Anna Norberg


Number One
Midge's mom
Tom is struggling hard to be the best player on his soccer team. With the help of a magical whistle, he learns that it feels a lot better to be part of the team, rather than being "number one".
Bailar en la oscuridad
La película se desarrolla en Estados Unidos en el año 1964. Selma (Björk) es una inmigrante checa que se muda a aquel país con su hijo Gene. Además padece una enfermedad hereditaria degenerativa que le está ocasionando una rápida ceguera progresiva. Por este motivo Selma ahorra centavo a centavo en una lata que guarda en su cocina para pagar una operación que evite que su hijo sufra el mismo destino.
The Health Journey
The film is about the health resort Granhedsgården in Dalarna, Sweden, and they have a problem. They don't have many guests at all and something must be done. At the same time, Stig-Helmer is a little depressed after his girlfriend has left him, and so he lives on junk food. His best friend Ole invites him to come along to the health resort Granhedsgården. Now, the craziness begins.
Gone with the Fish
Based on director Lotte Svendsen's own memories of her childhood on the Baltic island of Bornholm, but though it is set in 1981 the conflicts portrayed do not seem far away. At the start of the film Lars Erik and his wife Sonja are doing well on the Baltic island of Bornholm. Lars Erik is a successful fisherman, Sonja is a traditional housewife, proud of their new house bulging with consumer goods. Their love for each other is the sturdy footing on which their home is founded. Lars Erik employs three men on his trawler, and spends as fast as he earns, so when fishing quotas are cut he faces a crisis. One by one his men leave the boat, but he refuses to give up. Being a fisherman is like being a farmer - you depend on the wealth of mother nature herself. However, mother nature is like romance, highly capricious!
One night a strange event occurs at a hospital in the north of Sweden. Three girls are born who are all baptized into the name Johanna.
On the Last Verse - A Small Film About Death
The documentary director KG Forsberg makes a film about his dying father.
Reine & Mimmi i fjällen!
Mimmi starts to get enough, Reine just work all the time and watching TV. At last Reine has to choose, either they go to vacation together or Mimmi goes alone and if she does she can't promise that she will come back. Reine chooses the first alternative and books a vacation trip up to the mountains, many of their friends also booked the same vacation place.