Decalogue IV (1989)

Honour thy father and thy mother.

ジャンル : ドラマ, テレビ映画

上映時間 : 55分

演出 : Krzysztof Kieślowski


A father and daughter, Michał and Anka, have a unique intimacy, which the college-aged Anka is beginning to feel conflicted about. When she finds an unopened letter from her deceased mother, it seems to justify her attraction to Michał, who may not in fact be her father.


Adrianna Biedrzyńska
Adrianna Biedrzyńska
Janusz Gajos
Janusz Gajos
Michał, ojciec Anki
Artur Barciś
Artur Barciś
Adam Hanuszkiewicz
Adam Hanuszkiewicz
Profesor w szkole teatralnej, wykładowca Anki
Jan Tesarz
Jan Tesarz
Taksówkarz Waldemar Rekowski
Andrzej Blumenfeld
Andrzej Blumenfeld
Adam, przyjaciel Michała
Tomasz Kozłowicz
Tomasz Kozłowicz
Jarek, chłopak Anki
Elżbieta Kilarska
Elżbieta Kilarska
Matka Jarka
Helena Norowicz
Helena Norowicz
Aleksander Bardini
Aleksander Bardini
Igor Śmiałowski
Igor Śmiałowski
Mężczyzna na Okęciu


Krzysztof Kieślowski
Krzysztof Kieślowski
Krzysztof Kieślowski
Krzysztof Kieślowski
Krzysztof Piesiewicz
Krzysztof Piesiewicz
Krzysztof Pakulski
Krzysztof Pakulski
Zbigniew Preisner
Zbigniew Preisner
Original Music Composer
Ryszard Chutkowski
Ryszard Chutkowski
Ewa Smal
Ewa Smal
Halina Dobrowolska
Halina Dobrowolska
Set Designer


思春期まっただ中のオタク少年たちが隣家の警察官を殺人鬼と疑い、独自に調査を始めたことから、思いがけない恐怖に直面する姿を描いた青春ホラー。カナダの映像制作ユニット「ROADKILL SUPERSTARS(RKSS)」が、1980年代のスラッシャー映画やホラー、サスペンス、青春映画にオマージュをささげて描いた。
After losing the love of his life to a cruel Philistine prince, a young Hebrew with Supernatural strength defends his people, sacrificing everything to avenge his love, his people, and his God.
出会いは最低だったのに いつの間にか雛の胸は高鳴っていく。 雛は中学の先輩・恋雪に惹かれ 同じ高校に進学を決意して猛勉強。 幼なじみの虎太朗と桜丘高校に入学する。 冴えなかった恋雪は片思いの相手の為に、 休み明けにイメチェンしてモテ始める。 そんな状況に雛は「告白」を決意するけれど――!?
In 2029, an elite police squad combats an anti-reunification terrorist group while another enemy lurks nearby.
Amid the dust storms and economic depression of Dust Bowl Era Oklahoma, Eugene Evans finds his family farm on the brink of foreclosure. Discovering fugitive bank robber Allison Wells hiding in his small town, he is torn between claiming the bounty on her head and his growing attraction to the seductive criminal.
Angel Is Dead
Do-kyeong (Sin Won-ho) who is fresh out of the military meets mysterious Ga-in (Kim Hwa-yeon) on a boat to a deserted island. He is attracted by her fragility and thinks she might disappear soon. That evening, the two of them meet again at a bar called Yubari and spend the night together. Ga-in has a growing passion inside of her and Do-kyeong struggles to free himself from her obsession.
北宇治高等学校吹奏楽部所属の鎧塚みぞれと傘木希美は、それぞれオーボエとフルートを担当する親友同士。高校3年生の二人にとって最後の出場となるコンクールで選ばれた自由曲「リズと青い鳥」には、オーボエとフルート掛け合いのソロパートがあった。希美はその曲が自分たちのようだと無邪気に話していたが……。 『映画 「聲の形」』などの山田尚子が監督を務め、武田綾乃の青春小説「響け! ユーフォニアム 北宇治高校吹奏学部、波乱の第二楽章」をアニメーション化。高校最後の年を迎えた2人の少女が過ごす日々を映し出す。山田監督作『けいおん』シリーズや『映画 「聲の形」』でも組んだ吉田玲子が脚本を、テレビアニメ「氷菓」や『Free!』シリーズなどを手掛けてきた京都アニメーションが、アニメーション制作を担当。
ハイキュー!! コンセプトの戦い
春の高校バレー宮城県予選、決勝戦ーー 。 準決勝で青葉城西を下した烏野が、春高出場を懸けた一戦に挑む。 対するは超高校級エース・牛島若利を擁する絶対王者、白鳥沢。 烏野は試合序盤から牛島の強烈なスパイクに翻弄され、攻勢に転じようにも天童の鋭いブロックに阻まれてしまう。 これは超えられない壁なのか? 反撃のカギを握るのは、ブロックの要・月島。 その冷静かつ執拗なディフェンスで、日向、影山も勢いを増していくが……。 両チーム、コンセプトは違えども激しく打ち合う姿勢は一緒。 死闘の果て、最後に笑うのはどっちだ!?
Frank and Lindsay—two emotionally-broken strangers—meet on the way to a destination wedding. Over the course of the weekend and against all odds, they find themselves drawn together even though they are initially repulsed by one another.
Lexington, Kentucky, 2004. Four young men attempt to execute one of the most audacious art heists in the history of the United States.
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Based on the coming-of-age young adult novel by American author Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Set in El Paso, Texas in 1987, the film follows two Mexican-American teenagers, Aristotle "Ari" Mendoza and Dante Quintana, their friendship, and their struggles with racial and ethnic identity, sexuality, and family relationships.
Be With You ~いま、会いにゆきます
日本でも竹内結子&中村獅童の主演で映画化されて大ヒットを記録した市川拓司のベストセラー小説「いま、会いにゆきます」を韓国で再映画化。「私の頭の中の消しゴム」「四月の雪」などの純愛映画で日本でも広く知られるソン・イェジンと、「王の運命(さだめ) 歴史を変えた八日間」「映画は映画だ」のソ・ジソブが主演を務めた。夫のウジンに「雨の降る日に、また戻ってくる」という約束を残してこの世を去った妻のスア。それから1年後の梅雨が始まったある日、ウジンの前に、この世を去る前と変わらない姿でスアが現れる。しかし、彼女は記憶を失っており、ウジンが誰なのかさえ覚えていない。それでもウジンは、スアがそばにいることに幸せを感じ、2人は再び恋に落ちるのだが……。
Christmas Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner, Kelsey Wilson, is about to have her big break: planning her beloved cousin's lavish and exclusive wedding. Everything is going smoothly until Connor McClane, a devilishly handsome private investigator, shows up and turns Kelsey's world upside-down. Hired by a secret source, Connor quickly disrupts the upcoming nuptials but wins Kelsey's heart in the process.
My Wife's New Mom
The young mother who came to shake her mother came! The granddaughter who lives on the man's house is attracted to her 25 year-old young mother. Busty chest, lumbar lumbar waist, and a bunch of angry ass! A young mother-in-law who boasts a good body. In addition, she is also interested in Taiho, but he keeps pushing the hand of the temptation. On the weekend when the elderly man and wife vacate the house, Taiho and his young mother-in-law fall into a taboo desire.
シー・フィーバー 深海の怪物
The crew of a West of Ireland trawler—marooned at sea—struggle for their lives against a growing parasite in their water supply.
A gorilla named Ivan who’s living in a suburban shopping mall tries to piece together his past, with the help of other animals, as they hatch a plan to escape from captivity.
Nothing to Lose
Authorized biopic of Brazilian evangelical bishop Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and owner of Record TV network. Based on a book trilogy of the same name, the movie tells the story of the self-made man who faced several moments of turbulence while pursuing his conviction.


Decalogue III
It’s Christmas Eve, and Ewa has plotted to pass the hours until morning with her former lover Janusz, a family man, by making him believe her husband has gone missing. During this night of recklessness and lies, the pair grapple with choices made when their affair was discovered three years ago, and with the value of their present lives.
Decalogue V
Jacek, an angry drifter, murders a taxi driver, brutally and without motive. His case is assigned to Piotr, an idealistic young lawyer who is morally opposed to the death penalty, and their interactions take on an emotional honesty that throws into stark relief for Piotr the injustice of killing of any kind.
Decalogue VI
A teenage postal worker, Tomek, routinely spies on his older neighbor Magda, a sexually liberated artist who lives in the apartment across the courtyard from his. As their private worlds merge, fascination turns to obsession, and the line between love and curiosity becomes violently blurred.
Decalogue II
Dorota Geller, a married woman, faces a dilemma involving her sick husband's prognosis. Her husband's doctor, who believes in God, sweared about it in vain.
Decalogue VIII
Zofia, a professor of ethics, is visited by Elżbieta, an American researching the fate of Jews who survived World War II. A daytime classroom conversation turns into a night of confrontation, and Zofia is forced to answer for a decision she made decades ago that directly affected the course of Elżbieta’s life.
Decalogue VII
As a high school student, Majka bore a child, Ania, whom Majka’s mother, Ewa, has been raising as her own. Now that Majka is ready for motherhood, Ewa refuses to let go, leading Majka to kidnap her own daughter, with unexpected emotional consequences.
Decalogue I
Krzysztof, a semantics professor and computer hobbyist, is raising his young son, Paweł, to look to science for answers, while Irena, Paweł’s aunt, lives a life rooted in faith. Over the course of one day, both adults are forced to question their belief systems.
Decalogue IX
Roman and Hanka have a loving marriage, but his impotence has led to her having an affair. The unbearable situation drives Roman to extreme measures both physically and mentally, testing their love and his own will to live.
Decalogue X
Jerzy and Artur’s father dies, leaving behind a valuable stamp collection, which, they discover, is coveted by dealers of varying degrees of shadiness. The more involved the brothers get in their father’s world, the more dire and comical their situation becomes.
Jina is the top employee at a credit card company call center. She avoids building close relationships, choosing instead to live and work alone – until she is suddenly tasked with training a new recruit.
COLD WAR あの歌、2つの心
Two out-of-work actors -- the anxious, luckless Marwood and his acerbic, alcoholic friend, Withnail -- spend their days drifting between their squalid flat, the unemployment office and the pub. When they take a holiday "by mistake" at the country house of Withnail's flamboyantly gay uncle, Monty, they encounter the unpleasant side of the English countryside: tedium, terrifying locals and torrential rain.
 同年同日に生まれた二人のベロニカという名の女性の幻想的なラブ・ストーリー。ポーランドとフランスに、お互いに名前・顔・音楽の才能までもが同じベロニカという二人の女性がいた。ある日ポーランドのベロニカが舞台の上で倒れ死んでしまう。一方、フランスのベロニカは情熱的な恋人と出会い、やがて偶然からもう一人のベロニカの存在に気付く。彼女はポーランドへ旅立つが……。舞台上で息絶えたシーンでの曲がフランスのベロニカが恋人と出会うシーンでも使われたりと、音楽が映画を効果的に引っ張っている。ベロニカを透明感あふれる二役で演じたイレーヌ・ジャコブは、この映画でカンヌの主演女優賞を受賞した。97年に没したキエシロフスキー監督の代表作の一本。 <allcinema>
ファッションデザイナーを夢見るエロイーズ(トーマシン・マッケンジー)は、ロンドンのデザイン学校に入学する。しかし同級生たちとの寮生活に馴染めず、ソーホー地区の片隅で一人暮らしを始めることに。新居のアパートで眠りに着くと、夢の中で60年代のソーホーにいた。そこで歌手を夢見る魅惑的なサンディ(アニャ・テイラー=ジョイ)に出会うと、身体も感覚も彼女とシンクロしていく。夢の中の体験が現実にも影響を与え、充実した毎日を送れるようになったエロイーズは、タイムリープを繰り返していく。だがある日、夢の中でサンディが殺されるところを目撃してしまう。その日を境に現実で謎の亡霊が現れ始め、徐々に精神を蝕まれるエロイーズ。そんな中、サンディを殺した殺人鬼が現代にも生きている可能性に気づき、エロイーズはたった一人で事件の真相を追いかけるのだが……。 果たして、殺人鬼は一体誰なのか?そして亡霊の目的とは-!?