Erni Mangold

Erni Mangold

Рождение : 1927-01-26, Großweikersdorf, Austria


Erni Mangold
Erni Mangold


Christoph Waltz - The Charm of Evil
The Opposite of Eternity
Anna has the difficult task of accompanying her mother Eva during the slow death of her father. She wants to gather the family one last time in one room. While she seems to almost break down at this task, her mother finds one reason after another not to enter the room next to the bedside of her dying husband. But Anna doesn't give up and tries to put an end to her mother's flight from reality.
Schönes Schlamassel
Lydia Goldberg
Cinema Austria, the first 112 Years
This historical and analytical documentary draws attention to the background of the roots of "New Austrian Cinema" and presents Austria as a film country to be taken seriously. The audience gets to see rare early works by well-known filmmakers as well as shots of landscapes that served as a source of inspiration and locations that have produced important Austrian films since the end of the 19th century.
Allmen and the Mystery of the Dahlias
Dahlia Gutbauer
Allmen and the mystery of the dahlias.
The Guest
As a young stranger enters the life of a rich but emotionally paralyzed family, everything changes.
Der Tote im See
Мой друг Зигмунд Фрейд
Lady with Fur Hat
Оказавшись в Вене, молодой парень встречает свою первую и, как ему кажется, последнюю любовь. В тонкостях желаний и соблазнов ему помогает разобраться тот, кто знает об этом всё, - сам Зигмунд Фрейд.
Murer: Anatomy of a Trial
Oma Julius
Franz Murer, the Butcher of Vilnius, a former Austrian SS officer, established, organized, and ruled the Vilnius ghetto in Lithuania during the World War II. Different survivors of the Shoah testify when he is judged in 1963, hoping to do justice, but, although the evidence is overwhelming, the desire to close this obscure chapter of history seems to surpass the desire for justice.
Herrgott für Anfänger
Luise Weininger
Taxi driver meets love,God,frendship,with bunch of great humor.
Der letzte Tanz - Making Of
Стооднолетний старик, который не заплатил и исчез
Amanda Einstein
101-летний мужчина Аллан Карлссон отправляется в Европу в поисках рецепта русской соды, который он потерял в начале 70-х. К сожалению, он не единственный, кто это ищет.
Der Tote am Teich
Maria Ahorner
A body is found on a frozen village pond in the Waldviertel. Ironically, the former police officer Sepp Ahorner finds the dead man. When the Linz Commissioner Grete Öller and her young colleague Lisa Nemeth arrive in the sleepy village, the case seems clear at first. But then new evidence points to a different track. To clarify the case, the commissioners now need the help of Ahorner, because the villagers are closed to the two women. But soon Ahorner is in the quandary, because his own family is under suspicion ...
Rough Road Ahead
Mutter Benedikta
Germany, 1967. Ruby & Martin, a young couple, are rehearsing their uprising. The price is high: expulsion from school, parental violence, and ultimately institutionalization. But they are ready to take on the cause of love.
Hangover in High Heels
Ein Sommer im Burgenland
While Berlin-based businessman Paul Graf is in Shanghai, his nosy busybody mother Maria, who was only to mind his apartment, opens his mail, finds a letter notifying he's to become father and without consulting him travels to see the expectant mother, Nina, at her home, uncle Harald Brandl's farm and stork home. Maria falls in love with Harald but also finds the key to the Graf family's past, fled from Hungary during the Soviet-crushed rebellion. Paul arrives and finds Nina impossible to deal with, yet wants a bond with his unborn son.
Терапия для вампира
Ms. Sedlacek
500 лет брака кого угодно могут довести до отчаяния. Но вампиры подходят к этому с холодным расчётом. Убить наскучившего супруга или супругу бессмертные не могут, но в состоянии завести любовников.
The Last Dance
Frau Ecker
One morning police storms into the house, where Karl lives with his mother to arrest the young man. Whatever the charge is, it seems to be something nobody has the slightest understanding for. Months before: Karl is working in a hospital. He is fascinated by a strong willed old lady, A friendship develops with this patient becoming more and more romantic. One night the two of them get closer, closer than allowed.
Und Äktschn!
Gerhard Polt's new comedy.
Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald
3096 дней
Wolfgang's Grandmother
Фильм основан на реальной истории похищения австрийской девочки Наташи Кампуш, совершенное бывшим техником Вольфгангом Приклопилом, когда ей было 10 лет. В его плену она провела более восьми лет, или 3096 дней.
Das Wunder von Merching
Alte Lechner Bäuerin
Coming of Age
Does luck have a use by date? Both thought that at eighty they have experienced everything until, like a bolt of lightening, Rosa and Bruno come together and immediately fall head over heels. There are two obstacles to their happiness though: Bruno’s marriage, which has long been routine, and Rosa’s illness; she has cancer and not long left to live. Despite the difficult circumstances, the two decide to breakaway – Bruno from his relationship and Rosa from her retirement home. Against the advice of carers, doctors and relatives, the pair moves into a new apartment together. ANFANG 80 shows with a great deal of unequivocal humour how insensitively and sometimes desperately overburdened society reacts to love among the elderly.
Pilgerfahrt nach Padua
Frau Lechthaler
Gundula Glöckner is very worried about the salvation of her daughter Lena. Again and again, the young woman gets to the wrong men. To help her child's happiness, the resolute widow shortly sets out on a pilgrimage: in Padua she wants to pray for Lena at the tomb of St. Anthony. However, the illustrious Pilgrims on their way to Italy are struggling with a whole series of mishaps and complications. Especially the brash bus driver Benno brings the God-fearing Gundula again and again to the white heat - until she realizes that hides behind its rough shell a vulnerable core.
The Visit
Old Woman
A tragicomic story about an old woman, who, to the horror of her son, is cooking up a meal in the middle of the night for her long-deceased friends. Fantasy, dream or reality? What is the difference? When people get old...
Tod in Istanbul
Kurt Herders Mutter
Echte Wiener 2 - Die Deppat'n und die Gspritzt'n
Kottan ermittelt: Rien ne va plus
Mutter Ziwoda
Grandmother Schneider
Биография австрийской актрисы Роми Шнайдер.
Bauernprinzessin III - In der Zwickmühle
Genug ist nicht genug
Johanna Clemens
Убийство в Кайфеке
Alma Lukas
Фотограф Марк с сыном приезжает в маленький городок Кайфек. Случайно он заинтересовывается рассказом о страшном массовом убийстве, которое произошло девяносто лет назад недалеко от этих мест. Марк старается узнать подробности этой истории, но, когда речь заходит о событиях тех лет, горожане вдруг становятся подозрительно неразговорчивыми. Даже обычно болтливая хозяйка гостиницы старательно избегает этой темы. Возможно, Марк и сам бы забыл об этой истории, но прошлое само вторгается в его жизнь — по ночам у него возникают странные видения. Чем ближе он приближается к разгадке, тем больше жители Кайфека хотят, чтобы «чужак» уехал и оставил их в покое, и тем большая опасность грозит самому ему и его сыну…
Северная стена
Grossmutter Kurz
1936 год. Северная стена Айгера — последняя «нерешенная проблема» Альп, за решение которой сам Гитлер лично обещает вручить золотые медали Берлинской олимпиады… Есть три знаменитые классические стены северной ориентации — Гранд Жорас, Матерхорн, Айгер. Первым — в 1931 — пал Матерхорн. В 1935 была пройдена стена Гранд Жораса. Но именно Северную стену Айгера прозвали «Стеной смерти».
Безымянная - одна женщина в Берлине
Achtzigjährige Frau
В основу сценария положен дневник немецкой журналистки Марты Хиллерс, который она начала вести в берлинском бомбоубежище 20 апреля 1945 года — в день рождения Гитлера, за десять дней до его самоубийства. Она повествует, что за первые несколько дней после взятия Берлина была неоднократно изнасилована советскими солдатами. Такая же судьба постигла многие сотни тысяч немецких женщин, сообщает издание. Военные с криком «Komm Frau!» прочесывали разбомбленные города. В дневнике Хиллерс сообщается, что они предпочитали толстух; описывается сцена, как солдаты долго гонялись между руин за женой местного булочника, пока не повалили ее на землю.
Silent Resident
Frau Danneberg
At some point in the not-so-distant future, an unnamed European city has evolved into a bizarre dystopian metropolis, whose residents inhabit towering utopian high-rises and work, collectively, in a single compound.
Zodiak – Der Horoskop-Mörder
Gertrud Orlak
Bauernprinzessin II - Kopf oder Herz
Four years have passed since Bogdan left the Pichlerhof and Anna remained heartbroken. At first glance, the farm with its "three-women economy" is well there. Neighbor Gerhard builds on a common future with Anna. Then suddenly Bogdan reappears. He has made a career and wants to ask Anna - the woman of his life - to come with him. The encounter surprised both and brings everything out of balance.
Heile Welt
Karins Mutter
Adolescents in the amphibious situation between child and adult try to cope with their emotions and their environment. Right there they would need limits, a foothold and hope and yet they signalize the opposite. Between loss, extinct love, parental problems and their own needs the parent generation tries to understand or at least to save something.
Happy Hour oder Glück und Glas
Kundin Reisebüro
Die Heilerin
For a long time, Halfried Seelig forced herself not to make use of her special gift for healing. When she does help a sick man one day, the news spreads quickly. Meanwhile, there is a crisis in the marriage of Halfried's daughter Marion. On her wedding day, Marion leaves her husband, fetches her daughter Laura from boarding school and moves with her to her parents in Tyrol. There she wants to take over her father's surgery after his retirement and finally work as a doctor again. At first she is not accepted by the population, Laura also does not find her way in the new environment, Marion in turn resolutely rejects her mother's methods. It also worries Marion that her daughter appears to have inherited Halfried's abilities......
Bauernprinzessin I
Due to the accidental death of Pichler Bauer his wife Ilse, Granny Burgi and especially the youngest daughter Anna are suddenly alone on the mountain farm. Contrary to expectations and traditions, Anna inherits the farm. A well considered decision of the father: For Anna wants to stay mountain farmer, to preserve the inheritance of her father. In contrast to her mother and her uncle. In order to receive her father's farm and to be able to cope with the heavy and exhausting work, Anna hired a Bosnian guest worker, a Muslim, as a servant. They manage to continue the successful business on the farm.
Leaf and Blossom - The Inheritance
Franziska 'Franzi'
Aunty Agatha has passed away at a healthy ninety years. She had known all along, that her family wanted nothing more than to get their hands on her riches. That's why she devised a cunning plan before leaving her kin - in a state discord: She hires former journalist Vincent to give her eulogy. Vincent's ex-wife Victoria, who runs an exclusive florist's shop branded "Leaf and Blossom" is to provide the floral arrangements for her funeral. Of course aunt Agatha didn't tell either half of the former couple, whose marriage didn't end too harmoniously either, that their ex was involved. When the will is read Agatha's family doesn't take it well that Victoria and Vincent are also bequested and it doesn't help that the total value of the legacy seems to be much lower than they hoped for. But aunty is sending her avaricious offsprings onto a deviously plotted scavenger hunt that's leading them to the real fortune. Victoria and Vincent of course are given the crucial clues to take the lead.
Annas Heimkehr
Josefa Schweighofer
In WWII Munich, Anna works for a Nazi family as a nanny but secretly steals food and cigarettes and bring those to a Jewish family, who hides from the Nazis. One day, the family is discovered and only by chance can Anna save the family's only daughter, Franziska. Together they escape to Anna's native village where Anna tells everybody that Franziska is her daughter...
Wer liebt, hat Recht
Mutter Claire
August der Glückliche
alte Dame
Ein Hund kam in die Küche
Mutter Blum
Blumen für Polt
Anna Breitwieser
Vera Dorfmeister
Vera and Erich Dorfmeister benefited from National Socialism . Times may have changed , but their spirit has stayed the same. Daughter Isolde in particular suffered from this , which is why her marriage to jazz musician Paul Richter broke up . Now their daughter Anna is returning Accompanied by her Jewish boyfriend Sidney after a year abroad .
Vino Santo – Es lebe die Liebe, es lebe der Wein
Half-Italian Gioia loves Max, but leaves her son's son to cheat her as a fiancé. When Mama invites the family to the Italian winery for Grandpa's 80th birthday, the feelings are on the table alongside pasta, pesto and vino, because Gioia happens to meet Max again ...
Der Verschwender
The 3 Postal Robbers
Two rival children groups are trying to find a three postal robbers who kidnapped a young girl.
Drei Herren
Alte Frau
Dölken, Ivo and Sichel, three amiable and harmless inmates of a mental asylum are off to spend the summer in an open institution in the country. The trip they have been looking forward to for so long ends abruptly when the driver of their bus suffers a heart attack. The three men quite naturally assume that they have reached their destination and find somewhere to stay in the nearest village.
Qualtingers Wien
Перед рассветом
Palm Reader
Первая часть трилогии. Молодой американец Джесс знакомится в поезде с красивой француженкой Селин. Они сразу находят много общих тем для разговоров, и Джесс уговаривает Селин сойти вместе с ним в Вене, чтобы провести вместе вечер и ночь, так как наутро он должен улететь домой в Штаты. Этой ночью происходит чудо, между мужчиной и женщиной рождается любовь такая сильная, что всё остальное перестаёт иметь значение. Однако неумолимый обратный отсчёт продолжается, до рассвета осталось совсем немного времени, и влюблённые используют каждый драгоценный момент, чтобы узнать друг друга получше, чтобы успеть обменяться всеми своими воспоминаниями, мечтами и нежностью… перед рассветом.
Das Geheimnis
Anna Bäumer
Der veruntreute Himmel
Nach Amerika
Widow Braine
America 1988. After more than 40 years the elderly widow Braine is unexpectedly confronted with her past. She returns to the village of her youth. - Austria 1988. The Border.
Studio Schönbrunn
"Studio Schönbrunn" is an ironic play with quotations. Paula Wessely in the Nazi-Wien-Film-production "Heimkehr", Leni Riefenstahl's biography, as well as Nestroy, Mozart, Marx, Frank Sinatra, Jandl. The text is adapted, de-familiarized and de-subjectivized. Consequently, the leading actor shoots the film's author.
Mit meinen heißen Tränen
Gräfin Rieder
Time Troopers
After a nuclear war, what is left of society creates a special police force to ensure that it doesn't happen again. However, things don't go exactly as planned.
In a city of the future, man has triumphed over nature and at the same time destroyed the environment. In the highly mechanized cities, all goods and services are equally available for everybody. Each person recieves an "energy chip" on their 16th birthday which serves to pay for everything: Food as well as transportation, bar visits and other leisure pastimes. When an energy account is used up, the person must die. The "executors" take care of this...
Beleaguered by choppy editing and potholes in the script, this story is about the bond that develops between an aging, former railroad worker living in an abandoned theater and Willie, the wayward, alcoholic architect he shelters (Elliot Gould). The flaws in the script and story development, and the architect's exaggerated character traits, work against the concept of a growing friendship between the two men and leave the main thrust of the film in limbo. A subplot has a gang of street thugs chasing Willie all over the city in order to retrieve some photos of a murder he accidentally recorded. At the same time, Willie is trying to reconcile with his son, left in the care of his neglected wife. ...
Willies Bekanntschaft
Beleaguered by choppy editing and potholes in the script, this story is about the bond that develops between an aging, former railroad worker living in an abandoned theater and Willie, the wayward, alcoholic architect he shelters (Elliot Gould). The flaws in the script and story development, and the architect's exaggerated character traits, work against the concept of a growing friendship between the two men and leave the main thrust of the film in limbo. A subplot has a gang of street thugs chasing Willie all over the city in order to retrieve some photos of a murder he accidentally recorded. At the same time, Willie is trying to reconcile with his son, left in the care of his neglected wife. ...
lady in the Mercedes
Within the span of 48 hours "contemporaries" encounter each other. In the middle is Max, who lost his job years ago because of his affair with the wife of an influential man. The story of an encounter which turns out badly because the people involved can't quite communicate.
The Uppercrust
This film combines two very different styles: an atmospheric psycho thriller about the ice-cold hired gun (masterfully played by Frank Gorschin), and the bizarre satire of the Austrian TV serial "Kottan ermittelt".
The World Machine
Annaliese Psiko
After the passing of her husband, the commissioned painter Anneliese Psiko decides to travel across the country. In the Austrian province of Styria, she discovers a strange work of art entitled "Weltmaschine" (World Machine). From now on, it will change her life significantly.
A politically naive Viennese butcher (Bockerer) manages to survive the Nazi occupation of Austria and the second world war.
Berggasse 19
Kassbach - Ein Portrait
Liesi's mother
Viennese vegetable merchant Karl Kassbach becomes a member of a right-wing extremist organization, which plans numerous attacks on democratic institutions and journalists. The film attempts to portray a realistic and detail-oriented study of the mind of the "Kleinbürger", trapped between the fringes of the lower and middle-classes.
Я только хочу, чтобы вы меня любили
Edith Trepper
Петер попадает в тюрьму за убийство хозяина кафе. Тюремному психологу он рассказывает всю предысторию совершенного преступления. Задавленный и униженный родителями, закомплексованный, но искренний и добрый Петер пытается выстраивать свой мир любви и уважения, но каждый раз он действует не как победитель, а как побежденный. Жизнь загоняет героя в угол, ставит перед ним острые вопросы, на которые Петер не может сам найти ответа. В замешательстве происходит срыв, вылившийся в тяжкое преступление…
Duett zu dritt
Fräulein Bibus
Der letzte Werkelmann
Vienna, a few days before the shots in Sarajevo which would trigger what was first called the Great, later simply the First World War: Job seekers from the crown lands flock to the capital of the empire in search of a better life, even if it's the factory hell . A new social class is growing faster and faster, the city overflows with the poor, lower-class workers and the unemployed. Labor fighters can be heard louder, better, clearer, every day. The nobility strongly suspects its end.
Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich
Thussy Zwiesel
A young woman pharmacist, Eva, is very friendly with a children's doctor, Dr. Fröhlich. Eva's small nephew Peter lives with her and she is often thought to be his mother. A number of amusing and more serious misunderstandings arise from this situation...
Sie nannten ihn Krambambuli
Emma Jellinek
Letzte Grüße, lieber Charlie
Das Geld liegt auf der Bank
Die Enthüllung
Karla Hofer
Der Bürger als Edelmann
Polizeirevier 21
When Night Falls on the Reeperbahn
A crime reporter (Erik Schumann) uncovers a lurid plot by a Hamburg gang to dose impressionable young girls with LSD in order to enslave them into prostitution. Featuring mad killers, psychedelic acid trips and ladies mud wrestling!
Ein Florentiner Hut
Die Hinrichtung
Frau Reindl
Die Ballade von Peckham Rye
Schöne Seelen
Mizzi Manhardt
Die Gigerln von Wien
Hansi Stelzer
Don Gil von den grünen Hosen
Tempest in a Water Glass
Josie Flint
Frau Warrens Gewerbe
Bobby Dodd intervenes
Наполовину нежная
Mizzi Schranz
Вся семья Дассау из Вены художественно честолюбивая, но безуспешная. Отец, усердный почтовый служащий, пишет «кровавые» детективы, которые не находят издателя. Никто не хочет слушать песни о любви его жены. Их младшая дочь Бригитта — непризнанная художница, а старшая Николь пишет глубоко чувствительные стихи о «листьях, которые шепчут на деревьях». Когда Николь снова получает отказ издательства, она решает поставить «аморальную пьесу», соответствующую духу времени. Под заголовком «Ева — мемуары 17-летней» Николь излагает предположительно автобиографические переживания чувственной девушки, которую обманывает ее супруг. Пьеса на сцене старо-почтенного Венского придворного театра имеет сенсационный успех. Вся Вена гадает, кто же автор… Тем временем, американский кинопродюсер Эрвин Дотт предлагает большую сумму за право экранизации пьесы. Но с одним условием — он желает познакомиться с автором лично…
Der Maulkorb
gutsituierte Dame
Der Dank der Unterwelt
So süß ist kein Tod
Harriet Hunt
Uns gefällt die Welt
Ein Herz kehrt heim
Maxie Mell, Kabarettistin
Tierarzt Dr. Vlimmen
.. und wer küsst mich?
Liane Neubert
Die Ehe des Dr. med. Danwitz
Jutta, Mannequin
Priscilla Pletzak
In Germany during World War II, a well-known psychic decides to collaborate with the Nazis.
Der falsche Adam
Dolly Dobbs
Ингрид, история фотомодели
Hanne - Ingrids Schwester
Это романтическая история о любовном треугольнике: два фотографа влюбляются в одну фотомодель.
Echo der Berge
Продавец птиц
Экранизация одноименной оперетты Карла Целлера. Адам и его невеста Кристель хотят пожениться, но у торговца птицами не хватает денег. Чтобы профинансировать свадьбу, Кристель находит ему работу у принца. Однако Адам совершенно неправильно понял этот жест: он убежден, что у Кристель роман с принцем. Взамен он неожиданно влюбляется в жену принца, которая переодевается крестьянкой Мари для того чтобы разобраться в слухах о неверности мужа...
Arlette Conquers Paris
Mariilou Bergeret
Der letzte Walzer
Die Fiakermilli
Antonie Mannsfeld
An incredibly popular stage performer unknowingly falls madly in love with the lone critic that savaged her performance in the press.
Adventure in the Castle
Liebe Freundin
Doris Thaller
The Angel with the Trumpet
Martha Monica Alt
A long time-span of Austrian history (from the late 19th century to the years after world war II) is reflected in the ups and downs of a family of piano-makers in Vienna.
Das andere Leben