backgrounds



Wates House
With its own demolition imminent, a building reflects back upon its life, projects its own ideas of what might have been and imagines future possibilities.
A three-minute visual essay on African-American stereotypes regarding sexuality, and their connections to pornography and modern society.
Záviš, kníže pornofolku pod vlivem Griffithovy Intolerance a Tatiho Prázdnin pana Hulota aneb Vznik a zánik Československa (1918 - 1992)
A dog's funeral becomes part of a chain of absurd events including a tomato ketchup battle, a reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz and a motorbike show. Its common denominator is the commercial interest of sponsors and big business, the ambivalent winners of privatization and participants of numerous corruption affairs. Vachek debates corruption and environmental disaster, but insists that there is an alternative. Against the mass of "pseudoevents" is the independent techno-party CzechTekk, raided by the police despite the fact that it was entirely law-abiding, whose participants are Vachek believes to be the new "unionists".
Sunny Night
The documentary about the transfer of power between church and state in Georgia which solely consists of found footage taken from the internet.
You Could Have Seen The Mona Lisa
The world’s museums are closed. What are you missing?  Take a real-time walk through the Louvre towards the “greatest painting ever” and contemplate what it would be like to be there yourself.
Dark Side of the Moon
A French documentary or, one might say more accurately, a mockumentary, by director William Karel which originally aired on Arte in 2002 with the title Opération Lune. The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from the Apollo 11 Moon landing was faked and actually recorded in a studio by the CIA with help from director Stanley Kubrick.
Two generations dialogue through the images they filmed of their children, a reflection of the emotional bond that arises from their involvement with what was shot.
Los Nadadores
History, work, sex, cinema, death and my older brother. An essay on what swimming pools mean in culture and the collective memories we have about them. Inspired by Ed Ruscha's swimming pool photographs.
My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being. A short essay film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.
And the Dogs Were Silent
For 'Et les chiens se taisaient' Maldoror adapted a piece of theatre by the poet and politician Aimé Césaire (1913–2008), about a rebel who becomes profoundly aware of his otherness when condemned to death. His existential dialogue with his mother reverberates around the African sculptures on display at the Musée de l'Homme, a Parisian museum full of colonial plunder whose director was the Surrealist anthropologist Michel Leiris.
O malém světě
Memorias de Asimilación
90's era home videos of a Mexican father starting a new life in the United States
ESSENTIEL — A Portrait
His work illustrates people. Densha Tattoo reflects on craft, inspiration and the scene. — What is the essence of a human being? One stitch at a time. A portrait about the tattoo artist.
Four Shorts on Architecture
A visual essay on contemporary Kiwi architecture.
Visions of Europe
Twenty-five films from twenty-five European countries by twenty-five European directors.
IMG 0000
A symphony of raw video clips mined from the depths of YouTube — a feature-length exposition transporting us into the intimate realms of ordinary people from around the globe.
Found footage short about oil.
7FF on¢idia
"In ancient China the tiger skin represented 'continuous change'. In the Maya’s world, Bolom Chon’s (jaguar) hide, allowed the constellations to be read: the cosmos’ dance." Ж In 7FF on¢idia Rio de Janeiro FIFA World Cup mascot Fuleco becomes a cipher for the mutation of indigenous people's symbols through public art and commerce, becoming viral. Other fluxes alluded to are the surplus value of code through a world of commodities, bit coins and mountains of data. 7FF on¢idia ushers us into encounters which are fleeting and leave questions unanswered—all the more reason to watch again.
Fragmentum Cinema: Sueños