Seung Ha

Seung Ha

Nascimento : 2000-04-17, South Korea


Seung Ha é uma cantora sul-coreana. Ela é ex-membro do grupo feminino BaBa.


Seung Ha
Seung Ha
Seung Ha
Seung Ha
Seung Ha


Hole Friend
Chae-jin, a fearless and capable company owner makes a lot of women cry because of his unfaithfulness that he can't hide. When he opened his eyes to see if the gods were angry at his arrogance, Chae-jin turned into a super beauty's body and changed into a woman and lived a new life under the name of Seong-hye, but he couldn't get his act together and enjoyed the entertainment.
Female Secretary's Hot Report
Mi-yeong, who is abused by her boss Yeong-goo every day, decided to take revenge. She used her husband Jong-seong to secretly film Yeong-goo's private life and threaten him. One day, Mi-yeong, who witnessed the rough sex of Yeong-goo and his wife, In-ae, started to heat up. Husband Jong-seong also passes on to In-ae, Yeong-gu's wife. Mi-yeong begins to change her mind when all the plans unexpectedly go wrong.
Wife's Pretty Daughter
Min-ji has had a crush on her brother-in-law who was her tutor for a long time. She seduces his brother-in-law, Jeong-hyeok, but he doesn't easily fall for it, so she takes special measures.
Stockings: Her Conspiracy
Yeong-joon, who usually loves stockings, happens to see next door Hye-mi's red stockings and feels a sneaky excitement. Afterwards, Yeong-joon begins to show a kind of pathological obsession with stockings. He shared the same roof with the woman next door due to the sudden suggestion of his wife. His obsession with stockings becomes more intense as he collides with her.
God of Kiss
Hyeon-joon, who was rejected by his ex-girlfriend because he couldn't kiss, met his new friend, Seon-jeong, and after hearing advice from Seon-jeong, Hyeon-joon leaves in search of a kiss teacher.
Yours, Mine, All Mine
Middle-aged couples in the lower house keep losing sleep due to the noise upstairs where a newlywed couple spend hot nights together. The level of noise always escalates, and the man downstairs who can't bear it anymore runs and knocks on the door, but the newlyweds became silent. Middle-aged couples who want to have their revenge had sex with their own loud voices, but they can't fool their age. She's mad at the guy who's been knocked out before he even reaches his peak. The war of nerves between the two couples is getting fierce.
Sister Rice Bowl: Sister-in-law Hunting
Tired of married life, the husband turns to his brother-in-law family who is staying at home an a long business trip. The husband, who only washed his fingers for no reason, attracts Casanova to encourage his brother-in-law's affair. In addition, he planned to lay down his brother-in-law's house as bait, but as things went wrong, his wife fell into Casanova's hands. The husband can't let go of his anger. When he confessed that to his sister-in-law and threatened to divorce, she said she would do anything for her good sister. The husband, who suddenly got a double income, slowly zips down, hiding his joy.
Office Sex 2021
The office adjusted working hours due to COVID-19. Representative Jeong-yeon instructs her subordinate, Ho-soo, to install CCTVs to monitor other employees. Na-eun and Yeong-tae work the night shift. He's acting deviant, not knowing there's a CCTV in place...!
Idol Seungha's R-Rated Film Shooting
Film producer Na-eun and director Yeong-tae are on the verge of shelving out cash for an adult film production. They're too busy blaming each other for the messed-up filming. Before another filming begins, Na-eun suggests Yeong-tae to become an actor himself and practice filming. Na-eun leads the shy Yeong-tae very skillfully. How far will the practice go...?
Younger Sister Monica
Chi Soo is struggling to survive medical school life due to his family situation. In his school days, Chi Soo lived in his old friend Song Eun Cheol's house, but naturally became close to Song Eun Soo, Eun Chul's younger sister, and they got married. However, love too is brief... In his second year of marriage Chi Soo experiences a period of ennui, and meets Monica Jeong (Jeong Soo Hee). Monica Jeong impersonated herself as an international lawyer in the United States and came to Korea, and introduced herself as the only child of a wealthy family.
I'm The Only One Who Eats
Two women who have known each other since childhood, have been friends for a long time. And Mi-joo who has been in touch for a long time, says she is getting married, and asks Eun-ji when she will get married, and starts teasing her if she has a man. Eun-ji, who is angry, says she can meet if she wants to, and Mi-joo then tells her to seduce the man (Seong-cheol) who passes by there. Then Eun-ji says the man looks like a pushover and that she can seduce a man like that right away, then proceeds to approach him.
God of Massage
Hwang-yong, who was learning martial arts from his master in the mountains, went down to Seoul. Hwang-yong, who got a job at a massage shop, makes a lot of money by becoming famous for his ability, but he is swindled by Se-yeong and loses all his assets and his ability, making him inutile. After returning to the mountain as a ruined man, Son-ji trains his martial arts again, and Hwang-yong, who has regained his ability, sets up a massage shop with Son-ji.
Strange Housekeeper
Jenny hears a great deal of information from the public. The news is that a young widow named Mi-jin received 3 billion won in insurance and is looking for a maid. Jenny and Dae-nam form a partnership. To help Dae-nam seduce Mi-jin and take away 3 billion won, Jenny enters as a housekeeper and tries to seduce Mi-jin's loveR, Jun-ho, to catch Mi-jin's weakness. Finally, Jenny enters Mi-jin's house as a maid, and Dae-nam poses as Mi-jin's lawyer, and the plot of Jun-ho, Jenny, and Dae-nam over Mi-jin's property begins.
The Florist
Moon-sook is about to pay off his loan and do something but Tae-ho, a villain customer, tears Ji-woo's ass, the only girl and the ace in the store. It became a situation where he has to go into debt again because there's no lady. After many twists and turns, Moon-sook seeks Sae-rom but she refuses to act with another man because she is in love with her master Joon-yeong at first sight. Moon-sook, who has 10 years of experience as a pimp, tries to take Sae-rom away from Joon-yeong. After all the obstacles, as he was about to open a business, villain Tae-ho re-appears.
Trap: Her Hole
A perfect trio of crooks, their union is almost a dream team. Do-hee and Hye-ji visited a ski resort to successfully cheat and take a break. While they were planning to rest for the time being and conspire for the next scam, they heard that snowboarder Na Shin-woo, a national team member who recently divorced his granddaughter, will come to the ski resort for a long time. After hearing that Na will receive 5 billion won in compensation for her divorce, she plans to commit another fraud.
Key Goes Through The Keyhole
Choi Seong-hoon, the deputy director of Sandeul Group's management planning team is in a relationship with Seong Jin-hee. However, he deceives himself as a soloist in order to get ahead and is dating Kang Min-joo, the only daughter of Sandeul Group's director and chairman. However, his operation fails when he starts to sneak with Jin-hee at the company workshop, and Kang Min-joo witnesses Choi Seong-hoon and Seong Jin-hee's love affair.
Mixed Living
Seung-hye moves to a new house that she has been looking forward to so much with her junior, Na-yeong, but is swindled by a double contract and moves in with a strange man, Soo-cheol, and his senior Hyeon-joon. Armed with powerful male hatred, Seung-hye distanced herself from the men even by dividing the house in half, but her junior, Na-yeong, falls into the hands of Hyeon-joon, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. Seung-hye hates men's genitals because male hatred is deeply ingrained in her brain. To this Seung-hye, she suddenly witnessed Soo-cheol's genitals. She tries to forget it, but the penis stuck in her mind and she can't unsee. She concludes that Soo-cheol "fooled her into liking sex" and treats Soo-cheol as a rapist.
Villa Maids
The second generation of a chaebol was exiled to a rural villa because of a mistake. However, it only brought fun and excitement to another world that unfolds there.
Sisters' Tasty Swapping
Hee-soo goes to her ‘rich lover Seok-ho’ while her husbands is on a business trip. Her younger brother Hee-yeong and her husband Jeong-tae are also together. Hee-soo introduces Seok-heo to Hee-yeong and Jeong-tae, and Seok-ho falls in love with Hee-yeoung at first sight. As Seok-ho tries to avoid Hee-soo’s eyes, and meet with Hee-yeong’s eyes instead, he decides to take advantage of Jeong-tae. Jeong-tae who dreamed of having sex with Hee-soo, seduces her, and while Hee-soo and Jeong-tae were playing, Seok-ho wins and took Hee-yeong as price. These people who are complicatedly intertwined, are at a crossroads to choose whether to disperse or become a new family.
College Girl's Red Diary
Yoo-ni is a freshman at university. It will be her first blind date in college. The other person is Min-cheol, a returning student in 4th year. They fall in love with each other at a glance.
Wind Blows
Dong Soo and Seon Hwa met while studying in Japan. They come to Korea from Japan for a happy honeymoon. But after a short and sweet honeymoon, Dong Soo was in a hit-and-run car accident. In the end, he is diagnosed with lower half body disability. Dong Soo, who is pessimistic about his situation, lives under the influence of alcohol every day. When you have to enjoy a happy honeymoon, you will have a hard time of living. Seon Hwa, a Korean-Chinese, inevitably finds a karaoke hostess job where they can use their bodies. Seon Hwa's heart was shaken by Jin Yeong, the president of the karaoke whom she met there. Eventually, Seon Hwa and Jin Yeong got into another love.
Younger Church Sister
Joo-mi, a quiet church lady, hates to stand out and always wears a cross necklace around her neck. She is a purist who has never met or dated any man. A bully, Won-joon, appears in front of her. Hearing that Joo-mi is still chaste, the desire to seduce her intensifies. For Won-joon who meets women once a month, it was easy to seduce Joo-mi, but it was not easy to steal her virginity. Won-joon, who said goodbye to Joo-mi, who would never let him have sex, started dating Na-yeong. They brag about it to Joo-mi and insult her. Jooo-mi, who was insulted by Won-joon, who she loves so much, had sparks in her heart. Joo-mi decides to have sex with her church friend in revenge against Won-joon.
Hit Me
Mi-ra, a woman with violent and boyish personality. Jeong-seok, a timid man who finds Mi-ra's violence attractive. Jeong-seok is a visual but his every action and his slouched shoulders make him look really timid. Do opposites really attract? The two people were drawn to each other's different charms. Whenever they're having an intercourse, Mi-ra led everything, and she makes aggressive demands like scribbling on her body or swearing on her. However, the timid man's standard has not changed, and Mi-ra says goodbye to Jeong-seok. He happened to meet Tae-hee by chance. Tae-hee is a hardcore master! She is an instructor who runs a private tutoring center with Seong-ho. Jeong-seok learns the essence of being hardcore from them and begins to straighten his slouched shoulders.
Hole Sister
Na-yeong and Jeong-woo starts their honeymoon. Both of them are excitemed to live together. Then Min-joo, a housewarming guest, comes to visit. Min-joo, Na-yeong's younger sister, starts to seduce Jeong-woo, who showed a crush on her when Na-yeong fell asleep drunk after drinking together. Jeong-woo accepts Min-joo without even thinking about it, and continues his close love without Na-yeong knowing it.
Tasty Sex and Fairy
Man-soo who is dating Kyeong-ja is heavy-hearted because he has been unemployed for a long time. One day, he receives and unknown package and finds an ona hole inside. That night, the ona hole fairy appears in a dream and had a love affair with Man-soo. Man-soo thought it was just a dream. The next day, Man-soo got a call from his childhood friend Yeon-sil, drank while depressed, and slept with her afterwards. Meanwhile, that night, Kyeong-ja found a mysterious package with a dildo inside. In Yeon-sil’s dream, a dildo fairy appears and has a love affair...
Blood Type O Watermelon Maid
Friends Cheol Min and Jae Hyuk meet and talk to each other after a long time. Jae Hyuk said that the domestic helper who recently came to work at his house is strange. He said he was worried because she couldn't do the housework. When Jae Hyuk said she seemed to be trying to seduce him, Cheol Min tells the innocent Jae Hyuk how to get around her. Can Jae Hyuk succeed in having sex with a beautiful housekeeper?
Sex Gwui - Crazy For Sex
An erotic film about twin virgin ghosts, bachelor ghosts, and a male and female couple in a pension.
Blood Type A, A Big Breasted Girlfriend
The only younger brother, Tae Jin, is almost 30 years old and he has not been able to get rid of the fact that he's forever-alone and virgin. His older brother Gyeong Jin, who felt sorry for him, brought several women home with the help of his girlfriend Min Jung and introduced them to Tae Jin, but his blind date with them ended in failure due to Tae Jin's timid personality. But Min Jung had the last secret weapon, because Sun Yeong, a virginity killer and so called "juice-extractor" was waiting around the corner.
Invited Delivery Man
Sexually lustful pizza delivery woman, Seung-ha VS customer who wants to swap, Yoon-yool. The Hye-jin couple, who advocate free sex, point to the pizza delivery man Ji-yeong and Dal-soo as partners to enjoy with them, and execute an erotic operation. When Ji-yeong arrives, Hye-jin's husband shows off his erection, and when Dal-soo arrives, he seduces her with his chest and erotic poses. During the delivery, Ji-yeong witnesses Hye-jin and Jeong-woo, a Chinese restaurant delivery man, having a love affair at the entrance of an apartment.
Hwa-in, a beautiful woman who ran a lighting shop at a young age, woke up in the forest. She lost all her memories in an instant... and while being hit by the rain, as if drawn by her instinct, she enters a luxury mansion. One woman and two men greet her. She beings to feel fear from the man who sneaks and peeps at her as if she's being stalked.
Pet Girl: Secret Helper
It's boring for two men to stay at home. One day, Yingxun said that he would like to pay for it and call a pet girl to come home. The two pet girls who arrive the next day will use a week-long service to meet the needs of the male owner
Thousand Year Gumiho
The leader gumiho, who has lived for more than 1,000 years, is captivated by a human woman, Gu Ho, who met Jeong Yeon, who has been reborn in the present. The 500-year-old Mi Ho, who is good at transforming herself into a different creature, advises Gu Ho not to love people after experiencing heartbreaking love in the Joseon Dynasty. Su Ho, a 25-year-old boy, falls in love with people, gets hurt, and is filled with hatred for humans. The Love Story of Gumiho, which connects Japanese colonial era and Joseon Dynasty in the present.
The Girl With The Breast Milk Vaccine
Min-yeong used to have a crush on Ji-hoon. However, Ji-hoon sees a picture of Min-yeong's friend, Na-hee, and begins to ask to be introduced. Min-yeong eventually introduced the two. By the time the relationship between the two matures, Min-yeong continues to regret and visits Ji-hoon to confess her feelings. Ji-hoon, who is quick-witted, accepts Min-yeong. The love story of two friends surrounding a man is just beginning.
Girlfriend's Taste 2
Na-hee spends a day with alcohol after parting with her lover, Ji-hoon. Min-yeong knows and tries to take care of Na-hee. However, Na-hee does not forget Ji-hoon, and in fact, Ji-hoon and Min-yeong, who was former partner, have a relationship with Ji-hoon, who came to Na-hee. Na-hee, who is not aware of this fact, contacts Ji-hoon again, asking for forgiveness.
My Sister's Idol Trainee Friends
Jae-hoon came to Eun-ju's younger brother, who was an idol trainee after serving in the military for several days. The house has the same younger trainee friends Hyeon-joo and Yeon-ju who liked the handsome Jae-hoon. As the war between two women to win Jae-hoon begins, Jae-hoon is embarrassed and makes an unconventional offer to Hyeon-joo and Yeon-ju...
Adultery Alumni Association 3
Yeon-woo is reunited with her first love, Yoon-jeong, at a reunion after returning from America. While her husband is on a business trip, Yoon Jeong-eun calls Yeon-woo to her house and has sex. Yoon-jeong's husband, Jun-hyeok, finds another man's hair in the bed and visits Yeon-woo to warn him. Yoon-jung comes to Yeon-woo with a complicated heart. The two have sex once again and confirm their love...
Chae Seung-ha's Secret Forest
Na-hee, who lives with Min-yeong, worries about her since she drinks too much alcohol and even stays out overnight once she goes out. Na-hee wakes up Min-yeong and fixes her hair as usual. When Min-yeong left early in the morning due to an urgent matter, Na-hee, who is left alone, spends his own time. If you enjoy masturbation, you will finally be able to have sex in front of Na-hee, who yearns for sex.
Pay For Sex
As a pickpocket, Hye-bin gets stuck on Seok-gwang's gambling table one day and doesn't realize that those days are the beginning of darker days in her life. Who will survive the last round of gambling? After all the games, Hye-bin steals Seok-gwang's money and runs away.
Lodge Money
New couple Na-ni and Joon-seo left the stuffy Seoul to try and start a cafe in the countryside. Behind the couple's attempt to change, they had some unspeakable worries, so they were sexless people who used their own rooms because they were not sexually compatible. Regardless of her husband's efforts to establish a relationship, her wife Na-ni has long been on an extramarital affair with her sex partner Dal-ho, who has been embroiled in a hit-and-run accident that she never thought of enjoying sex outdoors and is asked for a large settlement.
Swapping, That Dangerous Sex
Jeong-hyeok happens to meet In-joo, a former karaoke helper, in his neighborhood while being bored with his married life with Eun-hye. In-joo sees Jeong-hyeok's affair and takes advantage of it and asks him for money, but Jeong-hyeok seduces her to swapping because he will give her more money. In-joo, who needed travel funds with her lover Woo-seong, allows swapping and begins to swap. Embarrassed by his lover's and husband's swapping proposal, Woo-seong and Eun-hye are forced to share the swapping. Then Woo-seong and Eun-hye are attracted to each other, and they meet secretly.
Ball Red Daughter-in-law
Hail is worried because Seungha, a pretty and sexy daughter-in-law, looks like a woman these days. An open-minded way of walking around the house in short clothes without hesitation, showing aegyo, etc. It is becoming increasingly intolerable to the tsunami. Hearing the sound of his son Do-jin and Seung-ha having sex is also starting to get harder. One day, the tsunami was spent relaxing at an illegal massage parlor. He takes a nap, but Seung-ha appears and seduces himself to dream of having sex. Seungha gazes at the tsunami who wakes up after having a sweet dream.
Taming The Sister-in-Law
Hyeon-soo's younger brother Kang-tae visits the house of Hyeon-soo and Min-jeong, who are enjoying their honeymoon. Min-jeong is in favor of a kind Kang-tae. Kang-tae consults his junior, Na-hee, that he seems to like his sister-in-law. Na-hee says to get over himself, but Kang-tae actively seduces Min-jeong...
Dangerous Lesson
Kang-seo, a prestigious college student who lived as a tutor and a convenience store part-timer received a tutoring request one day. Kang-seo, who was tutoring the gangster's daughter, goes to bed with the gangster's newly remarried wife, and is soon threatened by the gangster.
Relative Brother 2
Joa, who lived alone with her new father Hail, I'm worried about Dojin, the nephew of Tsunami, who has been living with me for a while now. This is because Do-jin seems to have noticed that the tsunami and his own relationship are related. And for some reason, young Do-jin is increasingly attracted to him. Then one day, Joa didn't know that the tsunami was having an affair with another woman. I ask for sex, but the tsunami sometimes goes unconscious during sex. The tsunami's stamina could not stand. Joo-a waited impatiently in front of the emergency room from Do-jin. Fortunately, I am relieved to hear that there is no harm to life. That night Do-jin asks Joo about his relationship with the tsunami. Joa thinks that the tsunami and her internal relationship is something she can't hide anymore. Tell Dojin all the facts. And Dojin also asked if he was a man who wasn't mixed with a drop of blood. Seduce and engage in sex.​
Girlfriend's Taste
Jeong-woo, who is newly married with Na-yeong, is secretly meeting Na-yeong's close sibling, Min-joo. Na-yeong, who is not aware of that fact, is worried that she is alone and tells him that he will introduce a good man to him, but she disappears when she tells him that she does not need a man and tells her not to do unnecessary things. Meanwhile, Na-yeong, who came home, tells this to her husband, Jeong-woo, but Jeong-woo also shows a grim reaction and does not care about it. Then one day, Min-joo visits Na-yeong's newlyweds in surprise, and the three of them fall asleep while drinking happily. While sleeping, Min-joo comes to Jeong-woo and does something amazing. A fierce love between a close brother and the man of his sister is just beginning.
Sex Girl 2
Elementary school friends Min-soo, Woo-hyeon and Ji-yeong are close friends who still hang out with each other even if they're now older. Min-soo likes Ji-yeong but he knows that his best friend, Woo-hyeon, likes Ji-yeong too. He is hesitating to confess. One day, Min-soo who happened to spend the night with Ji-yeong was happy that he told Woo-hyeon that he was going to sleep with Ji-yeong as if nothing happened, and Ji-yeong also thought nothing about it. The story of three young people agonizing between strong friendship and love is just beginning.
18 Year Old Seungha's Sense Game
Jeong-woo, who was enjoying his honeymoon with Na-yeong, quietly calls Min-joo while she is on a business trip. And after having a lovely time alone, he was resting at home, and Na-yeong came home earlier than he thought, and Jeong-woo hurriedly sent Min-joo away, but Min-joo is hiding in Jeong-woo's house instead of going back to her house. At this time, when Na-yeong and Jeong-woo peeked at the scene, they were so surprised that they ended their relationship with Na-yeong in a hurry and drove Min-joo away. But the immature girl, Min-joo, who is enjoying this, how will their relationship end? The thrilling love story between a young man and a woman is just beginning.
Hole-in-law 2
Sang-min's girlfriend Eun-jeong, is a nude model and takes photos with a stranger in a motel naked. Sang-min who doesn't believe in free-spirited Eun-jeong, after drinking in three groups with her close friend Jae-hoon,, comes home. Sang-min, who noticed that Eun-jeong is quietly flirting with Jae-hoon, asks if he wants to do with Jae-hoon while having sex with Eun-jeong. When Eun-jeong actively responded, he made Jae-hoon go into the room where Eun-jeong was sleeping.
Undryable Daughter-in-Law
Seung-ha hasn't been married for a while..I am dissatisfied with my husband Dojin's sex because I am increasingly not satisfied. I start to doubt whether Dojin is having an affair. Father-in-law Hae-il loves Seung-ha, who is open and friendly. But that degree began to pass, and finally I started dreaming of having sex with Seung-ha. One day, Seung-hae Do-jin had a woman she met before marriage. You find out that you are still having an affair with her. So angry, Seungha decides to divorce...
Housewife Dealer
A beautiful Chinese woman visits a quiet rural village. She will get married to Gil-soo, a divorced man she met at the church. Her outstanding appearance and impeccable charms make Gil-soo rather uneasy, and suspicions that her Chinese wife will have something that is going to snowball. It leads to an uncontrollable obsession. The only thing allowed to Ran-ran, who was deprived of her passport, who started saying he couldn't communicate, was the freedom to cook after receiving ingredients from Eon-tae, her brother-in-law who farms the field. Her brother-in-law, who had suffered from his brother's domineering for a long time, falls into the exotic charms of Ran-ran and rapidly approaches.
Pretty Young Sister
Ji-yeong and Woo-hyeon is on a fun, casual relationship. However, Woo-hyeon finds out that his friend Min-soo likes Ji-yeong and decides to be a stepping stone between them. Will Min-soo and Ji-yeong be able to date after many twists and turns? Or will Ji-yeong go back to Woo-hyeon's arms? The story of two men surrouding Ji-yeong's heart begins.
Ji-seong who only cares about success is briefly a fitting model at the recommendation of his former college senior, and he uses his senior's wife to fulfill his desires.
18 Year Old Seungha's Easy Piece of Cake
Min-soo, who just started living in a new home, calls his friends Woo-hyeon and Ji-yeong. The two kiss while Min-soo is away from home. Unfortunately, Min-soo also secretly had sex while sleeping. And Min-soo is watching them... Ji-yeong is provoking Min-soo after learning that he saw her having sex with Woo-hyeon. Who will Ji-yeong fall in love with after having sex with these two people? The sweet and bloody story of a woman and two men is just beginning.
Young Wife
The vigorous sexual desire 21-year-old Seung-ah is more than 10 years old. She is not satisfied with her husband's sexual life. So I'm secretly enjoying affair with other men. I even had sex with my younger brother Dong-jun once. Meanwhile, Dong-jun suffers from guilt after having sex with her younger brother, Seung-ah, but she cannot forget her sex with Seung-ah. Dong-jun starts to meet ex-girlfriend who broke up to remove Seung-ah from her head.
R-Rated Idol Seung-ha's Sex Scandal
When they were young, Min-joo and Seo-yeon cared for each other and were closer than brothers and sisters. However, she accidentally learns about Seo-yeon's tutor, Woo-hyeon, and because of this man, their 10-year friendship starts to become shaky. Meanwhile, Jeong-soo is hurt in seeing Min-joo like that, and so he distanced himself from Min-joo. Because of Min-joo and Seo-yeon's misunderstanding, Jeong-soo who couldn't care much might just leave so Min-joo tries to break up with the help of Seo-yeon. While in the process of breaking up, Min-joo and Seo-yeon went back to their close relationship. The love of women who have been separated because of man, and the two men's friendship is comically drawn.
An omnibus movie about the jealousy of a man who can't stand the fact that his favorite woman slept with another man in two episodes. Episode 1 At a drinking party led by Jae-hoon, movie director Sang-min meets Hye-jin. Sang-min compliments and sleeps with her favorite Hye-jin while watching her movie. The next morning, Hye-jin's friend Mina left early because of her job, Jae-hoon and Sang-min, who were watching a movie together in Hye-jin's bed are attracted by the atmosphere and curiosity and enjoy 2 to 1. Episode 2 Sang-min meets his school friend Ji-eun at the club. When his foreign friend James showed interest in Ji-eun, Sang-min suddenly became interested in Ji-eun. That night, Sang-min finds out that Ji-eun slept with James, and visits Ji-eun's house with complex emotions mixed with like, anger and jealousy and confesses that he likes her.
R-Rated Idol Seung-ha's Fancy Walk
Seo-yeon is being tutored by Woo-hyeon who is younger than her. She grew interested in her tutor, Woo-hyun, the first time she met him, and he is also fond of Seo-yeon. Seo-yeon succeeded in seducing Woo-hyeon with the help of her friend Min-joo. Even if Min-joo is aware of what Seo-yeon feels, she approaches Woo-hyeon. Seo-yeon gets mad at her best friend when she met Woo-hyeon. Min-joo, aware of the fact that it's her faultis also angered by Seo-yeon's appearance and tells her to meet Jeong-soo, her friend. Seo-yeon is also angry and tells Min-joo that she have to meet Jeong-soo as well. A bittersweet story about a man who is a very close friend is just about to start.
Last Sister Class
Lim Da-young, an older sister who intercepted her younger brother's lover. Because of that, he confines his younger brother Da-jung Lim in a mental hospital and leads a happy marriage with Yoon Tae-jin. Then one day, the younger brother escapes from the mental hospital and conspires with the helper Jo Yong-hwan, who was a friend of the ward, and a desperate revenge for the older sister and former lover (Yoon Tae-jin) unfolds. Da-young's bloody kidnapping, their tamed slave life, and enduring harsh punishment.