Fury (2018)

Género :

Tiempo de ejecución : 9M

Director : Paulette Lecaros


A young woman suffers pyromania, a disease that prevents her from living a normal life and puts her and everything around in great danger. How she will heal, without burning out in the attempt?



Paulette Lecaros
Paulette Lecaros

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A bereaved mother seeks revenge on the person responsible for her daughter death.
The Three Friends
Three friends are arrested after committing an accident with their car. After finishing their sentence, they become partners with the owner of a decoration workshop. But he deceives them and spends the money in gambling. They force him to sign a waiver of his workshop but he wants to get it back.
Zombie figth club
En un rincón de la ciudad todo el mundo se ha convertido en un zombi. Después de que el novio de Jenny murirera durante el ataque de unos zombies, la joven tendrá que sorevivir enfrentándose a las adversidades. Con tal de seguir viva se aferra a Andy, quien le ayuda a escapar del peligro. El profesor de química se transforma por completo tras convertirse en un zombi, por lo que la persona amable y cariñosa se convierte en un ser despiadado. Los activistas deciden luchar contra los zombis en una batalla que enfrentará a estas criaturas con lo únco bueno que queda de la humanidad.
Hello world
Current instability of climate system impacts ice cores and rises global sea level, as well as changes human life. At the same time only data code of intelligent machines remains constant in the modern geography.
The Phantom Stockman
Kim Marsden inherits a cattle station near Alice Springs after the death of her father. Kim becomes convinced her father was murdered. She sends for a legendary local bushman called the Sundowner, who was one of her father's best friends.
Historias de Radiador Springs: El hipo
A Rayo McQueen le entra hipo y todos en Radiador Springs se creen que tienen la solución para quitárselo.
Test asd asd as d
Test asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd
Pumping Ercan
Ercan wants to proof it to himself. After a 10 year absence from competitive bodybuilding he reaches for the heavy weight title once again. The documentary PUMPING ERCAN accompanies the 40-year-old over the course of one year during his preparations and extends far beyond bodybuilding to tell a Turkish-German life's story. The portrait of this mellow giant is not only an enthralling comeback story but also turns out to be a love story at the end.
The Day of Swapping
Min-ho and Jeong-il end up working with each other's wives one day. As time passes, the men feel attracted physically to their friend's wives. In the end, Jeong-il suggests to Min-ho, "Let's not take sides and just be happy as the four of us!" They start swapping each other.
A working-class residential village suffers from a flood. Without proper relief measures in place, the flood victims have no choice but to stay inside a cramped, filthy container together temporarily. A young girl named Gyeongju who is staying there with her mother notices Eunae who is by herself. In the midst of the poverty, redevelopment scheme and the cold selfishness of the grown-ups within the community, Gyeongju’s gaze upon Eunae is completely free from any prejudice. The film is a powerful portrayal of the barren landscape of the village soon to be demolished and a young girl who cannot find peace of mind. [JUNG Jiyoun]
Las Fieras Futbol Club 5: Más allá del horizonte
La 5ª aventura de Las Fieras lleva a nuestros héroes adolescentes al Reino de las Sombras, donde su más peligroso oponente espera: ¡vampiros! León y Vanessa finalmente se han enamorado y se juran lealtad eterna. Pero un día más tarde, León desaparece. ¿La ha abandonado o ha sido secuestrado? Para encontrarle, Las Fieras viajan hasta el horizonte y más allá, al Reino de las Sombras. Durante el día, todo es rocas y polvo, pero por la noche, ¡los vampiros acechan! Ellos han atraído a León hasta aquí y ahora ansiosamente esperan a sus amigos. Vanessa casi sucumbe al encanto de su líder, Dartkside, y debe aprender el secreto de los vampiros para descubrir cómo vencerlos y recuperar a su amor.
Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular
Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular is a musical show that plays at Disney's California Adventure. Based on the Disney film by the same name, the show plays inside Hyperion Theater Hollywood Pictures Backlot. The show is located right next to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
Evening Plans
Nora prepares for an event, her first in a while, amid the breathtakingly fragile community structures around her.
Read and Share DVD Bible
Take a wonder-filled journey through the pages of scripture. Share the joy and wonder of God's Word with the children in your life. Fifty-two essential lessons of scripture starring the Bible's best-known characters. The Read And Share® Bible on DVD combines an enchanting art style with a warm narrator and gentle musical underscore to transport kids back to Biblical times. The bite-size vignettes are perfect for the attention span of little ones, and give parents maximum flexibility to fit any time-frame. Stories include... Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, David & Goliath, Elijah, Jesus Birth, Parables, Resurrection, Paul's Travels, Heaven, plus many, many more!
Campanilla y el gran rescate
Campanita visita las praderas de Inglaterra en verano y desarrolla una relación especial con una niña. Cuando las otras hadas lanzan un rescate audaz, Campanita tiene que hacerse cargo de todas para mantener a las hadas a salvo.
Scooby-Doo: Agence toutou risques, vol. 2 : Le fantôme de la télé
Tobias and the Half-Pariah
Tobias, more commonly called Toby, was a small little tram engine who worked on his tram line with his faithful coach Henrietta. But hard times came, and the tram line shut down. Toby thought it was the end, but when a stout gentleman came to the railway one day, Toby's life changed forever. He was taken to Sodor, and began a new life. He soon began discovering he was stronger and faster than most of the other engines, much to the dismay of one express engine Gordon. He was so hailed, he was allowed to pull the express himself. But Toby's power is not without cause — and effect. His powers were ill-begotten, and another engine faced the worse end of the equation. Now this engine is after Toby and his power, and Toby will have to come to grips with what he is, what it means for the others, and how his life will change on the North Western Railway.
It's two years since the mysterious disappearance of Kath Swarbrick's older sister Annie, but Kath remains haunted by a need to know what happened. When police investigations wind down, Kath continues the search herself. She gets nowhere until she steals some CCTV footage of her sister on her final day. Visiting the spot where Annie was filmed, Kath becomes convinced she has found a portal to another reality and from this portal Kath is trying to say something.
El borracho
Una pareja alberga en su casa de los suburbios a un alcohólico atormentado por su pasado republicano.
Seis grados que podrían cambiar el mundo
NGC visualizes in spectacular HD the devastating ecological impact each single degree increase in temperature could have on our planet over the next century.