Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble

Birth : 1988-04-29, Plantation, Florida, USA


Seth Gamble (born Seth Craig Abbe), a bright, 22-year-old, set foot before the adult entertainment cameras in 2009. Already he has appeared in over 60 productions in such a short amount of time. With youthful good looks, a leanly-sculpted physique, Seth Gamble has become one of the most sought-after performers in the business today. He is very much involved in the industry that has been good to him as he is often seen attending many of the red carpet events held in Southern California. His constant level of activity is pronounced through his busy work schedule and frequent appearance at events all throughout the years he has been in the entertainment industry.


Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble


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Reckless 2
Silas Knight
Fresh out of prison, tech genius Silas Knight vows to straighten out his life and starts a legitimate business with his beautiful wife Harlow. But the past just won't let go, and some old acquaintances now want a piece of Silas' new blooming enterprise.
Reckless 2
Fresh out of prison, tech genius Silas Knight vows to straighten out his life and starts a legitimate business with his beautiful wife Harlow. But the past just won't let go, and some old acquaintances now want a piece of Silas' new blooming enterprise.
Let's Bang the Babysitter 8
Your favorite sexy sitters are back, and they're ready for a whole new world of 'play' time! Once the family is tucked in, that's when these naughty nannies really get to work satisfying MILFs and Daddies together in one of the hottest 3-way fantasies you'll ever witness!
Nothing Better Than Parody 5
(archive footage)
Video Secrets
In Vanity, Acclaimed actor / director Seth Gamble returns to the world of sophisticated visual erotica he's depicted in such stylish cinema core releases as Money and The Red Room. Produced by Axel Braun and featuring AVN Best New Starlet Blake Blossom and an A list cast. Vanity holds a darkly sensual mirror up to the situations women can face when excessive desires to be loved, admired or idolized by others manifest in relationships.
In Vanity, Acclaimed actor / director Seth Gamble returns to the world of sophisticated visual erotica he's depicted in such stylish cinema core releases as Money and The Red Room. Produced by Axel Braun and featuring AVN Best New Starlet Blake Blossom and an A list cast. Vanity holds a darkly sensual mirror up to the situations women can face when excessive desires to be loved, admired or idolized by others manifest in relationships.
Going Up Season 1 Vol. 1
It's the opening night of "The Voices Are Loud," the edgiest play the Curtis Theater Group has mounted in its 27-year history. The house is sold out. It's a few hours until curtain. Everything is set... until it isn't. Chaos reigns and the clock is ticking as the cast and crew do everything they can to keep the show from falling apart.
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Wicked Pictures is proud to present one of the most highly anticipated parodies in years! This is a porn parody of epic proportions! May the Farce be with you! Welcome to the future of sex.
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Katie Kush doesn't care much for Earth science, but her teacher gets her all wet between the legs! Melody Marks refused to pay attention to the lesson until he pulled out his cock! Reese Robbins' teacher wasn't happy with her revealing outfit, so she took it off! Kimmy Kim's teacher was going to punish her but once he saw that tight, little ass he had other ideas!
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Wicked Pictures bring you a four hour compilation with nothing but big, juicy, sweet, free swinging breasts.
Our Special Night
Marie, a young and beautiful girl, admires and desires her step-uncle Daniel. On the night of her step-uncle Daniel's wedding anniversary with his wife, she has an opportunity to achieve her goal.
Cuck 'Em While They're Young 2
Coming home and finding your girl fucking another guy isn't something you'd normally want to see, but these guys so whatever their girl wants, so when she tells him to sit down, shut up and enjoy the fuck show, they obey completely! Gorgeous women ride hard cocks while their main man watches every pump!
Anyone Will Do
Jennie has been planning to adopt for several months, with an adoption lined up that is expected any day now. She receives an unexpected call from the adoption agency who informs her that the person who was supposed to put the baby up for adoption has had a change of heart and now Jennie will return to the waiting list. Devastated by the news, she impulsively goes to a classifieds website and creates a post to advertise that she wants someone to come to her house and cum inside of her. Faith and Ryan, a happily married couple, talk about how excited they are to be trying to get pregnant. Ryan says that he'll be right there with her, so no matter what happens, they can deal with it together. Several weeks later, Ryan has died, and Faith is wracked with grief. She gets a text from Chris, Ryan's sibling and gets an idea, sending him a message asking if she can come over.
You Sexy Thing
Step Daddy's Anal Cutie 3
These naughty teens have at least two things in common; they love anal and love to get it from their step-daddies! Watch as gorgeous young girls make it clear to the special older men in their lives that if they want to sneak in the backdoor, nobody will ever find out!
Serving as a microcosm to the true-life story told in Maitland Ward's best-selling memoire, Drift spends one night in the mind of America's Sweetheart once the cameras have cut, the press has left and the act has been dropped.
Told as a series of memories during her final months as a teenager, a woman finds her own path into professional sex work after being manipulated by an older man.
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Pretty girls with perfectly trimmed bushes in need of seed. Watch their lust grow with every thrust as they anticipate a giant gush of creamy goodness sprayed all over their lady gardens - captured in crystal clear high def in Cream My Trimmed Bush 3.
Money is a compelling, enticing and deeply sensual look at a series of strong, independent women caught in sexual situations that deal with greed. As it turns out, money and sex are quite similar - too much is never enough!
Money is a compelling, enticing and deeply sensual look at a series of strong, independent women caught in sexual situations that deal with greed. As it turns out, money and sex are quite similar - too much is never enough!
Maddy May's Mayhem
Stylish director Chris Streams showcases an adorable, young adventuress spreading her erotic wings and seeking edgy, new thrills. In the four sumptuously shot scenes of "Maddy May's Mayhem," the luscious starlet experiences her first big Black cock double penetration; her first double-vaginal and double-anal drillings; her first TS tryst; and her first gangbang!
Spideypool XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Skip the bromance. Feel the feels.
Dark Is the Night
Associate Producer
When a mysterious stranger rents a spare room in the house of a couple whose marriage is crumbling, their secrets are suddenly unearthed.
Dark Is the Night
Mr. Spade
When a mysterious stranger rents a spare room in the house of a couple whose marriage is crumbling, their secrets are suddenly unearthed.
Planet Her
(archive footage)
Another wild compilation by Axel Braun is here for you! We've got the industry's horniest ladies and sexiest men! You better not miss out!
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Office Ass-istants 2
If any of these girls get hired at your office, we guarantee there's going to be a spike in office morale. These 4 beauties love staying late and building chemistry in the workplace. No job is too big and they're always ready to roll up their sleeves...and drop their take the assignment to completion!
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Mitch, Claudia's husband
Idolized: Gabbie Carter has been babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley for a few months now. Before they leave, they remind Gabbie not to go into Mr. Kingsley's office. Later that night, the batteries in the baby monitor ran out. She can't find the charger ANYWHERE and she has to check at the forbidden office. Her jaw drops in shock when she finds out what's inside. Happy Household: Anne is at the cafe with her friend Claudia. While they are discussing, because they have a disagreement on a topic, they make a bet between them. To make things more interesting, whoever loses has to clean the other's house for a week. The next day, Anne is greeted by both Claudia and her husband, Mitch.
Hysteria is the story of Anna (Aiden Ashley), an accomplished author, and Christine (Anna Claire Clouds), an artist. On the surface, this loving couple's marriage appears to be harmonious and beautiful. But beneath this veneer of domestic bliss lurks an undercurrent of mistrust that threatens to consume their relationship.
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Wicked Pictures is proud to present one of the most highly anticipated parodies in years! This is a porn parody of epic proportions! May the Farce be with you! Welcome to the future of sex. Welcome to Sex World!
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Deranged 2
What drives someone to madness? Hatred, anger, revenge? Sometimes there are no reasons, sometimes things just...are. Maneuvering her way through her own psychosis. Charlie has made friends and enemies o the criminally insane, some she met along the way and some she created. But how does one survive in a web of murder and revenge?
Frisky Stuff
Grant Rogers
Ashley Banks is a struggling young novelist with a roommate from hell, who finds herself backed up against a wall of mounting bills until an unexpected career adjustment turns her life around. Bill paid, new clothes, having lots of fun and about to land the guy of her dreams...unless her jealous roommate can figure out a way to cut her down to size.
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Filmmaker Chris Streams probes gorgeous girls, graphic sodomy and deep-seated backdoor kinks in Anal Investigation 5. The director's expert lens captures four thrilling scenes, exposing stylish lingerie, penetrating lust and very bad behavior.
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Kira Perez caught her pervy step bro. Jessa Rhodes fucks her step brother. Arietta Adams says that snitches get blowjobs, stoopid! Kylie Rocket is a gamer girl who rides his joystick.
No Regrets
Josh (Alex Jett) and his girlfriend Chrissy (Lily Larimar) are working as baristas in a cafe. Chrissy tries to make small talk but Josh eventually confesses that he cheated on her. He admits that he wanted sex that was a bit more freaky. Chrissy says that she can change and she can prove it. Clara (Eliza Eves) has been accepted to the business school of her dreams, but she doesn't know how she's going to support herself through school. Her friend Lacey casually teases Clara about making a deal to give away her virginity. She is hesitant, but decides to do it. Later that day, Clara arrives outside of a sketchy building. An older man, Max (Seth Gamble) greets her in a dungeon.
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Jenna J. Ross, Aidra Fox, Alexa Nova, and Molly Manson are beautiful models with a craving for big dicks that may never be satisfied!
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Having a side piece can be quite exciting! There's passion and all that sneaking around can be exhausting. For these men, coming clean with their wives brings about an unexpected outcome... the old ball and chain doesn't seem to mind sharing her husband's cock!
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The Joker broke up with Harley so she's looking for a revenge fuck! Mary Pop knows how to get him to do exactly what she wants! Kate and her step brother discover pleasures outside of their Amish lifestyle! It's her first ceremony and she must do her duty and please her man!
Boffing the Babysitter 27
When she knocks on the door and gives you that cute smile you know you'd do anything to be able to touch her. And when she walks in and turns her head to make sure you're watching, you know she wants it too! Now, all you have to do is figure out how to get some time alone with the babysitter!
Stars 7
Family Always Comes First 8
Taboo lines are crossed when these horny teens explore their forbidden desires in all creampie XXX action! They've held off as long as they could knowing no one would approve, but now their love is out in the open!
Pretty Little Things
They say big things come in small packages, but in this case it's hot, sexy and super horny "things"! Watch these gorgeous young ladies fuck their way through the day in legendary direcor Axel Braun's latest awesome all-sex'll be glad you did.
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Nikki Benz, Kenzie Taylor, Gabbie Carter and Rachael Cavalli show how naughty and busty they are.
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These sluts are dying to show you what they fantasize about! Watch them get they big cock they long for!
Couples with Benefits
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Corrupted by a Sinful MILF
When Ashley's boyfriend arrives, he sits her down for The Talk; Ashley does her brest to be understanding but she's really terrible upset. She suggests that this might go better if they get together one last time. Work from home means that he doesn't have to commute. At the same time though, it means that Mugur needs to deal with a whole lot of temptation in the form of his girlfriend Gina, who now has 24/7 access to his cock and won't be denied.
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When you got lucky enough to get two girls in bed at the same time, you can't imagine things getting much better, but when you shoot your load into one cum hungry slut's mouth and she then shares it with her friend, you know you've reached the peak of the sexual mountain!
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If your step-sister was smoking hot and walking around the house wearing next to nothing, do you think you could control yourself? And more importantly, would you want to? Well, the step-brothers in this flick have made their decision and thankfully, they've chosen to pound that perfect stepsister snatch!
Dr. Charlie Hayes is a brilliant psychologist with a very diverse practice. Clinician, educator, counselor, her voracious appetite to understand what makes the human brain tick drives her very existence. But Charlie has an ulterior motive for her chosen profession, it gives her access to her future victims, manipulating her surroundings and the people in it, leaving a trail in her wake. Charlie navigates through her hatred and past sleights as she unveils devious characters and accomplices, tying up loose ends and pursuing her number one nemesis, another serial killer and her deranged equal, Joseph Curwen.
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It's a bleak day at the gym and there's only one attendee, which makes the job all that much more boring for the clerks Ricky and Abella. Miss Danger is feeling extremely antsy, and decides to turn her attention to Ricky, because why not? Ricky tries to remain professional as Abella hand's, lips, and hips wander. Teasing him right in front of the client! Fuck it, may as well get laid on the clock, right? Hopefully this civilian will be none-the-wiser pumping up their delts.
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Erotica X brings you Pure Desire 9 with emotional sex scenes full of chemistry and authentic desire between the performers.
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How many times have you wanted to fuck your sister's friend? If you can't count that high, then My Sister's Hot Friend is for you! Watch hot, horny girls fuck the brothers of their friends!
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4 hours of Very Important Performers! They're Red Hot! Starring: Abella Danger, Bree Olson, AJ Applegate and many more!
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Adam & Eve proudly presents you with the hand-picked compilation of sexiest girls! 4 Hours Of Star Studded Adult Erotica! 9 piping hot scenes featuring a tasty treat for everyone! Get ready to be blown away, because these horny ladies will have you seeing stars!
Temptation 3
Lady Dee is living a double life, but only one of the men she's fucking knows about it. Mugur finds it hot as hell that his lovely brown eyed babe is leading another man on. • Brown-eyed babe Dania has the hots for Seth. His sister would be pissed if he fucked her friend, but that doesn't stop Dania from wanting to get into Seth's pants. • Lovely Keira is married Damon, but little does he know that his wife has a hot yet dirty secret: she's a cam girl! She successfully hid her side job until Damon walked in on her doing a show. • Latina babe Gizelle has been buddies with Tyler Nixon for a while, and although she's had the hots for him, he has had a girlfriend the whole time they've known each other.
A Married Woman 10
For these wives, cheating is only bad if they get caught.
Family Pies 13: The Naughty List
Mom tells Seth, Kacie and cousin Vina that they can open one present. They each open ugly sweaters. Seth is excited, but the girls are not. Mom tells the girls to be grateful and try on their sweaters. They obey, returning to the room wearing the sweaters but nothing else, not even panties!
Anal sex is more than just novelty in this collection of illicit stories focused on seduction, opportunity, and the give and take of power as the players step carefully around each other, each with their sights set on the high that is taking the objectified person they've come to desire most. Starring Emily Willis, Kenna James, and Ashley Lane with a first-time appearance from Kyler Quinn.
Young Innocence
This erotic flick from EroticaX stars Adria Rae, Marley Brinx, Lana Sharapova, and Bella Rose.
Not Too Young For Anal 2
In 'Not Too Young For Anal 2,' stylish pornographer Chris Streams captures arousing footage of fresh performers opening their backdoors for thick professional boners. Each scene shows the thrill of not-so-innocent lust as bad girls succumb to their impulses and get off on once-forbidden acts.
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Working in an office isn't always the best experience, but at least these office chicks provide a great view! When the day gets long, these sexy ladies, dressed in their office-appropriate attire that barely hides their massive assets, know just how to help their co-workers pass the time!
Babes Unleashed 4
Grinding The Gardener: Anya Krey is a complicated woman with many needs. With a husband who is abroad more than he is home, she finds herself with some of her most demanding desires unfulfilled. Anya knows better than anyone else that life is far too short to ignore what she wants. And what she wants is the hunky gardener, Juan Lucho. Lounging outside in a bikini, showing off her gorgeous, toned and tan body, she watches him work, and he watches her watching him. There's no time to lose. She gets under a stream of water, putting on a wet show for the gardener. He watches her as she seductively removes her bikini top, boldly revealing her perky tits. No more communication is needed here: she grabs his hand and leads him to the bedroom, where she takes his hard cock deep down her throat, before he spins her around and fucks her expertly, as if he's been waiting to do her for ages.
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When the urges get to be too much and these nymphos need release, they don't hesitate to give in to their carnal demands. Watch them sucked, fucked...and even spanked to get the orgasms - and cum that they crave! These ladies in red will go to your head! Featuring Cherie DeVille, Misty Stone, Nari Park, Riley Nixon and more!
Climax 2
The Joy Club allows its members to fulfill all their fantasies. Recently married, Jason and Danielle will discover new pleasures that will strengthen their budding relationship and spice up their sex life.
Nothing Better Than Parody
(archive footage)
Cosplay, Male-on-female threesomes, anal penetration, blowjobs and even lesbian action are all included in this 4 hour compilation.
Anal Antics 3
In Anal Antics 3, talented director Chris Streams' vivid camera work captures top sex stars getting their backdoor jollies. Ladies show off big curves and huge appetites for rectal recreation!
Fan Favorite: Sarah Vandella
Sarah Vandella. Buxom Blonde Who Loves To Bang!
Moms Bang Teens 45
Volume 45 in the Moms Bang Teens series from Reality Kings.
Seductive And Attractive
(archive footage)
Ava Adams, Aidra Fox, Emma Hix and many more unforgettable women show off their sexy bodies while they pleasure and get pleasured. Watch as they give bang up blowjobs and get fucked by big cocks. Curvy, stocking-clad legs and big tits will turn you on in this sensuous compilation.
LaSirena69 4 You
Gods & Sinners
2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Screenplay These hot bombshells are all in for hardcore fucking, but they are not driven by the normal thirst to get rammed into their pussies, but rather something much more higher that normal lust something godly even. This movie perfectly highlights how much women from Wicked Pictures love sucking dick, getting pinned down and getting cum all over their pretty faces, and lustrous bodies!
Muse 2
A young man's obsession with a notorious professor sends shockwaves through their worlds when he publicly names her as an aggressor, making each surrounding character examine their roles as both victims and oppressor.
Step Siblings Caught 21
Khloe Kapri: Step dad turned her down so she went to her step brother for dick! Alina Lopez: She didn't want her step brother to fuck whores so she did him instead! Kiara Cole: No AC means no clothes which means these step siblings end up fucking! Andi Rose & Jazmin Luv: The girls are trying to find ghosts but all they found was step brother's dick!
Anal Stars 3
Porn fans reward the most ambitious and lustful backdoor performers with XXX celebrity. Fine director Chris Streams has gathered a comely cast of these accomplished butt sex luminaries in "Anal Stars 3." Stellar scenes ooze glamorous nastiness, from arousing tease to epic sodomy!
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Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about, or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women, and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here.
The Red Room
Nominated - Best Directing - Non-Narrative Production, AVN 2022 Nominated - Best Gonzo/Compendium Movie or Limited Series, AVN 2022 Award-winning performer Seth Gamble turns to directing with an impressive first outing that blurs the line between feature and gonzo. Produced by Axel Braun and featuring 2021 AVN Female Performer of the Year Emily Willis in a terrific scene, Gamble's directorial debut is a scorcher!
Teacher Fucks Teens 8
Silvia is always horny, but as a teacher, she has to be professional. During an in-home tutoring session with two students, she breaks. She's heard that they are both very well endowed and wants to measure their dicks to see if the rumors are true.
Foxy Ladies
They're hot, they're sexy, they're... FOXY! Legendary director Axel Braun assembled four all-natural ebony beauties and paired them with four enthusiastic studs who got to bang them silly for your enjoyment. Real, raw, and passionate, Axel Braun's Foxy Ladies features a stellar cast, inspired sexual performances and Braun's masterful camerawork.
Inked & Horny
Inked & Horny indeed! Tatted up and sporting multiple piercings, these girls are taking a pounding and loving every minute of it!
If It Feels Good 2
Deeper presents a second installment of its critically acclaimed collection of indulgent vignettes, If It Feels Good. Complete with fantasies of sexual transaction and coercion, cuckolding and threesome experiments, manipulative d/s play and dreamy hallucinations that blur the lines between real and unreal, each story builds a tension that bursts into a perfectly crafted explosion of sexual energy.
Addicted to Blondes
Watch and enjoy this exquisite compilation of blonde babes with all of your favorite hot , sexy and erotic actresses like : Bridgette B, Britney Amber, Carolina Sweets, Chloe Foster, Olivia Austin and more .
Stars 5
Five of the most beautiful Dorcel stars realize their fantasies just for you.
Black Widow XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
After a self-imposed yearlong COVID hiatus, parody master Axel Braun returns with another big-budget, action-packed, hysterically sexy spoof that is sure to remind everybody why he is the most awarded porn director in history. Starring 2020 Penthouse Pet of the Year Lacy Lennon in the titular role and featuring the typical better-than-Hollywood costumes, canon character portrayals and legendary attention to detail that Braun fans have come to expect and demand, BLACK WIDOW XXX is another monumental achievement in the body of work of the most bankable X-rated director in the business.
Public Sex Adventures 10
Katana Kombat sets up her camera for a little instructional self-shoot, dancing and showcasing her moves for new students. Katana twists and turns, showcasing her flexible legs, delicious thighs, plump ass, and perky tits for our viewing pleasure. When she gets joined by a brave stranger, Katana can't help but give him some credit for being ballsy… And then drag him to an abandoned area to see if his cock matches the talk.
My Friend's Sexy Mom 2
(archive footage)
Sweet Sinner is proud to present "My Friends Sexy Mom 2", focusing on the hottest older/younger sex pairings. These stunning, experienced MILFS are hornier than ever and theyre ready for some hardcore sex!
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They are young and they can not get enough of your cock. Sexy cuties love to tease, but in the end, they always please! Watch the hottest, most cock-hungry vixens from the comfort of your home!
Craving For Anal
These horny ladies know exactly what they want -all this hotties want is some backdoor action. No need to waste time on all that foreplay. When these girls have a craving, you need only respond with a big cock in her ass!
Sweet & Petite
(archive footage)
4 hours of Sexy Spinners! Starring: Elsa Jean, Darci Dolce, Staci Silverstone and many more!
Dressed for Sexcess
(archive footage)
4 hours of Hot Sex That Will Suit All of Your Needs!
Sex in the Kitchen
(archive footage)
If You Can Stand the Heat, Get Into the Kitchen!
Can't Say No
DJ Gamble
Mandy forgot her hoodie at her ex-boyfriend Luke's house and she has to go get it. During the trip, her current boyfriend calls her to tell her that he fears that she will see her ex again considering their history together. Her boyfriend was right to worry, as the sexual attraction picks up where it left off when Mandy and Luke meet again. A young artist who wants to become a star, was playing on street corners before receiving an invitation from the famous DJ Gamble by her assistant Cruella. Arriving at the DJ with her manager, Aidra realizes that the interview with Gamble is turning in a questionable direction.
Something Borrowed
John is wearing a tuxedo, he walks in the house looking for his best friend, Darren. The wedding photographer wants Darren with all his groomsmen outside in the garden for photos. John calls out, "Darren... DARREN!" He hears music coming from upstairs. He follows the sound until it gets louder, and louder, and then he sees Stella, his stepsister, standing in front of him in lingerie and a veil. Her eyes are puffy as she's been crying. He shields his eyes politely. Stella scoffs at him, "it's not like you haven't seen me in my underwear before." John asks for Jack and Stella could care less, she has so much more on her mind, like should she even be marrying this guy? John assures Stella that they're perfect together, but she doesn't want to hear it. Stella's main concern is the big question of how can she sneak around and have naughty sex with her stepbrother when she's married?
Below the Belt
Bodie Tyler
Go behind the scenes of Penthouse's hot boxing movie, Below the Belt to get the scoop on Audrey Miles, Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Ella Reese and Gabbie Carter. Who their characters are and what they like about going down...for the count!
Entangled Ecstasy with Friends
Alex cuddles with Codey beneath the tree while Kara prepares some cocoa. Alex gives him a gift and has him open it. When he reveals two sets of lingerie, one for his girlfriend and one for her BFF, Codey knows he's in for a very merry XXXmas.
Hot & Bothered 2
After many long months of lockdown isolation, Seth just wants a haircut. But having been starved of contact for so long, Seth and Whitney soon find themselves fumbling through relearning what it means to be intimate with someone. When Khloe needs help, she knows she can count on Nathan to be there for her. With her emergency handled, the comfort Khloe feels with Nathan is made all the more obvious until their walls break down and theyre tumbling back into her bed together. Lillys Wi-Fi goes down and she needs a fix right away
Natural Knockers 2
Natural Knockers 2 is full of mouthwatering ladies with luscious breasts that need your attention now! Taste, penetrate, and enjoy the essence of these stunning natural beauties!
Late Night Hookups
4 hours of Late Night Romps! Starring: Alexis Monroe, Cameron Canada, Elsa Jean and many more!
Deviant Behavior
(archive footage)
Director Kevin Moore creates nasty situations in which sexually compromised beauties must succumb to lewd advances, or risk having their filthy secrets exposed.
Big Naturals 51
We've got Angela White back in her favorite white outfit jiggling her big juicy titties for the camera. Just pour that oil on those voluptuous big naturals because you can never have too much oil.
4 hours of Teasing & Pleasing! Starring: Aidra Fox, Misty Stone, Bunny Colby and many more!
Dirty Wives Club 31
Dirty Wives Club features sexy married babes committing adultery and misbehaving!
Tonight's Fantasy
4 hours of Your Wildest Fantasies! Your ultimate sex dreams are about to come true!
Going in Raw
After a 9-month hiatus, the most awarded director in history returns with his first non-condom movie in 8 years, and it's a scorcher! Featuring outstanding performances by a stellar cast, top notch production value and two powerful anal scenes, Axel Braun's Going in Raw marks the start of a steamy 2021 for Braun and the beginning of an exciting new era for Wicked Pictures!
Stuffing My Horny Girlfriend 10
Slow Motion For Me: Big naturals, slow motion bouncing, slippery shiny gel. Katrina has it all for her latest cam show as she shows off her all-natural assets. Flashing The Help: Curvy Michele is at home killing some time - she's taking some selfies, showing off some cleavage, and looking cute as fuck. Cable Tied: Maddy has got herself into a little bit of a situation. Jogging Neighbor Loves Dick: The lithe Scarlett keeps her body in shape by jogging as often as she can, and this has caught the eye of neighbor Brad. Food for Thot: I woke up in the morning eager to fuck my girlfriend Bailey Brooke's dripping wet pussy.
Fresh Face Facials
Meet four beautiful fresh faces new to the porn business. It’s their first time shooting for Penthouse and as a welcome to the very messy industry of porn, all the girls will be treated to a sticky wet facial!
Fantasy Roleplay 5
Erotica X is proud to present Fantasy Roleplay Vol. 5, where various couples play out their dark yet passionately romantic fantasies. Watch as these hot couples spice up their sex lives with some kinky roleplay. Shot in stunning 4K by award winning director James Avalon, this is a hot release not to be missed.
Let's Get Physical
Beautiful women recovering from failed relationships dive into a sensual mind and body education and learn that great sex is more than just getting naked. Essentially strangers, the physical tension raises the heat during the art of body training, mind focus, sexual nutrition which results in their best orgasms ever.
The Seductress 2
Lilly has a way with older men. The question is - what's her motive? After taking a job working for Lexi, a fashion designer, sparks between to fly between Lily and Lexi's husband, Ryan. Initially it seems like Ryan doesn't realize how tempting this young woman really is until his wife leaves town on a business trip and the two of them are left to their own vices. But, as things quickly heat up - what Ryan doesn't quite realize is that life as he knows it will never be the same.
Imagine a fashion magazine coming to life. Now imagine it full of hot, nasty, hardcore sex. That's the essence of Glamcore, a new tantalizing series from adult powerhouse Wicked Pictures and legendary director Axel Braun!
My Friend's Hot Mom 90
Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about, or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women, and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here.
Family Pies 10
Stacy Cruz is into her step brother even if they spend most of their time arguing. They're in the midst of arguing over a sandwich when Nick's boner pops out of his towel. Stacy doesn't waste time before she starts sucking him off. It's like the floodgates have opened, and now these step siblings can't stop fucking!
ASMR Fantasy 2
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a physical sensation of tingling that usually begins in the scalp and moves down through the body. ASMR WHISPERERS are primarily women who make videos and podcasts devoted to whispering and stimulating various triggers. While not overtly erotic, the intimacy of ASMR videos has led many to wonder whether it is a fetish or not. For those who think it is, this is where we come in!
Naughty Office 75
Welcome to Naughty Office, where we explore all of your work-related fantasies! Inside, you'll see secretaries getting fucked by their bosses, interns sucking cock, women using their best assets to get ahead and much more!
Sex Therapist Vol 4
Conventional therapist Michael Sone is fed up with losing all of his new clients to holitic therapist, Rebecca Hope, and decides to confront her by posing as a patient at her therapy practice. But what began as frustration and anger, quickly evolves into sexual tension when Michael realizes that Rebecca may just understand how to heal his own broken spirit. When the two find themselves no longer competing in the professional arena - what happens in the bedroom might be more explosive that their persona issues with one another.
Polyamory 5
Take a peek into the daily, and sexy lifestyles of polyamorous relationships. Explore a new kind of love affair, where several people carry on intimate relationships in a web of sex, passion, and love.
My Friend's Hot Mom 89
Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about, or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women, and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here.
Home Alone
Mr. Rodgers is rushing to the front door of his neighbor's house. He has a toolbox in his hand and there's a sense of urgency as a teenage girl, Kat, opens the door and hurries him inside. Annie is at a bar when a young man, Bradley, approaches her. Her eyes light up at the sight of him since Bradley is a sweet guy that she enjoys spending time with.
Psychotic Behavior 2
For "Psychotic Behavior 2," ambitious filmmaker Dana Vespoli has formulated four fresh, twisted tales wherein vulnerable dudes fall prey to insatiable women. The edgy pornographer delivers kinky, hardcore thrills, from insane cunt ejaculations to extreme anal madness.
Pure Sexual Attraction 14
Pure sexual attraction cannot be described. It can only be seen. Carolina Sweets, Adriana Chechik, Emma Hix, and Kiara Cole melt the screen with scorching performances fueled by explosive chemistry and raw, unhindered passion
Internal Love 7
Erotica X is proud to present "Internal Love Vol. 7". Director James Avalon brings you four erotic tales of beautiful young ladies who desire their lovers' cum inside them. Filled with passion and lust, this is a release you won't want to miss.
Erotic Affairs 4
Sometimes cheating can be so, so hot. Erotica X presents four stories about young, highly sexed individuals who just can't experience enough exciting, passionate erotic affairs.
Fill Me With Your Orgasm 11
When it comes to sex, it's what's inside that counts. That's why Anya Olsen, Audrey Hempburne, Harmony Wonder, and Kristen Scott are out fo get their fill of hot, creamy cum! Watch them drain the biggest balls they can find in hopes of scoring the perfect creampie!
Coming of Age 7
Young, innocent, and not so innocent young ladies experiencing their new felt erotic urges with the first good looking men they encounter. Kylie Rocket turns the tables on her sexual admirer! Photographer Liv Wild finds herself in a hot encounter with her model, Seth! Lily Larimar gives her new unexperienced neighbor some much needed experience! And finally, Morgan Rain gets rewarded for being a good Samaritan!
I Have a Wife 55
What kind of a woman goes after a married man? All kinds!
My Friend's Hot Girl 31
Have you ever fantasized about fucking your buddy's hot girlfriendd? You've seen her huge tits in tight shirts and bikinis, and her hot ass in tight pants, and your buddy has told you she's got a tight, wet pussy and loves the cock. Your fantasy becomes a reality with "My Friend's Hot Girl"!!! Now's your chance to bang her with your big dick! Did you wonder if the risk is worth it? It is!
Princess Cum 8
Emma Starletto wants her stepbrother's cock, and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Megan Holly sneaks into her parents' room to borrow her mom's yoga mat. She also takes the opportunity to snoop and finds her mom's dildo. Rosalyn Sphinx is sitting on the toilet doing a pregnancy test. When it comes back positive, she shares the results with her stepbrother, Logan Long. Daphne Dare hasn't seen her uncle by marriage, Will Pounder, in a long time. Once Daphne's brother Jake Johnson brings Uncle P home, Daphne knows she's going to go for it.
Seen Not Heard
Anna, a frazzled woman dressed in a patient gown, as she sits on the edge of her hospital bed with her eyes closed. Her body is tense but still, with her fists clenched. Suddenly we flashback to a different time, many years ago. We are looking at the face of 18-year-old Anna. She sits on the edge of her bed. An older man walks into frame with a paper bag in his hand. "Hi sweetie, how was your day?" the man says as he blindfolds the young woman, intimately caressing the side of her face as he does so. The scene opens on an 18-year-old girl, Aubrey, as she leaves her family's house ... casually saying goodbye to her parents. When she gets safely inside her car, she pulls off the baggy sweater she is wearing to reveal a skimpy top. She is actually planning to meet up with a man she's been chatting with.
My First Sex Teacher 71
Education has never been quite like this! The Naughty America teaching staff is ready and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the knowledge they have is passed on to every student open to the most intense educational experience of their lives! Now, are you ready to do your homework?
Everybody Loves A Squirter
Adam & Eve presents porn’s hottest squirting superstars!
Lost in L.A.
Marriage can be difficult-- a fact couple Amber (Silvia Saige) and Grant (Stirling Cooper) have come to realize lately. After years of being married, their relationship is not what it used to be. Boredom and lack of appreciation for one another are causing trouble in the once so happy and passionate marriage. But the couple won't give up without a fight. Because sometimes if you don't risk anything you risk even more...
Anal Perfection 11
They said it was impossible - an unattainable dream for ass-worshipping fanatics. They were wrong. Anal Perfection is here. Watch today's most stunning butt-queens achieve backdoor glory with tremendous poise and passion - all caught in the crisp, eye-popping movie!
Unfortunately for Molly (Ivy Lebelle), being a regular teenager doing regular teenager things is considered sinful by her cold parents. To help get their daughter back on the right path, Molly's parents dump her on the steps of a school run by a man named Jeremiah (Dick Chibbles). Jeremiah claims that he'll help her see the light but Molly has a bad feeling about him... Meg (Gianna Dior) checks the temperature of the water with her hand when she suddenly hears a faint creaking sound from the other room. She cranes her neck to listen, then asks if anyone is there. She peeks around the bathroom door and sees a strange man (Seth Gamble) looking back at her.
My Friend's Hot Mom 85
Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about, or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women, and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here.
Let Me Watch 2
One afternoon, Lacy and Gianna, two best friends, are having fun trying on sexy outfits. When Lacy’s boyfriend comes home, she gets a sudden impulse to put on a show for her best friend. Gianna puts on a bit of her own show, masturbating, as she watches the sexy suck and fuck-fest right before her eyes. Lacy’s happy to share Donnie’s load with her bff, Gianna. Gianna and Lacy want to do it all again! This time, its Gianna’s turn to put on a show for Lacy, so the adventurous duo heads to Gianna’s boyfriend’s workplace to make his day! Wearing almost nothing, Gianna seduces Seth while Lacy settles in to watch the show. Lacy plays with herself while Gianna and Seth suck and fuck all over his desk. When Seth can’t hold back any longer, he splashes Gianna’s face with a healthy dose of jizz. She savors the taste and texture of her boyfriend’s cum and then shares his man-goo with her sexy bff, Lacy. Delicious!
On the eve of the nation's pandemic shutdown, university students grapple with an unconventional prompt at the behest of an infamous professor. In working through their projects, each student is forced to examine the role they have come to play and what is expected of them. Their revelations are woven into the fabric of their work and send shock waves through each of their personal lives.
Hotwifing Sex Tribe
Did you ever lust after someone else's hot wife, and even though your dick is telling you "yes," your good sense knows resistance is the safest and wisest way to proceed unless you happen to be in the presence of a cuckold! And if you are, as these four lucky men, consider yourself very fortunate and proceed with abandon!
Group Sex Is the Best Sex
(archive footage)
Four hours of the hottest group sex action! Anything goes with horny, wild bunch!
Fuck Club 4
The AVN nominated orgy series continues with 2 incredibly hot scenes instead of the usual 1. If you loved Fuck Club 1-3 you're guaranteed to enjoy this one with over 4 hours of stip tease, group sex, and behind the scenes material you won't want to miss!
Round and Brown 47
The roundest, brownest, most gorgeous ebony beauties on the f'n planet stripping down and getting nasty on some white cock. Chocolate lovin is always the best!!
A Killer on the Loose
She needs answers. He holds the key.
My Sister's Hot Friend 71
How many times have you wanted to fuck your sister's friend? If you can't count that high, then My Sister's Hot Friend is for you! Watch hot, horny girls fuck the brothers of their friends!
Dance for Me
Six women wield dance as a weapon in this stylized story collection from Featuring trained dancers, stunning cinematography, and raw, explicit sex, each scene represents a perfect display of the female body in motion. Vanna forces Kyle to look at her differently when she turns her sport into an act of seduction in Woman. Kenna and Kayden make a perfect pairing for financial domination when a cash strapped customer walks into the club in Whale. Brooklyn Gray plays games when a new girl (played by stunning newcomer Sky Pierce) joins her dance company, both knocking her off course and forcing her to make the connection between sex and dance as Sky struggles to make sense of Brooklyn's intentions. All come to the same conclusion that Brooklyn insists on: Dancing is like fucking, without the fluids.
Stilettos are more than an icon of erotic femininity, they're an attitude. That's right, because the right pair of heels can change everything even how a woman feels about herself.
The Art of the Orgy 2
(archive footage)
Not Just 4hrs--WICKED 4hrs
Family Pies 8
Katie Kush has some strong sexual tension going on with her stepbrother. From a towel dropping incident to Katie flashing her pussy at the dinner table, it was only a matter of time before this naughty pair give into their taboo desires.
Scam Angels 11: The Crypto Scam
Money can buy love...and silence. The SCAM ANGELS are back for their 11th edition. They've figured out how to use their bouncy tits and tight asses to drain both your balls and wallet. Their pussy comes at a price. Be on the alert! On this edition, they find 3 new targets. A horny business exec, an internet mogul, and a lawyer. These guys don't stand a chance!
Art of Romance 8
Brad blindfolds his girlfriend Jessie and drives her to an exclusive resort for a special weekend of pure pleasure. Celebrating their four-month anniversary, James decides to cook breakfast for Alison and things get very naughty, very quick. Seth draws a bath for his lover Lana and gives her a very relaxing massage which leads to passionate lovemaking. Stranded out in the middle of nowhere, a couple discovers an empty house and sneak inside to get out of the cold. The thrill of potentially getting caught making love in a strangers house turns them on.
The Summoning
Two couples spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods under the pretense of hunting for ghosts. Ivy (Abigail Mac) and her boyfriend Nick (Seth Gamble) have a sinister ulterior motive: to sacrifice the unsuspecting Regan (Gina Valentina) and her boyfriend in order to unleash an evil entity from the cursed forest. The ritual, however, summons not one, but two powerful demons: the perverse Incubus (Xander Corvus) and sexy Succubus (Romi Rain). After awakening from a millennia-long slumber, the dastardly duo plan to fuck and kill anyone who stands in their way, until they can walk amongst the living as immortal beings.
Axel Braun's Brown Sugar 4
Axel Braun's award-winning Brown Sugar series was actually supposed to be a trilogy but Nia Nacci is so insanely beautiful that the legendary director decided to find three more ebony goddesses and shoot a fourth volume! Sexy, classy, and intense, Brown Sugar 4 may very well be the best one yet!
Lubed 11
Get Ready for greased up poles and moistened holes! Anastasia Knight, Emily Willis, Maya Bijou, and Hannah Hays glisten on screen with irresistible, slippery sexual performances--captured in high definition.
Double Booked
Veronica is an expert with her fingers and soon Rebecca s moaning with pure need. Just as Rebecca is about to explode, she opens er eyes to see Sam watching them in action. With a sultry smile, Rebecca beckons for him to join in on the fun.
Editor's Pick
Best cuts of the hottest scenes just for you!
Young Girl Seductions 15
Few things are as seductive as a young girl. Fewer things are as enjoyable! Watch Abby Adams, Ashley Red, Grae Stoke, and Jasmine Grey as they tempt and thrill handsome strangers with their tasty, teen treats!
The Casting
Amy , a young waitress, still dressed in her work uniform, rifles through her purse to find some change for the bus when her phone rings. It's her agent on the other end of the line, calling to inform the struggling actress that she received an invitation to audition for a new mainstream project. The day of the audition, Amy looks a little confused. "Do we have a script?" she asks. The director smiles, with Tony, the male lead, chiming in. "Stevie likes to freestyle his auditions," he adds. "Starting off with how you look!" Amy slowly turns around, trying to keep her composure. She feels awkward. Emma is a Hollywood starlet that cares only about herself. She further proves this by causing a movie producer grief by being late for training with a stuntman. When she finds out that the stuntman she'll be closely working with is none other than Michael, her ex-boyfriend, her entitled attitude makes her even more difficult to work with.
Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care 3
It's easy to look beautiful with a full head of long, perfectly coiffed hair but only a few girls can look stunning with short hair. For the third volume of Axel Braun's acclaimed series, the legendary director picked four of the most attractive actresses in the business and used his masterful camerawork to showcase them in all their lustful beauty!
Body sliding
Fit To Be Tied 2
(archive footage)
4 hours of the best Fetish sex movies from Wic..Pic..!
Unfaithful Betrayal
Fully convinced that shes cursed when it comes to sex with the men she dates, Lena confides in Seth that she hasnt had an orgasm in months. Seth has a calm, cool and collected kind of confidence and tells her that he can make her orgasm. Confident in her own right, Lena challenges Seth to break the curse. Abigail and Quinton promise each other yet again this will be the last time, as they find themselves together at the end of another night, out of breath, craving each other and unable to hold back. Go home to your wife Abigail whispers, as she breathes him in, and he unwraps her like a gift hes been waiting his whole damn life to open. After originally standing him up out of a mixture of nerves and guilt, Maya finally shows up at Jakes hotel room. Flustered, she finds herself paralyzed. Unable to go for it, but unable to forget him. ...
Immersion Therapy
Assistant 1
Written by Taylor and directed by Craven Moorehead, Immersion Therapy finds its titular star confronting her issues with the human body and, more specifically, her aversion to self-pleasure with therapist White.
The Voyeur Next Door
Alexis Fawx moves into a neighborhood with her stepdaughter, Kendra Spade, and creates quite a stir, especially with her neighbor, Krissy Lynn.
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
(archive footage)
These horny girls are as naughty as they come, and they aren't stopping until they've sucked all of these cocks dry. You get to see the cream of the crop of these cock hungry sluts, with their slender, curvy bodies and relaxed attitudes about sex.
Moms Bang Teens 37
Moms and teens are both horny sluts, so it's no wonder that they're fucking each other in this movie!
Down to Fuck a Stranger 9
Amateur girls picked up and fucked in public! These girls are ready to drop their panties anytime, anyplace!
Consumed by Desire
Since her break up with her cheating ex, Scarlit has been struggling to orgasm. She takes a chance and visits a sex therapist. Riley is determined to keep things casual. She has major trust issues with men, and has successfully kept them at an emotionally safe distance for a while...until Damon. Her husband Ramon's intensive training in the boxing ring has always turned Lacy on - but his new sports ritual is getting in the way of her needs. He's been abstaining from sex two months before a fight, and Lacy has had enough of it. She is pining for his intimacy. In a tug and pull, she convinces him to go down on her- but the taste of her convinces him of so much more.
Cuckold's Plight 2
Cuckold’s Plight is back with another star-packed collection of calculating tales from Isiah throws Lacy’s boyfriend in the trunk to keep him from distracting them. Rocky swears to Mick she hasn’t cheated on him as she stands in a room surrounded with evidence to the contrary. Seth underestimates the power of the women who domme him as first Gianna and then his ex-wife turn his game on its head. Once again, the lines increasingly blur between aversion and arousal, jealousy and compersion, frustration and satisfaction.
Big Ass Black Beauties 2
Aryana looking for some brown sugar! Amethyst takes the best BBC! Chanell fucking behind step dad's back! Jamie fucked in the woods!
My Sister's Hot Friend 68
How many times have you wanted to fuck your sister's friend? If you can't count that high, then My Sister's Hot Friend is for you! Watch hot, horny girls fuck the brothers of their friends!
Beautifully Stacked 7
Kenzie Taylor, Amber Chase, Becky Bandini, and Linzee Ryder are beautifully stacked and ready to be worshipped! Join these top-heavy stunners as they bounce, jiggle, and sway while riding the most enormous cocks they find - artistically captured in dazzling HD!
I'm Not a Slut, I'm a People Person
(archive footage)
4 Hours of group sex scenes!!!
The Girls Next Door 2
Three female con artists are excited when a man with a huge life insurance policy finally drops dead and one of them is listed as the sole beneficiary. But, when law enf-rcement starts investigating potential fraud, the women begin scrambling. To cover their asses the women work their charms on everyone that could potentially protect them from getting caught, but as time goes on - one major issue comes to the forefront - when you have three con artists all working together, should you ever worry about who might be conning whom?
Busty 13: Double Vision
Stacked coed Josphine Jackson has decided to embrace the opportunities her giant jugs can get her. She's learned that she loves stripping on camera and getting the chance to fuck pretty much whomever she wants. Some girls see their tits stop growing when they hit a certain age, and some like Sophia Lee just keep getting bigger. She's as sensual as she is curvy, meaning that there's an awful lot of good times waiting for you with this voluptuous cutie. With a shirt emphasizing her big breasts, Lena struts across the room to plant a kiss on Seth's forehead. Seth is clearly willing so Lena puts all of her sexually talented assets to work in a slow seduction that gets Seth hard and ready. One look at the jugs on Annabel and you're going to be hooked. This sexy redhead loves lingerie, titty fucks, and getting that cock hungry pussy of hers pounded. Watch as she gets all dolled up and prowls for a good time.
Axel Braun's Busty Hotwives 2
It's a known fact that every time Romi 'Wonder Woman' Rain and legendary director Axel Braun team up, they create magic. Volume two of Busty Hotwives is no exception, with Rain headlining a stellar cast while bringing all her raw sensuality and explosive sexual drive to yet another Wicked scorcher!
One Night Stands
Just out of a five-year relationship with a woman who never wanted to leave the house, Oliver is now backpacking through Europe and finally satisfying his need for adventure. Elsa is home alone when someone breaks into her new house. With her boyfriend out of town, she calls Small Hands to come over. He accidentally falls asl--p, and wakes up in the middle of the night, face to face with Elsa in bed. It's too late to go home now...the tension for touch bursts into a sensual sex scene. Her dad's best friend, and now also her boss, Kenna knew that Stirling was technically off-limits. When the AC breaks on a hot summer day, with no client meetings scheduled, both Kenna and Stirling decide to remove a layer or two of their fancy lawyer clothes to cool down... Aria is still asl--p, as Seth gets ready for work in the bedroom mirror. He starts getting intense flashbacks of the late night. He indulges in his memory and just has to wake her up to say goodbye.
A Stepmom Corrupted
Sweet Sinner proudly presents A Stepmom Corrupted, an exclusive feature starring some of the wildest stepmom's determined to get exactly what they want! These stunning MILFs are craving every inch of their stepson's bodies! Including back to back sizzling scenes of epic older younger sex! This is a Sweet Sinner release you do not want to miss!
Sure Feels Right
Sometimes love is found in the most unlikely places and maybe the one that you're with isn't necessarily the one that you were destined for. Four sensual vignettes featuring an all-star cast, 'Sure Feels Right' explores the space between compromising for what's comfortable and throwing caution to the wind for what you truly desire.
Teacher fucks teens 6
Milf-y teacher Eva is expecting Seth for tutoring, but she thinks she has enough time to masturbate. Eva grabs the toy and shoves it inside her greedy snatch. She's about to cum when Seth arrives, interrupting her masturbation. Kyle and his girl are getting tutored but Alexa is only interested in jerking cock. Ms. Fawx sees the distraction and points out how Alexa is doing it wrong. She tries to instruct Alexa, but the younger girls storms off, leaving Kyle's dick in Alexis' mouth! Dani is tutoring a student. They start out talking about academics, but the conversation quickly drifts to sex. Dani gives him some sex tips and takes his hardon out of his shorts, giving him a sexy teacher-student experience. At his teacher's house for some tutoring. Juan discovers Ms. Cavali's huge dildo! Rachael swears him to secrecy and realizes this may be the perfect opportunity to get some young cock. Luckily, this student is eager to learn whatever she has to teach!
Back in the Game
Relationships can sometimes burn bright but then the fire goes out without warning leaving you cold and lonely. It's sometimes called a 'rebound romance' but for this all-star cast, getting back in the game is the key to healing a broken heart.
Games Lovers Play 2
Four couples play sizzling sexy games with each other to add a little spice to their sex lives! After burning a hole in her husband shirt, Aliya submits to a little fun punishment for her error. A high society woman flirts with a blue-collar plumber for some wicked kitchen sex. It's sexy nurse time, as Lucas' lover, Natalia, gets all decked out in a hot stripper-nurse outfit and tries to ease his pain. A hot stripper-cop reads Seth his rights when she "arrests" him for crimes of passion, including the right to please her whenever and wherever she wants.
Internal Love 6
Cumming inside your lady, is perhaps the most intimate sex can get. Melody decides to make breakfast for her lover and soon turns the kitchen into a disaster zone, but that doesn't stop them from making passionate love. Not wanting their date to end, Audrey sneaks around the back of her parents' house and wants Michael to make love to her and cum inside her. Lacy wants her boyfriend to be more spontaneous. So, he tosses her into the pool for a fiery moment of underwater oral, then they head to the bedroom for some passionate sex ending with him cumming inside her. After losing her job, Aften seeks comfort in her husband and craves some sensual lovemaking with him cumming inside her.
Lola & Maxie Get Off
Lola (Charlotte Stokely) and Maxie (Abigail Mac) are two of the hottest dancers at their local strip club. But they get even hotter after they find themselves in jail together. Both are accused of killing their own husbands Jack (Jay Smooth) and Joe (Calvin Hardy) and are desperate to do anything - and anyone to get out. When they discover that the circumstances of their husbands' murders give them they perfect alibis, they lay it all on the line. Can Lola and Maxie get it get off?
Hot & Bothered
Gianna's roommate, Gia, had been bisexual for ages, but Gianna had always thought of herself as straight. Is it the dry spell talking...or is this attraction she's feeling to Gia the real deal? When Isiah's girlfriend cancels their couple's yoga session at the last minute, their teacher, Karla, decides she'll teach him anyway. Eliza was committed to locking in a daytime booty call that Saturday afternoon, but truth be told, she was struggling. Something she wasn't at all used to. When she gets an unexpected text from Seth, Eliza invites him over to "help her build some furniture," and slams her laptop shut. Why does getting what you want feel so god damn good? With Jay's job keeping him away traveling for weeks at a time, Jillian can't help but feel those first date butterflies upon his return. That feeling of excitement and longing...the pure anticipation. She hated when he left, but god damn did she love when he came back.
Moms Bang Teens 36
Gorgeous MILFs teach these horny teens a lesson they won`t forget! Watch them get their fill of rock hard cock and sweet young pussy!
Axel Braun's Inked 6
It's legendary Director Axel Braun's longest-running series, and for good reason... Inked Girls are HOT, They're SEXY, and they're BADASS! Directed with Braun's usual class and attention for detail, Inked 6 brings us a wild bunch of tatted hotties who will stop at nothing to make you want more.
Busting The Babysitter 5
Teen babysitters blacked into having sex!
Recently divorced Lauren (Vera King) is held captive by former stepson Tommy (Seth Gamble) in her bedroom after he commits a mysterious crime. With no one to talk to but each other, Lauren and Tommy develop a strange intimacy -- but Lauren starts to unravel after Tommy witnesses her emotionally-triggering exchange with her current boyfriend, Mark (Marcus London).
Axel Braun's Dirty Talk 4
Forget about's time for "aural" sex, beautifully captured by legendary director Axel Braun. Captain Marvel herself, Kenzie Taylor, headlines a magnificent cast of sexy girls who have a penchant for conversation during intercourse, in the fourth volume of Wicked's award-winning series!
Axel Braun's Bush 3
The bush, just the bush, nothing but the bush. Legendary director Axel Braun's beaver-centric series is now a trilogy, and this may be the best volume yet! With a tremendous cast headlined by Kenzie 'Captain Marvel' Taylor, and award-worth sex performances immaculately captured by Braun's masterful camerawork. BUSH 3 will make you want to dive into that muff!
My Husband Brought Home His Mistress 14
How would your wife react if she came home and caught you fucking around with another woman? Well, lucky for these guys, their sexy wives are as horny as they are!
Stepfamily Fucking
(archive footage)
Compilation published by Intensity Films.
Climax : the paroxysm of sexual pleasure For their loved ones, Emma and Michael are a couple close to perfection and lead an almost perfect life. Behind this ideal couple's facade, the two lovers dream of getting off the beaten track, of meeting new people. But what they want above all is to spice up their sex life, which is too classic for their taste.
Stuffing My Horny Girlfriend 8
Horny girls need fucking, and it's your duty to get as much cock into them as you can! These girls need to be stuffed!
My Friend's Hot Girl 27
Have you ever fantasized about fucking your buddy's hot girlfriend? You've seen her tits in tight shirts and bikinis, and her hot ass in tight pants, and your buddy has told you she's got a tight, wet pussy and loves the cock. Now's your chance to bang her with you big dick! Did you wonder if the risk is worth it? It is!
Don't Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 10
You knew you couldn't be trusted around your wife's friends big round ass!
Illicit Affairs
Sweet Sinner is back with some of the most forbidden and scandalous affairs in Illicit Affairs. An intimate portrayal of love and breaking all the rules. Packed with sensual and prohibited love scenarios, with authentic and explosive sexual encounters.
She'll be the worst thing that ever happened to you! A dangerous tale from MissaX!
Sneaky Sex 14
Whenever the moment hits, passions arise and the need to find a convenient place to fuck quickly comes into play. Sneaking around has never been so fun!
Pure Desire 7
When it comes to unadulterated attraction for each other, these couples display just what it means to have a pure desire for each other.
Tonight's Girlfriend 81
Tonight is your night for an exquisite rendezvous with a sensuous porn star. No girlfriend will ever please you the way she does.
Age & Beauty
Mr. Gamble
Robert's eyes are drawn to the woman, entranced by the vision of beauty, wisdom, and grace before him. The mature woman, Nina Hartley, is basked in the golden glow of the sunset behind her, standing tall as a confident, powerful woman. One day, Elizabeth's life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Her dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can't wait. After thinking she would be fired, Darla Crane is absolutely delighted when her new boss, Seth Gamble, gives her a special gift. His fleeting touch, the close proximity of their bodies, and the adrenalin still pumping from her fear of being fired, all adds up to a charged moment.
Captain Marvel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
While working on a mission, Vers aka Captain Marvel is abducted and used by two Skrulls. Vers escapes and after leaving the Skrulls ship in an escape pod, crash lands on Earth. Her presence attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, who helps her get to Monica Rambeau, Vers recovers her memories. suddenly Fury and Monica turns into dust because of Thanos snap and Captain Marvel has to go back in time and save everyone.
Brunette Goddesses
Brunette Goddess Valentina Nappi Rides His Big Dick on the Couch. Lovely Brunette Eva Long Gets Fucked in Her Tight Pussy. Pretty Brunette Tiffany Star Enjoys His Big Dick in Her Tight Pussy. Brunette Babe Gia Paige Takes It from Behind. Dark Haired Beauty Jojo Kiss Rides Him in the Back of the Vehicle. Adorable Brunette Enjoys a Pussy Pounding.
Blackmailed Tenants 2
In director Kevin Moore's Blackmailed Tenants 2, sweet-but-careless cuties fail to meet their responsibilities, so creepy landlords peer pressure the vulnerable, young damsels into dirty sexual deeds.
Perspective is a film about the impact that emotion has on people. How, no matter how strongly you feel about your position, you're only ever seeing your side of the story. It's a film about the complexity of relationships and, in many ways, an allegory to the complexities of what it feels like to live in today's society, where our instincts are to judge quickly and fact check later.
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Cheating Trophy Wives
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Sex Addicts Anonymous
Marlene, Laura, and Bianca all sit in a circle. They eye each other warily before shifting their gaze to Robert, a charming, handsome and sympathetic-looking man. Robert says he's a sex addict. Laura sits in silence but it becomes clear that she's not just watching the party, but staring at one guy in particular as he laughs and jokes along with a pretty girl across the room. She looks on with a bit of envy, clearly wishing she could take the place of the girl he's talking to. Teen Bianca is giggling wildly and gasping at the outrageous things her boyfriend is saying on the other end of the line, which seem like provocative sexual advances. Marlene is fussing when her boyfriend, Tom, comes up behind her and puts his hands comfortingly on her shoulders. Just relax, he tells her, she just needs to breathe and not stress out so much. She tells him she can't help but be worried - this is her one chance to reconnect with Alyssa, and she doesn't want to screw it up
Axel Braun's Sole Mates
Legendary director Axel Braun continues his mission inside the mysteries of erotica with these exquisite ode to the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts: feet. Superstar Chanel Preston headlines a cast of beautiful women who enjoy having their toes licked, sucked, and played with, in the first volume of another Braun series destined to become a classic.
Swapping Family
Davey, son
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine are going over the final preparations for their daughter's trip. Becky says her final goodbyes, and hops into the passenger seat of the car. He drops his waving hand and turns to his wife, clasping her hands. "Now come on, we have a lot to do before our new daughter gets here." As he says the words "new daughter", they both look at each other with nervous excitement, the expression of two people about to do something they've never done before but are clearly looking forward to. Standing in front of a flawless suburban home, the members of the Darling family: husband Doug, wife Doris and son Davey welcome Becky . Despite the weirdness of the first night's dinner, this family game they are playing in the living room seems to be helping Becky relax. However, when it’s Darvey’s round, he begins to squeeze imaginary breasts, staring at Becky as he does so. She shifts uncomfortably, looking away.
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Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about? Or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here.
He Loves Me in Collars & Cuffs 2
His hands on me as he takes control, bringing me to the edge of pulling me back at his whim until, the anticipation is too much and I have to have him. The sex afterwards is a passionate reward. I love to give him control and he loves me in collars & cuffs.
Axel Braun's MILF Fest 4
It's a meeting of titans, as Briana Banks toplines a stellar cast of gorgeous mature women in her first time shooting for legendary director Axel Braun. Beautifully filmed, sexy as fuck, and hot as hell, MILF FEST 4 is another prime example of Wicked sex!
My Stepson is Evil
Created under the prestigious Evil Angel Films imprint, director Dana Vespoli's "My Stepson Is Evil" is a series of dark, taboo vignettes pitting highly sexed MILFs against the twisted urges of their husbands' male offspring. Blackmail and intimidation lead these comely stepmoms to taste the most forbidden fruit!
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The attraction is there but they've fought the desire long enough. Now an accidental touch or knowing glance gives way to a moment of weakness and these siblings can no longer deny their taboo fantasies.
Future Darkly 3
From a birds-eye angle over the tub, the lights in the room turn on as a woman known only as unit #30562 (Emily Willis) floats in the milky bath water. A message pops up on the smart screen, thanking unit #30562 for signing in. "Are you ready for your next shift?" The mirror asks in a soft female voice. #30562 says yes and the screen loads her itinerary for the evening. It explains that her first guest will be a returning client. While the radio plays in the background, items get tossed in as Alex (Adriana Chechik), a 21-year-old college student, hurriedly packs for the weekend. It's her anniversary with Derek (Seth Gamble), her boyfriend of several years. "Hey, pull over for a moment," she coos in his ear. Derek looks down at her hand before a smile crosses his face. Suddenly, he notices a red glowing light in the trees just past their car. "Do you see that?" He says, pointing. He looks in the direction of his finger at the ominous crimson glow.
Wicked Pictures and award winning director Brad Armstrong are proud to present Divine, an erotic feast for the senses, packed full of stunning visuals and smoldering sexuality. Starring the breathtakingly beautiful Jessica Drake along with some of the most mesmerizing women in adult.
I Swallowed My Stepbrother
She's so close with her stepbrother she'll even swallow his load!
The Gold Star
Gia (Ivy Wolfe) and Alex (Whitney Wright) have been secretly seeing each other but their kind of love is not accepted. They have been planning their exit for months now, ever since she found out that Gia was pregnant. Alex knew it wasn't her girlfriend's fault. Her boyfriend Gabriel (Isiah Maxwell) is controlling and manipulative. Several days later, Alex discovers that Gia has a black eye. "We're leaving tonight," Alex sharply whispers. "And I promise you... he won't hurt you or come after you ever again!" Trying to summon up all her courage, Alex slowly takes off her clothes. The man, slowly waking up and assuming it's Gia, gives her breast a squeeze and then moves in to kiss her. His disgusting comments are matched by her aggressive fucking.
Polyamory 4
Maya Bijou postpones a weekend getaway with her primary boyfriend, Tyler Nixon so she can spend some time with her other boyfriend Charles who has been away. Tyler and Emily Willis travel up the coast to enjoy the weekend all by themselves. While his girlfriend Emily, is off with Tyler, Seth Gamble spends some time with a new girl Sadie Black who he's just met and is very curious about the whole concept of a polyamory relationship. She has fantasies about joining in, but wants to test the waters before fully committing. When Maya bails on an evening out with Mick Blue and Autumn Falls the two find solace in each other with a full evening of full romance and scorching hot sex!
Swingers Wife Swap 6: The Newbies
3 Couples new to the swinger's scene explore open sexuality. As Norah shares inside tips based on her research, she & her husband, Will, can't resist doing a little cramming on their own. Darci & her wife, Kenzie, discuss why swinging appeals to them, which leads to high energy girl on girl action. After Lindsey & Seth reveal their sexual fantasies, they engage in some seasoned grinding on the kitchen counter. These steamy interludes lead to an explosive orgy where no one can ignore the Unicorn in the room.
Sexual Fidelity
Dr. Sean Firestone
Sex talk with Bridget is the one of the leading sex podcasts in the industry, where the smart and sexy husband and wife duo dish out the best sex and relationship advice around. But chaos ensues when Greg asks for a divorce, leaving Bridget lost and terrified to run the podcast without her cohost and life-partner. When Shawn Firestone, a devilishly handsome sex-educator joins an emotionally vulnerable Bridget on the podcast as a guest, her fondness for him quickly shifts from professional to sexual. But can she commit to the life of independence and success she's always dreamed of, or will she fall into the trap of needing another man to save her?
Hunting 4 Amateur Pussy 5
The hunt for amateur girls brings new prey to the perverted auteur. Five lovely girls seeking to make a mark in the porn world.
Action for Three
Dahlia Sky is really surprised when film director John Strong wants her to kiss Mr. Pete during the audition. They both get so hot that the kissing escalates to full on fucking and even makes the director really horny. When stepmom Alexis Fawx catches Elsa Jean ditching school and messing around with her boyfriend Jessy Jones, she doesn't realize she's being made the object of a wicked lesbian sex game. Brandi Love is horny from watching Seth Gamble and Nina North fuck. She needs a cock in order to release the pressure in her pussy. Bending her body and outstretching her legs, shes ready to receive Seths dick.
Female Submission
Emily Willis, in her jacket, bare legs and heels exits her building and steps into a black town car. She sits in the middle of two handsome men, Danny Mountain and Charles Dera. As they drive, the man in the back asks her if she is ready and if she will give herself over completely. Emily says "yes." He strips her out, exposing her bare skin. Beautiful and submissive housewife Casey Calvert is getting ready for her husband, Seth Gamble, to get home from work. She admires her darling, obedient pet, Whitney Wright, before leaving the room. It's almost time for the husband to arrive, and they're both eager to greet him after his long day at work. Secretary Jill Kassidy is laying on the floor with her ass up, looking sexy in her white blouse, pencil skirt and high heels. Her fingers glide along the keys of the typewriter as she types "YES BOSS" over and over again. In the background, her boss Derrick Pierce watches from his desk, hungrily admiring the view.
The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite 10
The Sexual Appetite of a Young Petite returns with four of today's most striking and insatiable new starlets: Athena Faris, Emily Willis, Danni Rivers, and Hannah Hays. Watch as these hot, young nymphs treat themselves to the big cocks they crave in stunning high definition!
My Girlfriend and Her Stepmom 2
His girlfriend is so hot she's melting the scene but wait, is that her stepmom getting in on the action?
I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 6
A mother's worst nightmare! Naughty daughters going after moms new boyfriend, cum and witness the betrayal!
Axel Braun's Brown Sugar 3
Ebony superstar Kira Noir headlines the stellar cast of legendary director Axel Braun's third installment in his award-winning series. The silky smooth skin and soft, luscious lips of these five gorgeous women will capture your imagination and take you on a journey from where there is no coming back.
My Wife's Fantasy 7
Wives keep many fantasies secret. Imagine getting a glimpse of what really turns them on. Watch Aidra Fox, Nina Skye, Charlotte Carmen, and Miley Cole bring to life the forbidden urges and hidden passions that drive married women wild with lust!
Dirty Wives Club 20
They say vows are made to be broken. Well, this is an adage the women of the Dirty Wives Club live by! Watch as beautiful wives spread their legs for hard cock while their husbands are away. They love their husbands, they just love getting fucked even more!
Creepers & Peepers 6
Threesome Encounters 3
From a woman's point of view, three-ways with another woman and a man is the best of both worlds. They can have the sensual touch of a woman, and the energetic thrusting of a man.
Sister Trick Volume 1
Nothing compares to the special bond shared between a step-sister and her big brother. Growing up together and knowing each other's secrets, it's only natural that bond can turn to love, and eventually lust, right? What does it take to corrupt (or convince) your innocent little step-sister? What needs to be said and done to have her sweet little fingers, tight teen mouth and pretty pink pussy firmly wrapped around your cock? Sister Trick features young, curious and inexperienced teen girls as they are slowly convinced to have a good time with their big brothers. Brothers who care so deeply about them, they can't resist their desire to be intimate with them... and will say and do whatever it takes to make that happen.
The Kitten Klub
The Kitten Klub draws an exclusive clientele that sultry headmistress Brett conspires to profit from with help from her bevy of gorgeous vixens well trained in the art of seduction, satisfaction, and espionage. The kittens choose their targets and dig for gold, or in the case of one wealthy prince, the adorably sexy kitten angles to get her hands on a priceless painting . . . if she can double-cross a dirty double-crosser!
Two Girls For Every Guy 2
3 Way Scenes with 1 Guy and 2 Girls!!!
Lust Unleashed 14
Beautiful women driven by impulse and lust take center stage in this thrilling ode to unbridled passions and erotic delights.
My Wife's Hot Friend 43
Sometimes being bad feels good. Especially when a man's wife has a smoking hot friend who is ready to fuck him!
Hairy Ain't Scary
Axel Braun's Dirty Blondes 3
Another one of legendary Director Axel Braun's series makes it to trilogy status, and celebrates this milestone with a stellar cast… Dirtier and blonder than ever before!
This Isn't Cheating
When her boyfriends new promotion has him traveling for work, Jenna finds herself beyond sexually frustrated. She finds comfort in her lesbian friends, Carter Cruise and Lena Paul, who join f-rces to give Jenna the release she desperately needs. After all, its not cheating if theres no dick involved. Kennas drunken kiss with Jay left her feeling ashamed and regretful. When Jay f-rces her to confront what happened, she blames the kiss on the alcohol, but soon finds that her loyalty to her boyfriend proves no match for the burning tension between them. Danni and Seth have been close friends for years, but when Dannis latest failed relationship has her abandon the dating scene, Seth takes the opportunity to throw his name in the ring. Long-time friends turn intimate lovers, their natural chemistry radiates through the screen.
Busting the Babysitter 3
These highly qualified nannies and babysitters get caught slacking off! To save their jobs, they are coerced into performing sexual favors with the opportunistic man of the house.
Bad Samaritans
After having a fight with her boyfriend, Carly (Cadence Lux) gets picked up by a nicely dressed man, Adam (Seth Gamble). Carly can't help but feel a little smitten by the handsome stranger, especially in contrast to her jerky boyfriend. The last thing she wants to do is go home right now and deal with James. Adam shrugs his shoulders and invites her to his friends house. The trio sits down in the living room and Carly nervously sips her drink, thinking that maybe she should just go home. Before she can say anything, Nathan is snapping photos of Adam and her on the couch to make his boyfriend freak. "Now, kiss me" Adam says. Carly hesitates, "I think we've got enough good photos already!" Nathan pushes her head towards his friend and reminds her that she needs to make her boyfriend jealous.
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Get 'em MILF
Ophelia checks in to a renowned wellness center run by Dr. Charlotte Bloom in order to deal with her nymphomania. When Ophelia consents to Dr. Bloom inducing sleep to analyze her lucid dreams, she finds herself confronted by the deepest recesses of her psyche and licentious urges. Ophelia’s dreamscape appears to descend into the occult, and a game of dice reveals that her sexual compulsions may be more difficult to suppress than she could have ever imagined. In her dream, Ophelia finds herself in a hospital where temptation arises in the form of Clarence, a seemingly benign orderly, and fellow patients Jasmine and Rose. When Ophelia wakes up in Dr. Bloom’s office, she starts to probe deeper into the roots of her desires. However, items, symbols, and figures from her vivid, surreal dream start to appear, and Dr. Bloom’s husband, Gabriel, plants the seed in Ophelia that she should give in to her untreatable nymphomania.
Closing Time
Lacy and Whitney are rival bartenders at the Last Call Tavern. Lacy is pragmatic but a little naïve while Whitney is a calculating seductress. Both are lobbying for the manager position and will do seemingly anything to influence the bar owners decision.
My Dad's Hot Girlfriend 41
Your dad's girlfriend is young, tight, and horny - way hotter than you ever expected. Not only that, she's more interested in you than him! Can you keep a secret? Because when your dad's away, his lusty lady is ready to play, and to make your wildest fantasy come true!
Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care 2
While most women use their luscious locks as a sexual weapon, Braun explores the unusual allure of beautiful girls with short hair.
Games Lovers Play
Four stories of couples who love to play sexy games with each other. A housewife "spills" coffee on herself so her husband can "punish" her. Another couple pretends to be strangers as he picks her up in a park. Vienna pretends her boyfriend is her "ex" so she can have makeup sex with him. And Aria plays a prank on her husband by having her BBF hit on him in a bar.
Graphic Content
Tucker Grant
Charlotte Huxley is an ambitious young woman who's vying for a contract with the big graphic design firm, Cambridge House. In her first meeting for an exciting new project, she runs into her old nemesis from college, Tucker Grant. Charlotte is dismayed but Tucker is determined to prove to her that he's a different man from the on she knew. However Tucker's ruthless assistant Candy comes up with a plan to win them the book cover, but it would destroy Tucker's chances with Charlotte forever. Will Tucker choose his career over the woman he loves?
Rk Prime 13
Fantastic scenes with the sexiest stars in porn. You'll find these girls deliver exactly what you want!
Naughty Office 57
Welcome to Naughty Office, where we explore all of your work related fantasies! Inside you'll see secretaries getting fucked by their bosses, interns sucking cock, women using their best assets to get ahead and much more!
Beautiful Tits 6
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Pillow Talk Fantasies
Sizzling sexual encounters between lovers erupt as five adventurous couples explore fantasies they've never shared together before. Each sexploration takes the couples on new journeys that include mutual masturbation, anal sex, pegging and prostate play, marathon sex, bondage, and cum tasting to top it off!
Bush League 12
Dedicated to those fans who like real bush on real women! These magnificent muff mounds are sure to please!
The Brat Pack
They may be pretty in pink, but their fire is not St. Elmo's! Meet porn scion Rikki Braun's brat pack, a motley crew of five hot, horny, and totally obnoxious gals who'll put you in your place... before they fuck your brains out!
Newbies Get Nailed 5
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Based on the Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author Selena Kitt! Beautiful Charlie (Cherie DeVille) seems content with her life but harbors a yearning, a passion and a desire for something more. At a bed and breakfast with her husband Jack (Seth Gamble), she opens up to a whole new world of pleasure; one filled with voyeurism, three-ways, double penetrations, and more. Witness the exquisite unfolding of Charlie's sexual awakening as she discovers her lust for the taboo.
He Loves Me in Collars & Cuffs
He loves when I give him control and when I let him do all of those kinky things to me that hurt so good. He teases and touches me and right when I can't take it anymore, he releases me and gives me what I really want: hot, passionate sex.
Anal Babysitters Club 2
There's two things these hot and horny things have in common - they babysit, and they love anal!
Gold diggin' MILFs
Axel Braun's Dirty Talk 3
Don't you just love it when she tells you all the nasty things she wants you to do to her? Of course you do, because dirty talk is playful, seductive, and sexy as hell! Legendary director Axel Braun's beautifully raw series graduates to trilogy status, and it's a scorcher you don't want to miss!
Busted By My Stepbrother 3
Internal Love 4
Some serious romance heats up as four couples climax inside. Ivy and Charles decide to start a family while on their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. Ashley seduces her piano teacher, Chad. Lesbian couple Ella and Alexa want to start a family and decide that each should pick a man to seduce.
I Know You're Watching
There's a special thrill in knowing somebody's watching you while you are doing something you shouldn't. Porn scion Rikki Braun knows that, so he assembled five sultry brunettes and put them in compromising positions for our eyes only. Cover girl Kendra Spade delivers a scorching hot performance and headlines a stunning cast of horny exhibitionists. No point in hiding... they know you're watching!
Forbidden Affairs 9: My Boss' Wife
The husband and wife team, Ryan and Silvia, have hired a team of sexy sales people to get their new liquor, Doom's Whiskey, behind every bar on the west coast. When Ryan rushes off to Vegas with his sales rep, Jessa, Silvia invites the sales manager, Seth, to stop by her house to brainstorm marketing ideas. Meanwhile, the ambitious, Pristine, plots to find a way to climb the company ladder, whether that means fucking her boss, or fucking him over. With the entire office using sex to get what they want, the only questions is, which relationships and careers will survive these tricky interoffice affairs.
Sibling Seductions 3
Here we hear the tale of a stepsister whose brother beats up a professor for her honor, a girl who catches her stepbrother reading her sex journal, a stepbrother whose volatile relationship with his sister turns into some heated sex, and an unpopular girl whose sexual attraction rises when the most popular guy in school becomes her stepbrother. It's jam-packed sibling action where resistance turns to lust in a matter of moments!
Drilling Mommy 4
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My Tight Pussy Needs a Workout
Time to whip that pussy into shape! It's an intense workout for all holes!
Natural Blindfolded Beauties
They say that when you put a blindfold on, other senses become heightened. That's definitely true in this dick-raising release where hot blondes and naughty brunettes with big natural tits get blindfolded and they're hardcore superpowers cum out to shine. Their eyes might be closed, but their mouths and pussies are wide open and wet, feeling their way around the big cocks fucking them silly!
Who's Banging the Babysitter? 2
Babysitting may be a part time job but these cuties are full time nymphos!! Irresponsible and belligerent but somehow you can forgive them when they show you what else they're good at. Who's Banging the Babysitter? Don't you wish it was you?
Mother Exchange 7
The sight of a journal unleashes unprocessed emotions for Seth. He believes this almanac drove his childhood friend, Damon, to match with Seth’s mother, Reagan, on an online dating site. Seth’s suspicions of Damon and his mother transformed into a full-blown panic attack when he walked in the pair fucking in his childhood bed. London believes his anxiety does not stem from the fact that Damon seduced his mother, but rather from Seth’s jealousy that his friend got to live out his mommy fantasy first.
Deadpool XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Deadpool / Wade Wilson
Time to make the chimichangas! The merc with the mouth finally gets his own porn parody, thanks to legendary Director Axel Braun and Wicked Comix, and while this movie doesn't have Ryan Reynolds, it does have ridiculously hot chicks, a buttload of sex, and tons of epic boobs! Staring Seth Gamble in a hilarious, Award-Worthy turn as the regenerating degenerate, Wicked girl jessica drake as Lady Deadpool, Romi Rain as Elektra, plus The Punisher, Wolverine and not one but two Domino's!
The Cougar Club 5
It's the 5th installment of the hottest social club you'll ever join! These MILF mamas are spreading wide and bending over backwards to get the pussy pounding they crave, and all the hardcore action they can handle! There's no one quite as hot and horny as a mature woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it! Fans will love the brand new scenes in this 3rd Degree classic series!
First Dates 2
It's been said that romantic relationships never get any better than the first date and first moment of intimacy, that may or may not be true. These four couples recount their first date with that someone special. A young Asian girl falls for a handsome surfer. A couple attempt a cooking adventure together which turns into a culinary romp in the kitchen. A saleswoman takes a special interest in one of her new clients. And one women has no time for all the pleasantries of going out to dinner, so she gets to the point and satisfies her need for companionship and lust for sex.
Blackmailed secretaries
Smashing Teen Pussy 4
It's time to smash that teen pussy once again! Get ready, these teenage beauties are waiting to be smashed!
Anne: A Taboo Parody
This controversial twist on a traditional parody features Pure Taboo's acclaimed blend of challenging and psychologically intense characters, breathtaking cinematography, and some of the best acting in the industry. Anne (Eliza Jane) has always been an orphan. Now that she is eighteen, she hopes she can one day be reunited with the parents who left her behind. But her dreams are mixed with the psychological damages of being a wayward girl in a transition home used for all kinds of under-the-table labor, some too heinous to describe. An environment void of order and reality sees her adopted into the possession of a rich businessman, Mr. Westfield (Derrick Pierce), who's attraction for Anne clouds his judgement, making a scheme to retake Anne, concocted by the lecherous owner of the transition home Mr. Hands (Tommy Pistol) possible. Will Anne survive scandal and manipulation to find where she truly belongs?
Busting the Babysitter 2
These highly qualified nannies & babysitters get caught slacking off! To save their jobs, they are coerced into performing sexual favors with the opportunistic man of the house.
My Stepbrother Took My Ass 2
She's been waiting for her stepbrother to make his move, and now she's got him right up her tight little ass! Spread wide for an anal pounding, these horny girls are giving their step-bros an unbelievable back door ride.
Fallen II: Angels & Demons
A decade has passed and the world is a colder, darker place. The duo still roam the city streets in search of any sinful pleasures that come their way, but they've become a shell of what they once were, no longer human or angel, trapped in an earthly purgatory, caught between the living and the dead ...
Sex Dreams
Consumed by his desire for another woman, William (Jay Smooth) begins his decent by destroying his marriage to his wife Cynthia (Pristine Edge). With his mind twisted, he visits a sex therapist and confides in his hidden fantasies, his relationship with an ex (Sophia Grace) and the demise of his beautiful wife. At its climax, William is about to have his dream realized – but there’s a catch … With awards-worthy performances and five incredibly hot sex scenes (including a public scene with Ramon Nomar and Sophia Grace), Sex Dreams is destined to become a fantasy-driven masterpiece!
My Sister's Hot Friend 56
How many times have you wanted to fuck your sister's friend? If you can't count that high, then My Sister's Hot Friend 56 is for you! Watch hot, horny girls fuck the brothers of their friends!
Axel Braun's Busty Hotwives
Hotness is not an acquired quality... It's a state of mind! Legendary director Axel Braun showcases the explosive erotic charge of five repressed hotwives in the latest Wicked all-sex movie, and it's a scorcher in more ways than one!
Hustler's Horny Swingers
Swing your partner! Get in the swapping mood with these hot and horny couples that fuck outside the box! Why eat the same pussy every night when you can switch it up and shop around? They're pumpin' and humpin' each other's wives and hubbies with the hardcore style only Hustler can bring down and dirty with a whole lot of mouth-watering sluts that give new meaning to the term "open relationship!"
Lust Unleashed 13
Lust Unleashed returns with more unparalleled sex in the finest quality. Let Maya Bijou, Summer Brooks, Jasmine Riley and Lilly Ford keep your perversions in check when they expose their insatiable appetite and lust for all things sex!
Love Junkies
Beautiful Britney Amber leads a group of women struggling to overcome their addiction to infidelity and the thrill of knowing that what they are doing is wrong but feels so right. Each has a story to tell filled with their sexy and secretive exploits; stories that their husbands would never want to know.
I Came Inside My Stepmom
They both know their lust is forbidden, but there's only so much teasing a guy can take until he's got to bust nut! He's finally going to nail the older woman temptress he's supposed to resist, and it's gonna be fucking hot and hardcore!
Anal Affairs
She has a craving that her husband just isn't willing to satisfy. So what's a horny wife to do? well, these horny wives spread their cheeks for any man who loves to pump tight, married ass!
The Countdown
Sexual tension through confinement and intrigue.
Oiled in Lingerie
The only thing sexier than lacy lingerie is lacy lingerie on an oiled up hot body! These lovely ladies are showing off their bra-busting tits and mouth-watering asses in the finest sweet nothings you've ever seen, and the best part is they're covered in slippery, slick oil, ready for the hardcore ride of their lives!
If anybody knows the intricacies of a young man's desire for mature women, it's 25-year old director Rikki Braun. In MILFy MILFs, he uses his skills and trademark stylish approach to conjure some electrifying performances from a stellar cast headlined by superstar Alexis Fawx.
16 Hours of 2 Girls and a Guy 2
(archive footage)
Over a dozen unforgettable girls teaming up together two at a time, spreading their love (and legs!) for one incredibly lucky guy in each scene!
Moms Bang Teens 27
Mature women teaching teens how to fuck and loving every second of it!!
Sneaky Sex 6
These cheating sluts are care-free and only out serve their own needs. They're as gorgeous as they are demanding, and they always get what they want. Left alone to their own desires for too long and they'll fuck anyone in sight!
My Stepmom Caught Me Jerking Off
You'd think these horny MILFs would be shocked and taken aback catching their stepsons jacking off to porn. But no, they only want to step up the action in person!
The Cursed XXX
The sexy dark truth about a cursed Hollywood cam-house is uncovered when a half-naked girl is found dead in the pool. Scared, beautiful cam girls become obsessed with hardcore sex, but when demonic spirits & paranormal activity invade the mansion, even the LAPD is baffled at finding the killer in a sexy who-dunnit-mystery.
The Nerd's Revenge
Kristen Scott is sitting under a tree, doing homework, when she is bombarded by two bullies. Running past, Derek and Alex peg her with water balloons. At home, Kristen stares at herself in the bathroom mirror. The shower runs in the background and fogs the mirror up. Wiping away the steam, she cries at her reflection in self-pity. The crying builds up to hysterics before slowly turning into laughter. Kristen sets in motion a foolproof plan for bittersweet revenge.
Axel Braun's Brown Sugar 2
September Reign is on FIRE in the second entry of legendary director Axel Braun's erotic celebration of ebony women which also stars Honey Gold, Mya Mays, Daya Knight and Jenna Foxx. So come get your fix... if you're craving some sweet brown sugar, they've got pity for you!
Anal Ambassadors
(archive footage)
What's up your ass? A big fat throbbing cock! Prepare yourself for four hours of serious anal reaming! Our girls are total vixens and they can't wait to their assholes loved to new dimensions.
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The hottest Asian masseuses are here to serve you! Make an appointment ASAP, this is one massage you will never forget!
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Is there such a thing as too many sexy Asian women? Absolutely not, according to Axel Braun! The second volume in the legendary director's award-nominated series is another masterful exercise in style, lust, and sensuality. Brenna Sparks headlines an all-star cast of Asian beauties in this scorching ode to exotic females.
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Peter has been unlucky in love and decides to try a dating app to meet women. Unfortunately he gets more than he bargained for when his ad is answered by sexy con artist Cindy. Across town, the beautiful Emily is in the midst of her own dating nightmare. Just when Peter and Emily have decided to give up on romance, a chance meeting brings them together. Soon they are not only hatching the perfect plan to get revenge on those that have wronged them, but they may also be getting another chance at finding love.
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Axel Braun's Bush
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Busted By My Stepbrother 2
The Game
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Sarah Anderson had no idea that when she left for a romantic getaway to the mountains with her husband that her life would be in jeopardy. After a brutal attack that leaves her fighting for her life, Sarah enlists the help of her best friend. Together they try to solve the mystery of who'd want her dead, while staying one step ahead of both the assailant and the sheriff. Along the way, they discover that everyone has a secret ... and some of them are deadly.
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Ava is having a torrid affair with one of the city’s fastest rising financiers. When she overhears him talking about a stock that’s going to make him a fortune she decides to get in on the action. Ryan’s boss, Mr. Moore, is furious when he hears of her involvement and the possibility of her putting their well-laid plans in jeopardy.
Cuckold Family Affairs
Batgirl V Supergirl
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Earth's sexiest Super XXX Hero is a young co-ed from another planet. Supergirl barely escapes the destruction of her home planet, but her greatest challenge lies ahead - sorority life! With the help of her cousin, Superman and her bff, Barbara Gordon, Supergirl tries to pass off as human. The only thing standing in her way from a a life of text books, keg parties and casual sex, is Natasha Luthor, the Queen Bitch of the Tri-Pi Sorority. In Luthor's plan for world domination, Supergirl is the last piece of the puzzle.
When Ariella Ferrera gets sick of her dejected husband ignoring her requests for sex, she turns to his successful brother Brad Knight. Sergeant detective Seth Gamble negotiates the release of suspect Kenzie Taylor, who then stalks him until he gives her a psych evaluation. When French tourist Savana Styles mistakes John Strong's house for a hotel, she'll do anything to be able to stay there. Cuckolded husband Johnny Castle confronts his cheating wife Ariella Ferrera after learning she fucked her brother.
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Theresa and her sleazy attorney devise a plan to set up her wealthy husband Dominic and win a huge divorce settlement. They are almost successful until he has a chance run in with his ex-wife's accomplice Janelle. Once Dominic and Janelle realize they were both scammed, they team up to teach Theresa a lesson in karma.
The Getaway
Perhaps due to Aidra's growing apathy towards her predictable and decidedly run-of-the-mill lifestyle, she accepts Charlotte's suggestion that they take a weekend trip to unwind . . . maybe a planned getaway is all she needs to figure things out.
Erotic Encounters 2
Four couples expand their erotic adventurism in these sensual yet scorching tales. A Japanese exchange student demonstrates some odd cultural erotic hab-its. A woman gives in to her urges for an intimate encounter with another woman. Another woman recalls the time she was seduced by a French chef baking pasties that lead to a delectable sexual recipe. And a man gave his lovely wife the gift of enjoying two men at the same time.
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Intimate Encounters 4
Intimate Encounters presents its fourth of the series. Once again, Adam & Eve brings you the art of lovemaking. In a more passionate and intimate way than ever before. The setting for this episode has a western flair. Watch beautiful cowgirls get what they really want. It's intensity that couples can truly enjoy and relate to. Let this film reignite the passion... or maybe it will bring new ideas to light.
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Sorority Sisters
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Michael is out with his friends when he bumps into an old flame. Samantha is smart, sexy, beautiful and the one that got away. The problem is Michael is engaged to be married to his long time girlfriend Karen. He quickly finds himself having to make a very uncomfortable choice.
Mother Exchange 6
Sandra is having issues with her son. For one, he doesn't approve of her relationship with the young man next door, who happens to be the same age as himself. Maybe he's just jealous because he's always had a crush on the woman next door, the other young man's mother, and has always wanted to pursue his true love, but that would be inappropriate--dating your friend's mother, right? And even if he made the move, she's already seeing someone. What to do? Find out in this tangled "family" drama of two sons, swapping out their mothers as lovers.
Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Convicts are given a mission to stop the Enchantress by any means possible.
Polyamory 2
Is it possible to love more than one person at a time? Lovers, Valentina and Seth, are finding out as they both pursue polyamorous relationships. Seth is new to this and experiments with a new young lady, CeCe, while Valentina continues her loving lesbian affair with Elle. Pepper and James seduce Ana into their relationship too, Life can be so fun when you're loving, honest and free.
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Chocolate Cookies
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Don, his wife Heather and his son Chad get an unexpected visit from Don's ex-wife - Theresa, and her step-daughter Camille. Don and Heather have an open marriage. It's sure fun watching all those openings getting filled! Starring the sensational Katie Morgan as Theresa (yes, that Katie Morgan!!), gorgeous Mercedes Carrera as Heather, sensuous Leah Gotti as Camille, young and nimble Molly Manson as Don's client, Steven St. Croix as Don, Logan Pierce as Chad and Seth Gamble as a very hands-on masseur.
I Blackmailed My Stepmom's Ass
Director Kevin Moore delivers an all-new collection of dirty stories featuring full-bodied, experienced MILFs that find themselves sexually compromised by their horny stepsons! In four nasty vignettes, family secrets are kept through forbidden deals that involve blow jobs and hard anal fucking.
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Friends & Lovers
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Oh mylanta it's here! Pornhub Originals proudly presents the porn parody that brings all of your most 90's fantasies to life: Full Holes! Directed by the totally rad Lee Roy Meyers of WoodRocket Productions. Watch Uncle Jizzy, Kimmy Gobbler and little Muffchelle like you've never seen them before - all getting it on, under the same roof.
Amber (Cassidy Klein) and her friend Lindsay (Keira Nicole) are your average college students...who happen to moonlight as sexy webcam models. This complicates things when they need to find a new roommate. After a few disastrous interviews, Amber is sure the right candidate will never come along.Then she meets Charlotte (Edyn Blair) at a nightclub while on a blind date with Ryan. With a new boyfriend and a new roommate, things appear to be moving along perfectly... but it quickly becomes clear that things are not always what they seem.
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Fantasy Roleplay
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Off Limits
Jesse is the quintessential bad boy. His band is the next big thing in Los Angeles and he is on a fast track to stardom. He spends his nights playing sold out shows and in the arms of his many eager fans. He knows he should be thrilled but he can't help but feel something is missing. Then Caitlyn walks into his life. The attraction is instant. And mutual. The problem is that she is hisbest friend'sgirlfriend. Things get even more intense when they find themselves roommates. Will Jesse and Caitlynsuccumb to their desire or will they have thestrength to walk away from each other?
Student Bodies 5
Beautiful Karlee is the new girl at school. First day and she gets detention caused by the gorgeous but nasty Angel and her gang of friends. Everyone’s against her except Seth - and he’s a creep! Even Tyler who seems friendly, just sets her up too. How to get back at Angel? Seth has an idea involving Angel, a detention teacher and a streamed video! Starring Karlee Grey and Seth Gamble as the unpopular students and Angel Smalls, Sydney Cole, Skye West and Tyler Nixon as the popular and mean clique. With Mr. Pete and Tommy Pistol as the amorous teachers.
Wouldn't you like to play where the wild girls are? Holly Randall takes you on a journey into the deepest realms of untamed desire in her latest directorial effort for AE Films. Raw and beautiful locales, captured with Randall's trademark attention to detail, are matched by the perfect bodies and lustful fantasies of stars Remy LaCroix, Skin Diamond, Casey Calvert, Rahyndee James, Vanessa Veracruz and more. Yield to the best within and embrace Untamed!
Open Relationship
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Elegant Bliss
Elegant Bliss - After a romantic dinner, Zoey lets Logan know of her sensual intentions. A makeout session that leads to more as their lust takes over. Girlfriends Wish - Sweet seductresses Karina and Zoey spend a sunny afternoon enjoying each other's charms in their quest for passion. Home Sweet Home - Their incredible chemistry is evident as Marie lovingly kisses Seth, pushing him onto the bed so that she can taste his long, hard dick. In The Spotlight - Marley is ready to star in her own naughty movie. Memories Of You - April seduces her lover Michael with her ample charms.
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Jessie, Personal Assistant
Maxine (Jessie Volt) is the personal assistant of a powerful businessman who happens to be a heinous character. A beautiful blonde with superb buttocks and a great expert in the pleasures of the flesh, Maxine finds a way to take revenge while satisfying her sexual fantasies. This is called 'combining business with pleasure'...
All in Your Head
There is something for everyone’s perverted minds with an array of fantasies, including a voyeuristic scene with Anikka Albrite. A masturbation scene turns to beautiful sex with a sad Casey Calvert. All In Your Head also features a glimpse into the bathtub of Keisha Grey and erotic fantasies of the sexy Keira Nicole. The beautiful vignette directorial style of Chanel Preston transports you directly into the dirty minds of each one of these sexy sirens, all while questioning your minds existence of reality.
Love, Sex & TV News
Will Davis
When a beautiful TV producer swaps lives with a gorgeous high-class escort for a news story, they both take a wild trip into an alternate lifestyle as high stakes drama and steamy sex hit the 11 o'clock news.
SeXXXploitation Of Abigail Mac
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When a young, talented marketing man meets a famous author, he is at first taken with her. But when she starts manipulating him with sex games, he begins to re-evaluate his erotic urges, and begins down the dark path of bondage and discipline. Starring Julia Ann as the dominant seductress and Logan Pierce as her willing student. Also featuring Jodi Taylor, Seth Gamble, Marcus London and Scarlet Red.
Keeping Up with Kiara Mia
Kiara Mia is youthful, sensual, sexual starlet whose fame arose from a sex tape release with a former hot artist Ray. Kiara Mia has also skyrocketed her two sisters Court and Chloe alongside her for the stargazing ride. Meanwhile their mother Kris manages Kiara Mia while balancing the rest of the household.
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Detective Alicia Wallace is a valuable and respected officer on the LAPD… until her husband is murdered. With a crime hitting so close to home and no leads in sight, accusations begin to fly. Even her own partner suspects something is amiss. When an escaped criminal resurfaces, no one is prepared for just how deep the deception runs.
It's My First Time 3
Watch these dirty sluts get fucked in every way possible on film for the first time
Coming of Age
'Coming Of Age' is a celebration of youth and purity, directed by the award winning Mason. Starring Alina West, Piper Perri, Marley Brinx, and Josie Jagger, 'Coming Of Age' features an all natural cast of eager cuties that explore the themes of innocence and seduction. Watch as these tender nubiles ease their way into adulthood. Do not miss this latest Erotica X production
How I Became a Sexual Slave
With their irresistible charms, India and her 'sisters' manage to seduce and influence the most powerful men on the planet. But for their secret society to endure over time, they need to recruit and train new young women who are both beautiful and obedient. India has had her eye on Scarlet for many years. This beautiful and experienced woman who leads the fraternity sees great potential in this pretty blonde with a perfect body and intends to make good use of it.
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Award-Winning Director Brad Armstrong brings you a “Ladies Night” to remember! Magic Mike, Dallas, and the rest of the boys are getting the women all Hot, Horny, and very much willing to please. Girls, we know you've been waiting for this one! And guys, don’t worry... there’s plenty of gorgeous women in here to make you happy too! So, tonight, do yourself a favor: Let her pick the movie!
Megan Rain: Get Wet
The skies are about to open up for Megan Rain in her first showcase movie! A sly, energetic brunette who knows how to work it when she plays, Megan drenches every scene in passion with Adriana Chechik, Whitney Westgate, Danny Mountain, Alex Jones, Daniel Hunter and Seth Gamble. Adult Empire Films brings you a deluge of debauchery featuring Megan's first girl/girl anal and boy/boy/girl scenes, plus much more. A storm is brewing!
Teachers 2
Young and horny freshman, Mindy, and the Professor have already had their naughty affair but this time he’s requested her to spy on their rival university, and discover their secret to academic success. She accepts in hopes he’ll leave his wife, right after he plows her on his desk to keep her mind focused. The first day at the rival campus, she’s introduced to Dean Rosabella, who’s handling two delinquents with sexual pleasure. She’s then shoved into a sex workshop where the girls discover the location of their g-spots! The school is incredible but she still can’t figure out their secret! With 6 packed sessions of hardcore sex including an all-girl orgy, the students are getting a PhD on human anatomy, with a thesis on mind-blowing orgasms!
Eternal Passion 5
Surrender to a world of unbridled passion and desire. Eternal Passion 5 is a celebration of erotic sensuality and intimate romantic encounters. Starring the stunning Jillian Janson, the gorgeous Mia Malkova, the irresistible Samantha Rone and newcummer Penny Brooks.
Asian J-Pop Girls
An all female death metal Asian band struggles to make it in the music industry and will do whatever it takes to book concerts.
Booty Booty Booty
(archive footage)
4 hours of some of the hottest porn stars with the phattest asses taking some cock up their drenched pussies and cumming like they never have before. Once you see the asses on these babes, you'll definitely lose control!!
Facialized 2
Hard X proudly presents Facialized 2 featuring an all star cast of the hottest pornstars covered in cum. Directed by the award winning Mason, Facialized Vol. 2 features superstar sensation, Mia Malkova in her very 1st blowbang! Also starring, reigning AVN Starlet of the year Carter Cruise, the gorgeous Jillian Janson in her 1st blowbang, and the petite Sara Luvv in a 10 guy blowbang! If you love facials then you will love Facialized 2.
My Secretary the Slut
Sure these secretaries look professional but underneath those business clothes are filthy whores that are just begging to have your cock filed into their tight drawers! The sex-starved orifice workers use their oral and dick-tation skills to perfection as they receive ball-banging bonuses! My Secretary The Slut … guaranteed to satisfy everyone's office fantasies!
Axel Braun's Inked
They're bad, they're sexy, and they're…inked! Legendary director Axel Braun turns up the heat in a steamy new movie focused on girls whose body is a tattooed work of art. Featuring rising starlets Katrina Jade, Karmen Karma, and Kleio Valentien, "Axel Braun's Inked" is intriguing, enticing, and almost too awesome for words!
Diary of a Sex Slave
Cum watch these submissive sluts get dominated by their men in a James Deen exclusive where he catches the side of dominating sex no one has before. These women will make you wanna treat them like crap and they will love every minute of it because it's what turns them on! James Deen does it again with an innovative look at dominating sex, don't miss this scantly adventure!!
Avengers XXX 2: An Axel Braun Parody
Winter Soldier
In this new sexy spoof, the superhero team splits into groups in order to battle a creature known as onslaught and find a toxic chemical inside Hydra's secret base. But their biggest challenge will be battling one of their own, transformed into an evil version of himself. Just when they thought they were safe. . . along came a spider!
Sensual Moments 4
A collection of intimate encounters directed by the award winning Mason and featuring real life couple Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain in a powerfully passionate exchange that only two real lovers can share. Also starring the exotic Anya Ivy, the curvaceous Kayla West, and the stunning Casey Calvert, Sensual Moments 4 features authentic sexual scenarios and real female orgasms.
Her Parents Can't Know
Her parents can't it's our little secret!
Art of Romance 4
Art of Romance 4 is an intimate portrayal of loving and sensual erotica featuring authentic sexual exchanges, with real female orgasms.
Pretty Dangerous
Ivy Black, a sultry super criminal, sets out to rule the world along with her band of bodacious thieves. Hot on their trail is a cynical Irish cop and his newbie sidekick.
Young & Glamorous 7
Ariana Marie throws her pretty pussy all over Seth. Manuel stretches Veronica Rodriguez's little pussy to it's limits. Aidra Fox takes Erik's fat cock up her ass and begs for more. Rachele Richey shows Mick that young girls like it in the ass too.
Eternal Passion 4
AVN Best New Studio, Erotica X, returns with "Eternal Passions Vol. 4." Featuring real life married couple Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, as they celebrate the consummation of their eternal bond. Also featuring the buxom beauty Brooke Wylde, the youthful Sara Luvv, and blonde bombshell Ash Hollywood. Erotica X focuses on emotional sex scenes full of passion, authenticity, and real female orgasms. "Eternal Passions Vol. 4" is shot in 1080p and directed by the award winning Mason.
Killer Kleavage from Outer Space
The inhabitants of Planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth penis could save them all. Not just any penis - a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers. With Areola's impending doom Captain Sherdian knew she must send Jessie Lee to complete this mission. Why Jessie? ...Well, because she likes dick a lot.
Sinners Ball
Once a year, some of the hottest men and women on the planet get together for an event like no other. It’s an evening of decadence and debauchery that only a select few are lucky enough to attend. Consider this your invitation to join jessica drake, Asa Akira, and the rest of this amazing cast for a night of sex and sin. Prepare to have your deepest, darkest fantasies fulfilled... Welcome to the annual SINNERS BALL.
Beautiful tatted up gothic girls wearing their sexy clad Stockings, teasing us men to cum fuck the shit out of them!! These wild ladies want hardcore sex at it's best, so bring your 'A' game fellas, you'll need it!!
It's Okay! She's My Stepmother 5
She likes dad's money, but she loves my big cock!
A Family Affair
A Family Affair Our family's got a secret...
Fetish Fantasies
Surrender to a world of temptation and desire. From the award winning director, Mason, Erotica X is proud to present "Fetish Fantasies" a collection of four, tantalizing encounters of submission and dominance. Including restraints, blindfolding, body worshipping, and discipline, watch as these four couples indulge in their darkest desires.
Hotel No Tell 2
With its scorching sex and outlandish scenarios, Hotel No Tell 2 picks up right where the award-winning Hotel No Tell left off. The once down-trodden Hotel enjoys a renaissance as it becomes a popular spot to shoot XXX movies and attract its usual cast of characters. From a dominatrix (Asa Akira) and her leash-wearing submissive to a bridegroom, his best man, and a talented trickster, the action is nonstop. Hotel No Tell 2 … a 5-Star treat!
April leaves her boyfriend and life in the Midwest for a dream job in L.A. Things couldn’t be better until she unexpectedly loses her job and her apartment. With few options, April finds - what appears to be - a friendly, outgoing roommate, Zooey. It doesn’t take long, however, to find out that Zooey is nothing more than a con artist who exposes the “sweet Midwesterner” to lesbianism, role playing and adultery!
Jodi Taylor Unleashed
Jodi Taylor's entrance to the adult industry was like opening the cage of a lioness on a hunt to feed her young. She has easily become one of the hottest newbies to hit the screen. Jodi has been Unleashed!
Bangin' Behind Bars: Jail Tail
Jail time was never this good!
Sex & Romance #2
Pure romance and passionate sex is about to unfold in 12 scenes featuring Allie Haze, Samantha Ryan, Carter Cruise, Natasha Nice, Bobbie Starr and more! Don't miss out on this 2 disc set, because it's full of steamy sexual encounters and romantic tales to be told.
Love Stories 3
Love Stories 3, directed by the award winning Mason, is an exceptional celebration of passion, and romantic devotion. The movie features a collection of creative and sensual exchanges in beautiful locations.
Sisters of Anarchy
Bonnie Rotten plays Jackie, the leader of the Sisters of Anarchy motorcycle club. When someone snitches to the feds, it’s her responsibility to save the club and protect the business.
Bad Nun
Streetwalker-turned-nun Sister Malina (Nikita Denise) is in danger of succumbing to her demons and returning to a life a sin. A concerned Father Thomas (Ian Whitcomb) calls upon Mother Superior (Magdalene St. Michaels) to counsel the troubled beauty, but the resentful older nun wants to get rid of sexy Malina so she can prey on the young priests herself.
Life is going great for high-end Los Angeles hooker Holly and her private nightclub - "The Club". That is, until her livelihood is threatened when someone drops a dime on her operation. Undercover cops attempt to infiltrate the club, which leads to murder, deception and of course - heart pounding sex!
Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Prince Edward
From legendary director Axel Braun comes the third chapter in the highly successful Wicked Fairy Tales series, a sexy take on the classic Charles Perrault story featuring Samantha Saint as the persecuted heroine, Veronica Avluv as the Evil Stepmother, and porn superstar Julia Ann as the Fairy Godmother.
Sensual Moments 3
"Sensual Moments 3," from AVN award winning best new studio Erotica X, features four spectacularly beautiful girls experiencing orgasmically sensual and intimate erotic exchanges. Starring the gorgeous Chloe Amour, the dazzlingly pretty Whitney Westgate, the stunning Ana Foxxx, and angelic newcomer, Bailey Bae. Erotica X specializes in authentic, romantic, and passionate sex scenes, featuring real female orgasms and exceptionally seductive tease scenarios. The movie is directed by the award winning, Mason and is shot in pristine 1080p HD. Enjoy this unique and innovative depiction of sensual erotica at its finest.
Mother-Daughter Affair
Eric has an interesting dilemma. He's going with a smoking hot woman who has an over-sexed erotic devilish daughter he just can't resist. Would you fuck the mother and the daughter? Starring sensuous Jodi Taylor as the wayward teen daughter, sizzling red hot Ariella Ferrera as the mom, erotic Chanel Preston as the trophy fiancée, with Steven St. Croix as the father, Seth Gamble as the daughter's boyfriend and Marcus London as Eric!
Cabana Cougar Club
When you have a bunch of YOUNG STUDS in a hotel full of GORGEOUS COUGARS it's sure to get HOT. So get ready for a summer to remember, as Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong take you on an erotic getaway, filled with sex, sun and six packs. Lather on your lotion and get ready for a dream vacation at the CABANA COUGAR CLUB!
The Real Thing
Ever dream of finding the perfect woman? Well, perennial player Ryan has met his match as his newly ordered sex-doll is transformed into an actual person. Assertive, sexy and fun, Vicki, the doll, is indeed the perfect woman. Can Ryan handle her? Will she stay real? These and other questions get answered as this smart, funny and "hotter than hell" feature confirms that there's truly nothin' like The Real Thing!
Girls of Summer
It’s a coming of age story as five gorgeous chicks meet every summer to let their horny selves loose! These hotties share a sisterhood that can’t be broken, but drama steeps in when Destiny Dixon conceals a naughty secret and bangs her friend’s ex-boyfriend! Ultimately, these girls overcome their issues to explore their bodies and sexuality. All five leave with an even bigger bond than before and add to their list of sexual conquests. Summer may come and go but these ladies will always be best friends for life!
Art of Romance 3
Featuring stunning visuals, powerfully passionate sex scenes, and unforgettably beautiful locations, Art of Romance 3 is an intimate portrayal of loving and sensual erotica.
Right Amount of Wrong
Kayla has been unlucky in love until she stumbles upon likeable Nick. They seem perfect together - except one slight problem…Nick has two "guardians",(only visible to him) an angel and a devil, who don't want the relationship to succeed. Will the sexual passion and chemistry between the two overcome the plotting - and laughable - exploits of the guardians? The Right Amount of Wrong…perfect for the angel and devil in everyone!
My Friend's Hot Girl 12
Have you ever fantasized about fucking your buddy's hot girlfriend? You've seen her tits in tight shirts and bikinis, and her hot ass in tight pants, and your buddy has told you she's got a tight, wet pussy and loves the cock. Your fantasy becomes a reality with My Friend's Hot Girl! Now's your chance to bang her!
Tattooed Babysitters Club
All these slutty babysitters want to do is fuck and suck on the job!
Gym Angels
Fit and toned babes, Janet, Amber and Lily want to have a really sweaty workout, but instead at Linda's gym; all they're having are half-ass training sessions and increased rates! ‘No pain, no gain,’ is their motto and tired of the service, they end their membership to start their own gym called, Gym Angels. Using every squat, lift and crunch they've endured, the girls train hard scouting locations, acquiring funds and hiring a construction team, because they know they have to fuck hard to succeed! Once Linda finds out about Gym Angels, she tries everything in her power to jeopardize the gym, every step of the way
Love and Loss
Alex Gables
With more twists and turns than the German autobahn, Love and Loss follows the story of Lanie and Alex, an ex-cop involved in the shooting of Lanie's ex-lover. Replete with suspense, betrayal and unbridled passion, this couples-friendly, plot-driven feature is guaranteed to arouse the mind and body!
Love Is in the Air
When her fiance gets sucked into never-ending conversation at a friend's party, a woman lures him to the bedroom for a passionate sexual encounter. After getting caught up in their lives and forgetting their anniversary, a couple soon discovers that sometimes the hottest sex - is the sex you actually plan for. When a young woman mistakes her boyfriend's distance as an impending breakup, he surprises her with a romantic gesture that leaves her sure of everything. After three days of watching his girlfriend give him the silent treatment, a young man decides that the quickest path to forgiveness is through good, old-fashioned makeup sex.
Eternal Passion 3
Eternal Passion 3 is an illustration of erotic sensuality and intimately romantic sexual scenarios. Featuring 4 scenes depicting high quality art direction in beautiful locations and intensely passionate sex scenes full of chemistry, authenticity and real female orgasms.
24 XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
He's back...and he's gonna need a hacksaw! Legendary director and 24 mega-fan Axel Braun delivers porn parody gold with this hilariously sexy spoof featuring uber bad-ass Jack Bauer on the longest, funniest day of his life. Think you can't laugh your ass off, be hugely entertained, and get totally turned on at the same time? You don't know Jack!
Vampire Cheerleaders
"Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah! We'll suck you, fuck you, then drink your blood raw!"
Sensual Moments 2
Sensual Moments Vol. 2, from AVN award winning best new studio Erotica X, features four spectacularly beautiful girls experiencing orgasmically sensual and intimate erotic exchanges. Starring the angelic Dakota Skye, Valentina Nappi, Emma Stoned, and Aidra Fox. Erotica X specializes in authentic, romantic, and passionate sex scenes, featuring real female orgasms and exceptionally seductive tease scenarios. The movie is directed by the award winning, Mason and is shot in pristine 1080p HD. Enjoy this unique and innovative depiction of sensual erotica at its finest.
Moms Bang Teens 7
MILFs who love to teach teens!
The Masseuse 6
Overwhelmed with her booming massage business, a woman hires a new receptionist to help organize her employees, but discovers the sexy new girl has a talent for delivering some expert sensual massages herself.
Feeling Lucky?
A spunky young woman saddled with unemployment, financial problems and a poseur boyfriend wins the Powerball lottery. But with economic independence comes all kinds of shady characters looking for a handout — beware!
Haunted Hearts
When a distant aunt dies, her nice guy nephew inherits her estate. While settling into his palatial mansion, he discovers sexual temptation, family rivalry, a murder plot and strange spirits that go bump in the night. Haunted Heartsseductive, evocative and provocative!
Desert Heat
Every year, college students head to a deserted motel, for a week of partying and shameless hookups as a break from finals. Stevie Shae plans to do the same with her boyfriend and 3 other couples. Desert Heat is a sexy and enthralling look into these couples' week long tradition of much needed release and hardcore sex. Little do they know, killer Tommy Gunn is on the hunt and the couples face fear as they've never known it. Death lingers upon them while the crazy killed murders one person at a time.
Fill Me with Your Orgasm 2
Go deep and fill these 5 beauties with what they desire most. Anissa Kate, Addison Avery, Eden Adams, Nicole Aniston, and Simone Sonay have been skillfully captured in high definition as they crave nourishment via creampie and balls deep penetration. Get ready to release yourself inside these sex-hungry beauties.
Molly's Wrecking Ballz: A XXX Parody
She came in like a wrecking ball and went out like daddy's hit single! Meet Molly, America's favorite stoner who's begging for you to bone her! When this pill-popping party princess isn't busy getting baked on bong loads, she's trying to fill her grill with something other than drugs! She's got enough chemicals inside her body to sanitize a port-a-potty but she still loves to twerk it while you jerk it! Never mind that she can't keep her eyes open and legs closed at the same time she's losing fans faster than she's losing self respect! Just make sure you don't touch that wrecking ball after she's done with it!
Best Of Wicked Passions
Asa Gets Wicked
ASA AKIRA, 3-time Female Performer of the Year and perennial fan favorite marks her debut film as a Wicked Contract Star…and if it's possible…is more Wicked than ever! The Asian Superstar pushes the XXX envelope, as every scene sports a jaw-dropping ANAL or DP! With Asa as: masseuse, sexy flight attendant, a naughty enema nurse plus much, much more! This movie rocks the "yankability" meter! ASA (definitely) GETS WICKED!!!
Lolita from Interstellar Space
An undeniably beautiful alien is sent to Earth to study the complex mating rituals of human beings, which leads to the young interstellar traveler experiencing the passion that surrounds the centuries-old ritual of the species.
Exchange Students
Inviting an exchange student to live in your home and experience the American way of life is something that can be very exciting and memorable for all members involved. Meet Alina Li, from China who hooks up with a hot surfer boy on the beach. Then there is Natalia Starr from Poland who gets to fuck her American teacher. Selma Sins from Spain who gets it on with her tutor. A host family's oldest son gets deep into Israeli exchange student Penelope Stone's hot little twat. Nadia Capri from Bosnia loves cooking naked and soon finds her host brother buried balls deep in her sweet pussy. These are experiences these students will treasure their entire lives. Why not get an exchange student today?
Erotico 2
Erotico 2 delivers a steamy melange of sexy encounters fueled by intense and unbridled chemistry. Starring real life lovers Stoya and James Deen alongside Selena Rose™, Madison Ivy, Vanessa Cage and Rikki Six, Erotico 2 tells six lurid tales of passion and mind blowing orgasm. Directed by Robby D., this erotic feast intertwines fantasy and reality while delving into intense, graphic and exhilarating sexual situations. Relax, let go, and submerge yourself in a virtual playground of sensation scene after scene!
Stacked Racks from Mars
Two beautiful space aliens take over the bodies of Earth housewives in an attempt to conquer the Planet.
9½ Weeks: An Erotic XXX Parody
Porn Guy
When a wealthy businessman seduces a beautiful art gallery assistant, his imaginative lovemaking awakens erotic desires she never knew existed. Soon, his playful and adventurous sex games escalate to dark, dangerous passions that push her... and their relationship... to the breaking point.
Just Friends?
When a job assignment takes Courtney out of town for a few months, she returns to find that James, her best friend, is engaged. Naturally, she's happy for her best friend, but things get a little complicated once the two realize that their friendship might actually be true love. With the wedding right around the corner - their relationship will change forever as they ask themselves, "Are we in love or just friends?"
University Gang Bang 15
These horny college girls love to get gang banged by cute, hung college guys!
Love Stories
Love Stories Vol. 1, directed by the award winning Mason, is an exceptional celebration of passion, ardor, and romantic devotion. The movie features a collection of creative and sensual cinematic vignettes in beautiful locations. Starring Dani Daniels, Maddy O'Reilly, Presley Hart and Kimber Day. Do not miss this enchanting and tantalizing portrayal of real couples immersed in tenderness and sensuality.
Angelic Asses 2
In this edition Barrett Blade rounds up some of the industry's hottest Stars to make any Ass lover out there extremely satisfied with this 100% Anal fuck frenzy. One hot Ass after another, craving cock after cock. You're gonna love this!
Rambone XXX: A DreamZone Parody
Veteran Joan Rambone is traveling cross-country when she passes through a small town and finds herself being hassled by by the local sheriff and his deputies. They think she's just another typical drifter making her way through their quiet town. But they soon discover that Rambone is not typical at all. As the cops find themselves incapable of of handling her sexual prowess and dangerous maneuvers, they realize that hassling her was a big mistake.
Extramarital Affair
Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane® is really good at being bad in this dangerous thriller involving sex, and greed. A master of manipulation, Jesse turns on the charm to stay on top. She lands in the arms of an innocent man and seduces him with her flawless body. Her animalistic sex appeal is undeniable as it penetrates deeply into his loins until he cannot resist and succumbs to her every wish. But before the story comes to a magnificent end, karma catches up with the buxom blonde, revealing her heinous acts of manipulation, robbery, and murder.
Shades of Kink 2
A young man is attracted to a seemingly innocent, sweet young woman, but when he discovers that she moonlights as an infamous dominatrix by night, his normal, safe, every-day sexual relationship is turned on end, leading him to make some serious adjustments in his own erotic proclivities. Starring Penny Pax as the multifaceted young Dom, with Logan Pierce, Dana DeArmond, Lily Labeau, Adrianna Luna, Steven St. Croix, and James Deen.
Eternal Passion 2
Eternal Passion 2 is an illustration of erotic sensuality and intimately romantic sexual scenarios. Starring Dani Daniels, Casey Calvert, Allie Haze, and Maddy O'Reilly, Eternal Passion 2, features four scenes depicting high quality art direction in beautiful locations, and intensely passionate sex scenes full of chemistry, authenticity, and real female orgasms. Enjoy this stunning portrait of sensuality, connection, and an unforgettable eternal passion.
Sensual Moments
Sensual Moments, from brand new adult entertainment studio Erotica X, features four spectacularly beautiful girls experiencing orgasmically sensual and intimate erotic exchanges. Starring the angelic and dexterous Jenna J Ross, Teal Conrad, Adriana Chechick, and Ella Milano in an unforgettable coupling with James Deen. Erotica X specializes in authentic, romantic, and passionate sex scenes, featuring real female orgasms and exceptionally seductive tease scenarios.
Art of Romance
Starring Anna Morna, Mia Malkova, Lia Lor, and Capri Anderson, Art of Romance features stunning visuals, powerfully passionate sex scenes, and unforgettably beautiful locations. From an erotic lingerie tease, to a gorgeous beach side tryst, this movie is a celebration of courtship and devotion.
Grease XXX: A Parody
A XXX parody based on the 1978 classic film, starring Riley Reid as Sandy and Seth Gamble as Danny.
The Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody
The Wild West was one of the most exciting times in American history. From it stemmed great tales of legendary heroes and dastardly villains. One such great tale was The Lone Ranger and his run ins with Butch Cavendish. In our story, Butch and his gang ambush The Texas Rangers in attempt to take over the territory. Butch's plan almost worked, except they failed to kill one ranger who was left for dead. But they didn't count on Tonto, a friend from the rangers past. Tonto nursed the ranger back to health and helped him put an end to the iron grip that held the townspeople hostage.
Staying In
It's a nice night to stay in and get your dick wet with warm pussy juice!
The Love Boat XXX: A Parody
Love Boat XXX promises something for everyone! Hot boiling sex, romance, and laughs! Just the like original, except the XXX part. Get reunited with your ship's crew as award winning parody director Will Ryder adds super hot sex to authentic costumes, sets, and disco music to make Love Boat XXX: A Parody into an unforgettable adult DVD experience
Welcome Back, Kotter XXX: A DreamZone Parody
Vincent Barbarino
Welcome back to Brooklyn 1975, where the clothes are tight and the girls are out of sight! The Sweat Hogs are hitting the streets looking for good times. They experience more excitement than anyone could hope for in some very surprising places. The results are classic comedy and hotter than a New York summer!
Moms Bang Teens 5
Mature women teaching teens how to fuck!
Laverne & Shirley XXX: A Dreamzone Parody
Laverne & Shirley are two all American girls from Milwaukee, doin' it their way. They're trying to make their dreams come true. But when their landlord, Mrs. Babish, is looking for the rent, reality sets in. But with the help of horny neighbors like Lenny & Squiggy, Laverne's crazy dad and Shirley's boyfriend (The Big Ragoo), there's no stopping them.
The Newlywed Game XXX: A Porn Parody
When you're a failed actor but a popular game show host, and your show features groovy couples talking about their sex lives, anything can happen. And on this particular day, it all did. Watch Bob have group sex with four female contestants! Watch Penny Pax have a sizzling interracial scene with Prince Yashua! And then watch Adrianna Luna and Tyler Nixon in a backstage tryst that'll fry an applause sign! It's all right here in The Newlywed Game XXX... straight from the 70's and into your pants!
Moms Bang Teens 4
Mature women teaching teens how to fuck!
Not the Wizard of Oz XXX
The Pimp
The most spectacular adult movie of all time comes to life in breathtaking HD color. A terrible twister brings Dorothy to a magical world of sex-crazed munchkins, horny witches, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, & Lion. The XXX porn fuck musical-of-the-century takes you on a hardcore sexual adventure that will blow you away like a Kansas tornado! The greatest porn movie ever! Instant classic!
Inside the Fifty Shades: Real Women Confess
A cinematic exploration of the dominance and submission lifestyle as revealed in the best-selling book trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. In this film, real women and men reveal their experiences, wants and desires as participants in the world of dominance and submission.
Slice of Heaven
Kayden buys a pizza restaurant from Ryan Driller, to celebrate she goes home and fucks her boyfriend, Seth.
Moms Bang Teens 3
While her husband is away, mom will play! mature women teaching teens how to fuck! 100% genuine MILFs!
OMG...It's the Dirty Dancing: XXX Parody
This classic coming of age story takes place at an upscale Catskills Mountain resort in 1964. A girl begins her journey thinking her father is the most wonderful man in the world but becomes a woman with a man her father doesn't approve of. This new relationship puts a huge strain on the relationship with her father. Can it survive? And can her new relationship thrive with her father's daunting disapproval?
Hidden Treasures
A beautiful woman brings together a group of her friends in order to search for any treasures that may be hidden throughout a mansion given to her by her deceased father, and the girls find that they are more interested in exploring one another.
My First Sex Teacher 33
Education was never quite like this! Staying after class was never so hot!
My One True Love
Meet Bailey, an aspiring romance novelist. Her characters act out her own personal fantasies. There's Heather, the girl who has always been in love with her best friend since childhood, but she is afraid if she acts on her feelings she could blow everything. Gia, the young woman swept off her feet by the prince and taken to Paris. Maddy, head over heels in love and showing off her engagement ring. Alysha, seeking desperately to find the one special guy for a long term relationship. Like the characters that grace the pages of her novels, Bailey is seeking that one true love. Maybe she has already found it!
Streaker Girls
Anal, DP, 4 girl lez fest, and back to school threesome action! So much here in one little package. So let's get this party started and fuck one of these gorgeous bombshells until they cum again and again!!!
Foxxx N Soxxx
We've got the hottest young girls who crave big cocks - but wait, there's a catch - they have to get drilled while wearing their socks! These sweet-looking babes fuck and suck like hos - but don't think for a second you'll ever see their toes! That's right - they'll ride and slurp your tasty man meat - but you'll never see them in their sock-less bare feet. The sex is intense and will leave you begging for a tight young thing in a fantastic legging!
Cougars and Cubs
What makes younger guys love older women and older women want younger men? We have got the answer, as these six hot Cougars reveal how they aggressively seduce younger men to get what they want. Whether the Cougars are stalking their prey at a local sports club or gym or seducing a young next door neighbor or hitch hiker - the fur flies in a frenetic sexual frenzy! Cubs beware - these Cougars are experienced, primed and ready to fuck!
Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody
Dana is unhappy with her station in life...and her job as a smut-jockey in a porno store. She's juggling with an ex who cheats and a new boyfriend who's sexuality is a bit more than she can handle. Now she's working on her one day off, dealing with smartass co-worker Randi, a riot of anti-condom crusaders, some customers who can't resist coming all over the peep booths, a gerbil-loving customer, and guy who eats his own cum...and lets you know it. Will she make it through the day, or finally make a change?
A Sexual Trilogy! When it rains, it pours, and in acclaimed director David Lord's Trashy, the downpour of naughty has just begun. . . The first title in a sexual trilogy from Rock Star Entertainment and Adam & Eve Pictures, Trashy showcases the darker side of adult with the hottest tattooed and pierced stars performing in five pulsating scenes of raw sexuality. Starring glam rock goddess Christy Mack, Brandy Aniston, Angelina Valentine, Juelz Ventura, Candy Manson and Angela Sommers, this is truly the beginning of three unique looks at adult that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next. Shot entirely in true high definition, Trashy features high-end visuals, rock & roll and all the stuff your parents warned you about. This is the start of something legendary. . . Trashy. . . Here cums the rain!
Hot For Teacher 6
Those that can, do. Those that can't, fuck their students.
Study Buddies
Studying with these girls sure has its benefits! Meet at their place at 6pm, and don't forget your text book!
Booty Hunter
Cowboy Hat Dude
Bounty hunter Nikki helps her ex-fiancé Maxx when he gets into trouble with the mob.
House Rules
When Sandy walks in to find her Mom in bed with one of her former classmates, she seeks advice from her father's former business partner. Determined to get her "real" mother back, she institutes new House Rules, forbidding her mom from dating her former class mates. The new rules spark surprising romance in the most unexpected places.
The Ass Party 2
Irrepressible porn eccentric Joey Silvera extends an invitation to a special gathering, and he's got some beautiful asses for you to meet. The quirky vignettes in his two-disc extravaganza "The Ass Party 2" feature seven of the most adorable rumps in adult entertainment, and these chicks all get totally reamed for the sake of a good time. Joey's free form style of gonzo porn means anything can happen - as long as it's perverse!
Summer Lovin'
Young, beautiful Keiko grows restless in her small town existence, as she dreams of what's beyond the town limits. Only when a summer breeze blows into town - and with it, a chance encounter. - does her dream appear to be a possibility. When drifter Jake arrives in town, he and Keiko lock eyes, the attraction is undeniable. Will Keiko risk everything to take a chance on love with a stranger or will she do what her family expects and stay the course. Find out if this summer romance can withstand the heat.
OMG...It's The Ghost: XXX Parody
Molly and Sam's love for each other is like none other. It runs so deep that when Sam is murdered his spirit remains on earth to be with her. Along with the company of a shady psychic, they embark on a journey together that leads to some unworldly sex as well as the truth in Sam's untimely demise.
Not Animal House XXX
Eric's Cousin
The Delta House is a wild sex-filled orgy of misconduct polar opposite the Omegas but when Dean Wormer puts Blutarsky, Otter, Dorfman, Pinto & the sorority girls on 'double secret probation' for excessive banging & sucking, the Animal House unleashes a parental nightmare of anal sex, wild orgies & sexual acts so profound & tasteless that decorum prohibits listing them here.
Xena XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody
Xena and Gabrielle are on a journey to help a friend in need in the adult feature Xena XXX. They find their long time friend and confidant, Hercules, who is on his own journey. Together they face both mortals and dogs from their past, some are friend and some are foe. Whether they are on or off their battlefield, devouring their enemies, or devouring each other, the encounters are always intense and epic. When the dust settles and the action appears to be over, Xena and Gabrielle have their long awaited intimate time together that brings the excitement up to a whole new level!
Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody
Barbara Gordon dons the mask of Batgirl in order to stop the sexual decline of Gotham City.
The Stepmother 7
Lynn (Veronica Avluv) has it all, a caring successful husband in a sumptuous Hollywood mansion, but something is missing. When her husband's (Evan Stone) daughter comes to visit with her new boyfriend, Chuck (Seth Gamble), Veronica's passion for acting is re-awakened by the young movie star. But is it only a craving for the camera or for a deeper longing? With other performances by Ash Hollywood and India Summer, Sweet Sinner's The Stepmother 7 is a thoughtful look at forgotten passions and submerged desires.
Hairy Twatter: A DreamZone Parody
There are indeed some magical times at the Whore's Wart's School for Witches & Wizards. But the one thing disturbing to the male population is that none of the females have any hair on their twats. Harry, being the most powerful wizard at the school, experiments with dark magic in hopes of big bushes. The results are quite hair raising.
The Psychotherapist
Beautiful reserved therapist Vanilla DeVille sees a variety of patients throughout the day, each of them struggling with forbidden desires. Evan Stone is a narcissistic televangelist who can't resist the charms of his busty assistant, Sophie Dee. Pathological liar Rocco Reed recounts an incestuous afternoon with his "sister," blonde teen Chastity Lynn. And Vanilla struggles with her own repressed lust for hot young patient Seth Gamble, who torments her with tales of his recent tryst with Dyanna Lauren. When Vanilla goes home to jealous boytoy Michael Vegas, he questions her about Seth, so Vanilla pulls out all the stops to give him the sexual reassurance he needs. Explosive, real sex, real positions, and the best storyline and dialogue found in any feature studio today, The Psychotherapist is a classic you'll watch over and over again.
Hold em...Squeeze em...Fuck em..
Thor XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody
Equipped with his mighty hammer in one hand and his meaty shaft on the other. Thor is a spoiled prince sleeping with every maiden in the realm of Asgard. When Thor goes too far and upsets the balance of peace in the universe, his father, King Odin banishes him to Earth. Though stripped of his power, Thor realizes he still has what it takes to please the women of Earth, like sexy scientist Jane. When Thor's mischievous brother, Loki threatens to take control of Asgard, the God of Thunder must find strength in his new humanity in order to save everything he loves and become the ruler and lover he is destined to be!
Filthy Family 6
Ashlynn is the family's golden child with a bright future, thanks to the special guidance she gets from her professor. Father Evan works hard for his family, and he makes his secretary work extra hard for him too. India is the super mom of the household, but even she needs to relax with her strong-handed masseur. Lexi is the bad girl daughter. When she cuts class, she knows just how to occupy her free time. Seth is the only boy in the family, but he gets enough attention from his buddy's hot mom.
Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle's Sexy Bite
Time-traveling Emmanuelle and her crew wind up in a world of lusty vampires who want to make their fantasies come true in this blistering erotic fantasy. Brittany Joy, Russia Hardy, Harper Issacs and Seth Gamble star. Emmanuelle and her crew travel back in time to Romania to find a place where erotic vampires exist...
Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle's Supernatural Sexual Activity
Emmanuelle and her crew face sexual spirits. Let the spirit take you on a fascinating and erotic adventure.
Join this reality film crew as they document the carnal cravings of Cougarland! If there's one thing you can count on in Cougarland, it's sexy, sophisticated ladies with an appetite for young hot studs, and in this town anything goes! From movers who get their tip in the form of a three-way, to computer geeks who get their hard drive serviced, this suburban settlement has it goin' on!
MILFs Seeking Boys
Nina gets a visit from a young man seeking to extoll the virtues of celibacy, but she has some virtues of her own to change his outlook. When a young guy asks Katsuni for her daughter's hand in marriage, Katsuni makes sure he's ready to join the family. Ava is on holiday. But before she hits the beach, she needs the hotel boy to bring up some lotion and oil her down. Roxanne's son is the school bully. So when a nerd comes to tattle tale to her, she decides to help the weakling man up. Just out of jail, this young buck is ready for action. But he'll have to play by Dana's rules, who's one tough parole officer.
It Was Always You
Heather Starlet and Ryan Driller star in the new romantic comedy from the creative team of Mike and Urick Hunt. Best of friends since childhood, Heather and Ryan share everything with each other. Everything but sex. Suddenly Heather's world is sent into a tailspin when one of her roommates asks Ryan out on a date. Does she dare confront him with her true feelings and risk losing her best friend forever? Will Ryan realize that they were made for each other? What if... your best friend was your one true love?
The Craving II
Hansel (segment "Hansel and Gretel")
Not quite as you remember them, beloved bedtime stories of old have been brought back but no longer sweet and watered down. These are tales of sex and sin, passion, perversion, and of desire and debauchery. Join Wicked Pictures and award winning director Brad Armstrong as they bring you the next chapter in their erotic fairy tale anthology with stories your mother never told you...
Wives Club
Sinema pays homage to a classic tale of aging first wives and callous, cheating husbands. Former college friends Raylene, Nina and Helly reconnect at now-famous movie star Helly`s book-signing. As they reminisce over lunch, the three ladies discover they`ve all been dumped by cheating husbands in favor of young, hot bimbos. While passive doormat Nina keeps her faith that husband Jay will return, Raylene and Helly decide to even the score with cheating exes Mark and Evan. A fun, sexy tale that explores the powerful fantasy of older/young sex.
I Am Natasha Nice
Asa slowly breaks in Natasha's asshole to join the world of anal porn. Natasha does anal for the 1st time! Natasha does 2 guys for the 1st time on camera! Wanna see Natasha's 1st ever anal toy play? Two porn legends Shyla and Mr. Marcus take Natasha on a sexual escapade as Shyla take the big cock in every hole!
Truth, Dare Or Bare
Harley (Stevie Shae) and her college roommates get together every week for a study group, but this week Harley comes home with a video camera and tells her friends about a game called Truth, Dare or Bare. Camera curious and intrigued, her innocent pals have no idea what they are about to get themselves into. From skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool, to seducing the school courier, things get down and dirty in a hurry, but that's what happens when you play Truth, Dare or Bare...get in the game!!
Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody
Luke Skywalker
Will Leia succumb to the darkside of the force? Will Han shoot first? Will Chewy get lucky? You will get all the answers, and much, much more in this adult parody of Episode IV: A New Hope.
Bad Teachers Uncovered
Join director Barrett Blade as he examines a college campus that should do things by the book, but luckily for us, break all the rules. Tastefully dirty sex, all captured for your satisfaction. Sexy students and hot teachers make it easy to accept bad behavior...detention anyone?
Breaking Up
When Marsha's (Alektra Blue) fiancé Larry (Seth Gamble) gets cold feet three months before the wedding, her world is turned upside down. Now it's up to her best friends, to help her get out of her funk and back on the market. The only problem is that her aggressive cougar friend Bailey, is unable to give her meaningful advice and Taryn the commitment-phobe, has just fallen in love with her long time crush Rob. Can a one night stand help Marsha find love again, or will she find out that breaking up is good to do...
Next Friday Night
Betty (Alektra Blue) has a crush on hunky college football player Ricky (Bill Bailey). Unfortunately she also has glasses, braces, a lisp, and is a social reject...but it’s 1987 and what’s a girl to do? Throw a huge graduation party to get Ricky's attention, duh! With the aid of the school's popular girls, who undoubtedly have ulterior motives, Betty hosts the event of the year while her parents are away. Of course, things get out of control and hilarity ensues. Will Betty finally win the affection of Ricky, or will she ruin the one chance at true love that had been staring into her four eyes all along? Join director Barrett Blade in this Stormy Daniels penned story about one Friday night filled with spandex, hair scrunchies, poor decisions, and rad sex!
Mork & Mindy: A Dream Zone Parody
"Na-Nu, Na-Nu! " greets the always horny alien, Mork (Evan Stone) in Mork & Mindy: A Dream Zone Parody. Mork embarks on a XXX journey as he observes Earth's culture. While his superiors on the planet Ork want to hear about politics and economics, Mork prefers to learn about more exciting customs, like orgies, 69s, blowjobs and vibrators. Mork meets the perfect subject, Mindy (Chanel Preston), a hot, young girl with a mesmerizing rack. Though Mork can be frustrating, Mindy decides to help teach the wacky extraterrestrial about her world's greatest treasure - the female body. Dream Zone creates a XXX parody of one of Earth's most beloved TV classics, which is "kay-o" in Mork's book.
Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Billionaire Tony Stark (Seth Gamble) invented the Iron Man suit for the good of humanity—the horny girls it attracts are a bonus. With his sexy assistant Pepper Potts (Heather Starlet) trying to ride him every chance she gets, Stark must stay focused to save the world. In "Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody," Stark proves he's as super on the battlefield as he is in the bedroom. When Iron Man's identity is leaked to the world, his enemies come out of the woodwork to take revenge. Stark's ex lover, Madame Masque (Amber Rayne) wants him dead, and she's gained control of The Hulk (Jordan Lane) to do all her dirty work. Stark's rival, Justin Hammer (Alex Knight), and his daughter, Justine (Gracie Glam) are also after Iron Man, using his technology against him. Iron Man's only ally is a mysterious Russian super-spy, The Black Widow (Chanel Preston).
Wham Bam! 2
Cock starved sluts are in dire need of a good dicking, and these horny girls will stop at nothing to fulfill their sexual appetite. Director Martha Washington delivers a game changing fuck-fest that will have you seeing it again and again. If you think you have the balls and the stamina in your right hand to handle this feature, please be our guest.
OMG... It's the Nanny XXX Parody
Out of desperation Maxwell brings in a very unconventional nanny into his upper class home. And while Fran is definitely lacking in formal training, she more than makes up for it with her street smarts and good looks. Before they know it, everyone is falling for her and she is running the show. The Upper East Side will never be the same.
This Ain't Urban Cowboy XXX
Watch me ride this big bull!! Humping cocks never ends for cowgirls! Watch me moan for big cocks! I'll suck cowboy dick all night long!
The Addams Family XXX
Pugsley Addams
In The Addams Family XXX, the Addams children are all grown up now and wreaking havoc on the community. Before Wednesday and Pugsly are off to college, Gomez and Morticia decide it's time to have "the talk" with them and no, not the one about the difference between juvie and the state pen. Adhering to family tradition, Gomez brings Pugsly a hooker, while Morticia attempts to teach Wednesday about sex and masturbation. Always the cleverer child, Wednesday quickly applies what she learned to an orgy hosted in the dungeon. With sex in the air, the rest of the Addams feel the urge to play.
The Fate of Love
After a successful heart transplant saves her life, Caroline (Kirsten Price) is reluctant to date; fearing her former health problems will scare away potential suitors. Her sister is determined to get her back into social circles and while on a weekend trip, Caroline has a chance encounter with John (Rocco Reed). Although the two share an instant connection, initially neither one is ready to be more than friends. Eventually, just as they are ready to move to the next level, a devastating secret from John's past comes to light and threatens the budding romance. Will these two lovers find a way to overcome all they have endured and find a new beginning together, or can a painful past truly tempt the fate of love?
Halloween: XXX Porn Parody
It was on Halloween night that a young Michael Myers inexplicably slaughtered his slutty older sister. Fifteen later, he escapes a mental hospital and returns home. Spotting a scholarly looking teenager, Laurie, the deranged psychopath Michael lusts after her and stalks her. Finding her trampy friends, Annie and Lynda engaging in carnal acts with their boyfriends on Halloween eve, just as his sister did years ago, sets Michael off.
Geeky girls and hot nerds, these bespectacled hotties turn up their nerd cred for some full out geek-on-geek action. Larp, anime, tutors and more. Director Martha Washington gets these girls to make every nerdy wet dream cum true!
The Flying Pink Pig 2
A food truck parody featuring Alexis Texas... new meat on the menu! Eat up!
Teacher's Pet
Christy is new at school... She is smart, pretty, popular, and accustomed to using sex to get her way. Soon the handsome chemistry professor becomes the object of her desire. When the sentiment is not returned however, Christy's true colors begin to show. Even her roommate and her friend begin to suspect something sinister. When students begin having "accidents", it becomes clear that Christy will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Bree Olson 100% Anal
Bree Olson is one of the hottest porn stars today. She has the perfect body, soft tits, a beautiful ass, and this DVD showcase her ass in all its glory! Watch her bend over and take it like a Goddess.
The Stepmother 5: Her New Son
Beautiful blonde Tanya Tate is all set to marry handsome divorcee Dale DaBone and move in with her teenage son and his pregnant fiancée. But Dale's ex-wife Magdalene is still bitter about the divorce - and about the new sexy blonde taking her place. Enraged and vengeful, Magdalene sets her sights on Tanya's son Seth, and they begin a torrid affair. When Tanya discovers evidence of their trysts, the busty MILF decides to turn the tables - and pay a visit to Magdalene's sexy son, Xander.
Saturday Night Fever XXX
A XXX parody of the classic 1977 disco film starring Seth Gamble as Tony.
Unfinished Business
Joel is away at university just getting ready for midterms when he gets a surprise visit from his old partner in crime, Lana. This of course can mean nothing but trouble for Joel. Before you can say "I just failed Algebra," Lana and Joel are back in business, and the news is spreading fast. The whole campus wants what Joel is selling, and are willing to pay for it, big time. Lana and her girls are more than happy to give the student body a taste of their "private tutoring" sessions.
Killer Bodies: The Awakening
The 1st fully interactive feature dvd that let's the viewer choose the story. There are several movies in one. 4 Hours 46 Minutes with 32 Possible Variations Revenge is a BITCH! Beth's life was perfect; big house, rich husband and not a care in the world. Until they took her. Kidnapped from her bed and locked in a basement by mysterious strangers, she finds herself the guinea pig in a madman's sinister experiment. It isn't ransom he's after. It's her mind. Now the only way to reclaim her life and her sanity is to find the men responsible and to kill whatever and whomever stands in her path. But she'll soon discover that at the center of this mystery lies a secret, deeper and darker than anything she could have imagined
Secretary's Day 5
Meet the office staff: Cytherea, who squirts while skyping with her fiancee overseas, as she's spied on and joined by her co-workers Lylith and Billy. Tiffany and April enjoy using the copier for pussy portraits, then banging their boss when caught. Nicole Aniston receives and demands spankings from her boss, Chanel Preston more than assists the executives she works with. Meet office manager Yurizan Beltran who fucks the deliveryman in the reception area!
About Jessica
To ease her roommate Ivy Winters through a relationship-induced depression, jessica drake and sexy gal pal Kiara Diane take her out on the town. During their attempts to find "Mr. Right Now", jessica meets Jim, a cocky guy who is just her type. His brother Tom invites her back to a bachelor party, but when she unexpectedly turns up at the hotel, she gets more than she bargained for. Shocked and hurt, she runs away him and takes solace in her friends' arms. And just when you think it's over, her friends come through, saving the day and a new romance.
Young at Heart
John finds his first gray hair at age 45 and it sets off a string of activities that are best described as a midlife crisis: Suntanning, hitting the club, hitting the gym and hitting on women 20 years his junior. Until one of his flings has a mother who puts the kibosh on his date and he finds himself attracted to her.
Cheerleaders Academy 2
It's time again to show your spirit for the girls from the Cheerleaders Academy . They've just finished first at the Cheerleading Competition and won a vacation at a beautiful resort. The girls are ready to have a good time when the coach gives them a 10pm bed-check, daily workouts and a no boys in their room policy. With a bunch of cute trainers and resort employees, Head Cheerleader Alexis figures out a way for them to get wild and down & dirty and still obey the rules!
Heart Strings
Casey Smith
Heartbroken Emma finds relief when handsome Tommy shows up at the ranch she shares with her sister. The attraction between them is immediate as Tommy proves he has a way with troubled horses, guitars and broken hearts. Eventually they find their passion too much to deny. But just as Emma is sure that she's fallen for Tommy, a visitor shows up and reveals a secret about Tommy's true identity. Reeling from betrayal, Emma evicts Tommy from the ranch...but can she force him from her heart?
Riley Steele: Satisfaction
Riley Steele is more than a cock tease, she's totally irresistible. Her boyfriend is desperate to get down her hot pants and finally get a piece of her luscious ass. But the chase has him losing his mind, thinking of any way he can to get her to give in. The guys ban together and come up with a nasty plan to score big. Riley gets it good in the end, making it worth the lusty wait.
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Appetite for Love
Explore the hunger you feel for that special someone, a desire so profound that you thirst for their touch...Passion erupts as each physical encounter feeds the sensual craving deep within you...exposing your own special appetite for love!
Penthouse presents: Busty Blondes
feat. Busty Blondes
Home Improvement XXX A Parody
What time is it? It's Tool Time with group sex and all the grunting you remember! With the kids away at school, Jim and his wife Julian decide to add more power to their sex life by talking busty Tool Time babe Alexis Ford into a 3-way! Sal shows off his handyman skills with a hottie, and even Milson is around to dispense advice from behind his fence. Based on the popular comedy, this parody delivers great jokes and terrific sex with all the power Jim could want!
Any Way You Want It
(archive footage)
We know you love everything your way, and these girls are ready to go give it to you. Phoenix lets a stiff dick slip between her cheeks, Nikki goes after the big man mea and more dirty sluts will do all they can to make you cum.
In her Wicked Pictures debut, Lupe Fuentes explodes on the screen in award winning director Brad Armstrong's Lolita. A visually stunning exploration of Lupes sensual side that exposes her deepest desires. Blow jobs, three-way, girl/girl, solo, its all here. The exotic beauty is joined by adults sexiest little hotties. So if like them sweet and petite Lolita is a must see. Sit back and enjoy while Lupe and friends prove that good things really do cum in small packages.
The Flintstones: A XXX Parody
Poor Fred is having a mid-life crisis. His little girl Pebbles is 18 and getting ready to move out of the house. He's getting older, maybe a little rounder, and he starts to question if he is attractive enough for his hot wife, Wilma. What happens when it is just the two of them? Could Wilma be seeing someone else? Is it Betty? Barney? Bam Bam? Mr. Slate? The result is one of the funniest parodies ever. The whole gang is here so come join them all for sexy, good time!
Barely Legal 111
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2 Chicks Same Time 8
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Blonde, beautiful Alexis Ford is all tied up and at your mercy! Bound and restrained, she gives in to her most primal desires of the flesh! Joined by a decadent cast of submissive girlfriends who enjoy the thrill of ropes and dressing up in sexy lingerie, they explore sex swings, spreader bars, Japanese rope binding, kinky bondage and intense sex. Alexis Ford is definitely Fit to Be Tied!
Surreal Sex
It's like a dream. Beautiful women in unique locations explore sexual desire and share their passionate discovers. You are invited to join them, and have your fantasies come to life.
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BatfXXX: Dark Night Parody
Clown 2
The overrun, bleak dystopia of Gothard City has one stalwart protector: The Bat. In his iconic cape and cowl, Billionaire Bruce defends the city from the scourge of crime. His greatest weapon: his monster cock. He shows off his fantastic prowess by engaging in a thrilling threesome with Blake & Kristina Rose, who are more than willing to do some quick cum swapping. The Jo-kerr steals Poisen Ivy's latest sex potion to unleash on the unsuspecting population, but not before Ivy (as played by Tory Lane) unleashes her huge tits and takes a scene-stealing rimjob. The Clown Prince of Crime burns a path of destruction; fighting and fucking his way through the underworld. No one is safe from his carnal fury... And much, much more! The screen can't contain all the hot sex in BATFXXX! A Batman hardcore parody of the Christopher Nolan feature films.
Bonny & Clide
Club Patron 4
The real outlaws never looked as good - or fucked as much - as legendary director Nicholas Steele's Bonny And Clide, an epic feature with an amazing cast of over 50 US and Euro star performers, including British model Natasha Marley in her first boy/girl film outing. Marley gives up her on screen cherry to the penis of producer/performer Paul Chaplin in one of the movie's outdoor couplings. This all natural blonde is stunning, her beauty enhanced by an innate sexuality most evident when matched with true lady lovers Alexis Texas and Celeste Star. The hose and garter-clad beauties commence with tease and a slow and sensual seduction that progresses into sizzling Sapphic finger, tongue and toy probing.
The March Hare
19 year old alice reunites with her childhood friends in a bizarre world of fantasy. She once again falls down the rabbit hole, but this time it's a world filled with sex, perversion and debauchery This is the only Kimberly Lane video.
The A-Team XXX: A Parody
Amy's boyfriend and fellow reporter Mark Gamble has been kidnapped by a drug smuggling biker gang. She seeks out the A-Team, because nobody else can help her.
Almost Heaven
Angie (Kiara Diane) has just passed away. Now she must choose one memory from her life to take into the next world. Angie chooses to remember her husband, Jake (Chris Johnson), but has trouble singling out a memory. With the help of Michael (Xander Corvus) and Sara (Allie Haze), Angie must rediscover the love that made her marriage so special.
Trash Talk
As the head cheerleader dating the coolest Frat brother on campus, Heather (Kirsten Price) seems to have the perfect life. But underneath it all deception and cheating seem to rule the day. When Heather has finally had enough, she exposes the truth about those who have betrayed her on a pirate radio station with the help of her geeky best friend Ralph (Seth Gamble). After exposing the Chancellor's illicit affairs on the air he sends campus cops hunting for them, looking to expel them from school and lock them up for good. Will Heather escape from her uncertain future and find love in an unexpected place? Tune in and find out!
Squirt Science 2
Don't forget your towel!
3 Days in June
June works as a bartender at Fuego, a club visited by students when they're on their spring break. When Cody visits the bar with his student pals, he and June soon find themselves involved in a passionate fling. After 3 days, Cody wants more, but it's hard for June to accept that this might be more than another fling.
Love Squirts 2
Guys love gals that gush! Watch these sexy squirters suck, stroke and straddle their men, then release geysers of girl-cum! Don't miss this phenomenon of female pussy precipitation!
Cheerleaders Like It Big
(archive footage)
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Slut Worthy
It's no secret that Kagney Linn Karter loves to pleasure herself, and in this film she shows off at her own hand. Scott Nails enters the room and clearly provides more than a mouthful while moving with slow and sensual thrusts that heat up to a higher speed. The other scenes follow the lead and there's not doubt the all the girls enjoy a soft ride that heats up to a furious fuck! Slut may be a strong term...but these girls are worth the title.
The Best of Vol. 2 Lexi Belle
Archive Footage
Belladonna's collection of Lexi Belle's sexiest of those moments; with the addition of two brand new scenes, The Best Of... Vol. 2: Lexi Belle encompasses the title starlet's wide variety of sexual charms.
Barely Legal 103
These sweet little treats are ready to show you that being 18 makes all the difference!
This Ain't Intervention XXX
Whether it is gambling, chronic masturbation or hoarding, these addicts are ready to kick the habit the Hustler Way! Fucking the addiction gone is just one of the ways these desperate addicts cope! The road to recovery is paved with smokin' hot ass!
This Isn't 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' - The XXX Parody
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