Hunger (2020)

Inspired by true events, "Hunger" is about a homeless man and his love for food.

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 8M

Director : Katyayan Shivpuri


Living by the railway tracks, a homeless man makes his living by selling novelty items at the busy traffic signals on the streets of Mumbai. The high point of his existence is passing a restaurant that serves the food he dreams of. One day he gets an opportunity to fulfil his life's big desire.


Uday Chandra
Uday Chandra


Katyayan Shivpuri
Katyayan Shivpuri
Katyayan Shivpuri
Katyayan Shivpuri
Katyayan Shivpuri
Katyayan Shivpuri
Ashmith Kunder
Ashmith Kunder

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