Thomas Szabolcs


The 3 Postal Robbers
Two rival children groups are trying to find a three postal robbers who kidnapped a young girl.
Jojo, a bicycle messenger prone to daydreaming, gets a job offer from a stranger that begins to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. When the route becomes a regular assignment, Jojo finds romance and deadly enemies along the way.
El Chicko
Paul and Erik, two introverted loosers lacking social contacts, both work in a smudgy kitchen of the cheap chickenburger fast food store "El Chicko". To pass time and monotony, Paul tells his partner time and again stories about a murderer killing women, of which Erik always wants to hear more and more. Eventually, Erik starts to believe that Paul is telling about himself.
Exit II: Transfigured Night
Plachinger and Kirchhoff, the heroes of Franz Novotny's 1980 comedy "Exit - Do Not Panic" meet by chance after ten years and spend a night together in which they attempt to be as they were in the old days: anarchistic and orgiastic.
Перед рассветом
Sound Mixer
Первая часть трилогии. Молодой американец Джесс знакомится в поезде с красивой француженкой Селин. Они сразу находят много общих тем для разговоров, и Джесс уговаривает Селин сойти вместе с ним в Вене, чтобы провести вместе вечер и ночь, так как наутро он должен улететь домой в Штаты. Этой ночью происходит чудо, между мужчиной и женщиной рождается любовь такая сильная, что всё остальное перестаёт иметь значение. Однако неумолимый обратный отсчёт продолжается, до рассвета осталось совсем немного времени, и влюблённые используют каждый драгоценный момент, чтобы узнать друг друга получше, чтобы успеть обменяться всеми своими воспоминаниями, мечтами и нежностью… перед рассветом.
L'homme noir
A documentary on the entire works of the Italian sculptor Michelangelo Pistoletto who lives in Vienna. His mirror-images make him one of the most original, manifold personalities in the European art scene.
Охота на зайцев
Начало 1945 года. После отказа выйти на поле боя на стороне немецко-фашистских войск пятьсот русских военнопленных дожидаются казни в концлагере близ Маутхаузена. Однажды ночью они решаются на побег. Большинство тут же погибает, но несколько человек успевают укрыться в близлежащих деревнях. Тогда охрана концлагеря призывает местное население открыть собственную «охоту на зайцев», то есть на спрятавшихся беглых пленников.
The Knickerbocker Gang: The Talking Grave
What are the Knickerbocker Band doing at midnight in the cemetery? Is a spirit really speaking form the sinister grave? Why does Melissa, daughter of the dead sorcerer, receive threats? Has it all to do with the mysterious legacy of the magician?
Dead Flowers
Alex (Thierry Van Werveke), a pest exterminator who lives with his grandmother, picks up a stranded woman (Kate Valk) who claims to be the American daughter of a spy.
Triple Bogey On A Par Five Hole
Sound Recordist
The Levys, a glamorous couple, used to make their living robbing golfers, until they met their fatal handicap. Years later, scriptwriter Remy Gravelle decides to observe the Levy progeny as they sail endlessly round Manhattan in their luxury yacht.
Children of the Open Road
In 1939, after barely escaping the Nazis, a Gypsy family returns to Switzerland only to be torn apart by racial persecution in the benign guise of children's welfare. This fictionalized story of Jana, an eight-year-old Gypsy girl snatched from her parents and consigned to a life of orphanages and bleak foster homes, is based on a little-known chapter of Swiss history: From 1926 to 1972, the state-supported Pro Juventute, a children's aid foundation, forcibly removed some 700 Gypsy children from their families, in order to sever the ties with their culture and assimilate them to a "better way of life." The underlying aim was to preempt a new generation's caravans from following their nomadic traditions along Switzerland's country lanes.
Deadly Manor
Sound Recordist
A group of teenagers take refuge in an old, deserted mansion. Soon the members of the group start turning up dead, and the teenagers realize that they're not alone in the mansion.