Extraction (2021)

Genre : Animation

Runtime : 0M

Director : Till Nowak




Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Till Nowak
Olaf Taranczewski
Olaf Taranczewski


Heavenly Appeals
After many millennia of being tortured in Hell, Raymond K. Hessle has finally earned a chance to appeal his sentence of Eternal Damnation. Upon arriving at the "appeals" gate of Heaven he is greeted by the angel who will preside over his case. As Raymond waits at the edge of paradise, he will finally have a chance to prove just how worthy he is.
The cycle of life. A boy whose father is a pilot imagines that his toy plane becomes the real thing, allowing him to fly side-by-side through the heavens with his father. He takes off from a tree house overlooking the sea and his father's landing strip. Their flight is graceful and full of adventure. Then, we watch the boy grow, study, marry, father a child, and become, himself, a grandfather. Holding a toy plane, he takes his grandchild to the same cliff from whence his own imagination took off years before.
Europe By Bidon
Somewhere Down the Line
Somewhere Down the Line follows a man’s life, loves and losses, shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.
A Drop of Gold
As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he encounters its beautiful Queen. She captures his heart, but hers is not so easily won.
A Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Double Feature
A prototype of modern music videos, this is an animated film set to the music of two popular tunes recorded by Herb Alpert and his Latin-flavored brass ensemble - "Spanish Flea" and "Tijuana Taxi".
The Hill Farm
A country couple and their shepherd endure drought, flood, a monstrous bear, hunters and tourists during a somewhat odd few days in their normally quiet life.
No Thoughts Head Empty
A young woman walks through a void plagued with strange objects that cause her body to physically distort. Wiping her mind in an effort to free herself, she becomes unhinged from what little reality she has.
Cro Minion
Two minions have to babysit a little Neanderthal baby.
Two minions working in a bomb lab get competitive. Short #1 from the 'Minions: 3 Mini-Movie Collection'.
Binky Nelson Unpacified
Little baby needs his pacifier, but loses it during a heist in a museum. What will he do?
Frankenstein's monster ventures outside.
How To Make A Decision
The animated short shows how fate can determine the decision making process, even at the highest levels, where one would expect responsibility and careful reasoning. It does so by lightheartedly exposing the supposed argumentation as nothing more than the result of an absurdly complicated and haphazard Rube Goldberg-like contrivance.
Science fiction computer animation.
Boro the Caterpillar
Just before dawn, Boro the Caterpillar hatched from an egg among patches of scrub grass. Looking around for the first time, he noticed the brilliance of the morning sun and a deliciousness in the air. Boro lowered himself down to the ground from the groundsel, and stepped out into the world of caterpillars and caterpillars' enemies.
Spook Sport
It's midnight in a graveyard. The principal characters are spooks, ghosts, bats, bells, and, at the end, the sun. As midnight strikes, 12 spooks appear, then two ghosts. They move to the music's rhythm. Against the black night, they are blue and yellow. Bats appear as does a xylophone of bones. Mist rises, spooks swirl. A bell tolls. The sky turns light blue, the ghosts' dance slows. Then black night returns bringing intimations of frenzy. Bones play snare drums; spooks peek out of square graves. Scary faces appear. Frenetic movement takes over. A rooster crows and all return to earth as the sun's light appears.
Carlotta's Face
We all share the same kind of brain yet everybody has a different view of the world around us. As a very intriguing example, Carlotta vividly explains how a world without faces does look like. She suffers from the miswiring of a tiny brain region that makes it impossible for her to see and remember faces as a complete construct, called prosopagnosia or face blindness.
The Pig, the Fox, and the Mill
Pig lives at the top of a hill in a town surrounded by a destructive, dark cloud. Before Pig’s father leaves to find a solution to the cloud, he builds Pig a small wooden dam to protect him and the town. The dam’s windmill keeps the cloud at bay, and Pig now has the responsibility to care for the dam. Young and alone, Pig finds love and family through his friendship with Fox, and continues to care for the townsfolk in a variety of ways. However, Pig struggles with the absence of his father, and his desire to search for his father competes with his need to keep the town safe.
ハネムーン Hanemun Honeymoon
A honeymoon in Japan gets examined microscopically through comics, cards, magazines, and more in this delightful animated film.
The Glass Harmonica
A craftsman builds a glass harmonica that enlightens him. He travels to a town where the people are obsessed with money. A bureaucrat smashes the glass harmonica which leads to chaos and eventually to social reform.